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Flea Market | © Inna Felker/Shutterstock
Flea Market | © Inna Felker/Shutterstock
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10 Top Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Dijon

Picture of Sylvia Edwards Davis
Updated: 30 June 2017
Shopping in Dijon is not only great fun, you are never far from a great find! Dijonnaise women know their fashion and take great care of their closets, so when it’s time for a vide-dressing clear out, there’s a good chance of a lovely vintage bargain falling on your lap.
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A vintage-clothing boutique with an eye for tidy displays and arranging items attractively. Half-way between Place de la Republique and the Palais des Ducs, it’s a great area for strolling and shopping for high-end fashion and/or pre-loved finds.

Frip’Onne, 91 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Dijon, France, +33 09 83 71 51 28

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Les Petroleuses

Most of the items at Les Petroleuses are high-end fashion and accessories.

Les Petroleuses, 23 Rue Jeannin, Dijon, France, +33 06 08 15 54 67

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Voyons Voir

An apt name for a spot to search for treasure, Voyons Voir is a vintage-fashion shop located a few streets away from the cathedral on the charming Rue Monge. Fans praise their superb selection of good quality clothes and accessories.

Voyons Voir, 8 Rue Monge, Dijon, France, +33 06 77 20 42 02

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Edy Troc

The first of its kind in Dijon with 25 years of experience. A loyal following is testament that they are doing something right.

Edy Troc, 56 Rue Monge, Dijon, France, +33 03 80 50 10 28

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Founded in France after the Second World War by Catholic priest Abbé Pierre, Emmaüs continues to combat poverty and homelessness. Located a 10-minute drive north of Dijon in the suburb of Norge-la-Ville. and run by volunteers, their enormous second-hand emporium is a shopper’s gold mine and every purchase contributes towards a worthy cause.

Emmaüs, 74 Route de Dijon, 21490 Norges-la-Ville, France, +33 03 80 23 80 11

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1000 Sapes

1000 Sapes is the outlet of an association that helps people re-enter the workforce. It is a bit hit and miss depending on what’s arrived recently, but shoppers can stumble across super-interesting finds and even surplus stock from well-known stores. Located next to the Poincaré tram stop on the T1 line, it’s both easy to find and convenient when visiting Dijon.

1000 Sapes, 17 Rue de la Boudronnée, Dijon, France +33 03 80 28 71 17

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Les Puces des Halles

In the warmer months, over 40 vendors gather monthly along the streets surrounding the renowned Les Halles Market right in the heart of the historical centre. Les Puces des Halles only hosts professional brocantes, offering quality arts and crafts, interior-decor accessories, antique linen, and curiosities.

Les Puces des Halles, Rue Odebert, Dijon, France

The market in Central Halles, Dijon, France | © Pack Shot/Shutterstock

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Atelier Pétula Green

Atelier Pétula Green is a lovely arts and crafts studio located within walking distance of the historic center. Visitors can take up sewing, drawing, collage, sculpture, and more. Every other month, they also offer a wide-dressing where they invite their clientele to bring their pre-loved items and offer them for sale to the public, under the curatorial eye of organisers. It is hugely popular and sells outs very quickly.

Atelier Pétula Green, 69 Rue Monge, Dijon, France, +33 09 83 37 66 41

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La Chineuse

La Chineuse has a smaller selection compared to the city’s main vintage shops, and they are located in the centre but a little further out heading south. On the other hand, they focus on a careful selection of brand name clothing and accessories such as Lamarthe totes and Chanel sunglasses.

La Chineuse, 13 Rue Daubenton, 21000 Dijon, France, +33 06 32 63 89 01

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Le Troc

Anything goes at Le Troc. It’s a second-hand exchange where shoppers can find a refrigerator, a framed mirror, and antique jewelry all in one spot. The warehouse is huge and just outside the city in the southern neighbourhood of Chenôve. Those with an eye for cutting through the visual clutter, there’s some great accessories and sports-gear bargains to be found. It’s located about a 15-minute walk from the T2 tram terminal Chenôve-Centre.

Le Troc, 10 Rue Gay Lussac, Chenôve, France, +33 03 80 52 50 00