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Typical vintage clothes and accessories in Greenky | Courtesy of Greenky Vintage
Typical vintage clothes and accessories in Greenky | Courtesy of Greenky Vintage
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10 Top Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Biarritz

Picture of Jennifer Migan
Updated: 4 September 2017
For many, shopping in thrift shops or flea markets is like going on a blind date – it’s hit or miss. To ensure you get to live your shopping fairy tale, we’ve rounded up a selection of stores in Biarritz where you will find original and unique vintage pieces – from clothes and accessories to books and bikes.
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Harold et Maude

Named after the 1971 cult movie, the store Harold et Maude showcases a large variety of vintage clothes from high-end brands like Chanel, Jimmy Choo and many more.

Harold et Maude, 3 Avenue Victor Hugo, Biarritz, France, +33 9 67 41 87 08

Chanel Belt from Harold et Maude store | Courtesy of Harold et Maude store | Courtesy of Harold et Maude store

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Galerie Carré Rouge

Located on the famous Queen Victoria Avenue and a few steps away from the prestigious Hôtel du Palais, the Galerie Carré Rouge features a unique collection of beautifully preserved antique objects.

Galerie Carré Rouge, 22 Avenue Reine Victoria, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 24 75 96

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Les Enfants Terribles

You will be enchanted by the arty vibe of this store and the infectious joy of its owner. It would be hard to leave Les Enfants Terribles without buying anything, as you are sure to encounter one extraordinary piece after another.

Les Enfants Terribles, 2 Rue du Port Vieux, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 24 70 15

Artistic jewelry at Les Enfants Terribles | Courtesy of Les Enfants Terribles | Courtesy of Les Enfants Terribles

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Boutique Eseka

Boutique Eseka is a typical thrift store, where you can enjoy wandering around amidst traditional masks, well-kept vintage clothes, and collectable books. The boutique also distinguishes itself for its signature T-shirts, which pay hommage to great historical figures and the Basque region.

Boutique Eseka, 26, Rue Bourgneuf, Bayonne, France, +33 7 60 84 29 91

One of Boutique Eseka’s signature tee shirts | Courtesy of Boutique Eseka

Santa’s Workshop Cycle Vintage

Santa’s Workshop Cycle Vintage is an atelier where Julien and Toff, two passionate cyclists, repair and customize old bikes. Due to the staff’s other professional commitments, make sure to get in touch with them to schedule an appointment.

Vintage bike
Vintage bike | Courtesy of Vintage Bike at Santas Workshop Cycle Vintage
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Quiche Lorraine Vintage

Fashionistas will adore Quiche Lorraine Vintage boutique, located in the historical Saint Esprit neighborhood in Bayonne and home to trendy and exclusive pieces. If you can’t make it to the shop, no worries – you can still purchase anything you’d like from their online store.

Quiche Lorraine Vintage, 29 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Bayonne, France, +33 6 03 40 93 59

Classic vintage look | Courtesy of Quiche Lorraine Vintage | Courtesy of Quiche Lorraine Vintage

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Ruleshaker Hidden Garage

Do you like to watch passionate people at work? Then drop by the Ruleshaker Hidden Garage in Bidart, where dedicated craftsmen build and repair legendary motorcycles, such as Ducatis and other prestigious brands. Just be sure to call the owner ahead of time and plan a rendezvous first.

Ruleshaker Hidden Garage, Zone D’activité Bassilour, Bidart, France, +33 6 50 61 38 19

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Looking to rent or buy a surfboard while in Biarritz? Choose from Federflex‘s broad, and often renewed, stock of second-hand surfboards, and enjoy your surfing experience at a lower cost.

Federflex, 52 Rue de Madrid, Biarritz, France, +33 6 21 26 58 65

Second-hand surfboards at Federflex | Courtesy Federflex shop | Courtesy Federflex shop

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All the vintage clothes from Greenky are carefully hand-picked by the owner, who makes sure to surprise customers with original pieces. Don’t hesitate to visit the shop at the Parvis des Halles every morning from 9.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m or you can still purchase the looks you fancy via their online store.

Greenky, Parvis des Halles, Biarritz, France,

Typical vintage clothes and accessories in Greenky | Courtesy of Greenky