10 Stunning Parks and Gardens in Bordeaux

Parc Rivière | © Jennifer Migan
Parc Rivière | © Jennifer Migan
Green spaces are considered a luxury in most big cities, but tourists won’t have to worry about getting some fresh air while staying in or around Bordeaux and can enjoy many parks and gardens across town. Here is a list of ten of Bordeaux’s most stunning parks and gardens to visit while in town.

Jardin Public

Pay a visit to the Jardin Public, the most famous park in Bordeaux. Very close to the city center, it is the perfect place to organize a picnic, jog, or take a nap very close to the city. Those who don’t have time to prepare a picnic but still want to enjoy the view, go to l’Orangerie, the in-garden restaurant for breakfast or lunch while enjoying the spectacular view.

Jardin Public, Cours de Verdun, Bordeaux, France

Parc Bordelais

The Parc Bordelais, located in the upstate neighborhood of Caudéran, is the biggest green space in Bordeaux. A wide range of activities are accessible and it is a family-friendly space. Indeed, the little train, the space allocated for animals, and a small theatre with a marionette show will enchant the children.

Parc Bordelais, Rue du Bocage, Bordeaux, France

Parc Rivière

Built around a former castle whose ruins can still be seen, the Parc Rivière is not a famous parc. It is, however, a perfect place for a romantic get-away or some quiet time a little apart from the city’s main-touristic attractions. While there, make a halt to admire one of the perfectly-curated exhibitions of the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez.

Parc Rivière, Rue Mandron, Bordeaux, France

Parc Rivière | © Jennifer Migan

Jardin des Lumières

Stop at the Place de la Bourse tram station and embark on a formidable promenade in the city alongside the Garonne River. In this 5 km (3.1 mile) walk, pass the famous Miroir d’Eau and keep going to reach the Quai des Marques that has a large selection of original stores and places to eat.

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, France

Jardin Botanique

The Jardin Botanique offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about biodiversity and sustainable development with many tools available to teach visitors more about these issues.

Jardin Botanique, Esplanade Linné, Bordeaux, France

Parc Palmer in Cenon

The Parc Palmer is a public park in the town of Cenon, just 10-15 minutes from Bordeaux riding the tram (Palmer stop on line A). A family-friendly environment, it has a broad recreational area. It is also known for its atypical statutes and its proximity to the Rocher de Palmer Concert Hall.

Parc Palmer, 1 Rue Aristide Briand, Cenon, France

Refuge Périurbain, Bègles

Only a few minutes away from Bordeaux in Bègles, this parc will enchant people who love hiking. Great for families, there is also a large shopping mall, a recreational area for the kids, and the Pavillon Garonne restaurant is a real hidden gem for those who get hungry.

Refuge Périurbain, 15 Rue Louis Blériot, Bègles, France

Refuge Périurbain in Bègles | © Jennifer Migan

Parc de Majolan

The Parc de Majolan is a great stop for those looking for an original and romantic escapade. Its amazing caves, decorative ruins, and spectacular fountains are breathtaking.

Parc de Majolan, Avenue du Général de Gaulle, Blanquefort, France

Parc aux Angéliques

Take a walk by the Quais des Queyries and be amazed by the stunning view over the Garonne. Only a few meters away stands Darwin, a very cool place to stop by for brunch, coffee, or admire the outdoor exhibitions.

Parc aux Angéliques, Quai des Queyries, Bordeaux, France

Parc aux Angéliques | © Jennifer Migan

The Platans

Right across the astonishing Place des Quinconces, enjoy walking under the platans in this mini forest. A great place to walk by during the day, it gets lit up at night to make this place even more magical.

Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux, France