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Courtesy of Bar Jean Biarritz tapas bar
Courtesy of Bar Jean Biarritz tapas bar
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10 of Biarritz's Top Tapas Bars

Picture of Jennifer Migan
Updated: 5 July 2017
Food and drink is the perfect combination, and tapas bars have paired the two so well, it’s almost an art form. They’re the ideal place to get absorbed in deep conversation with friends while nibbling and drinking until dawn. Biarritz‘s location makes it perfect for enjoying the sunset with drinks and tapas, and we’ve selected the ten best places to sample some of the best tapas in town.
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Puig & Daro

A chic wine bar in the heart of Biarritz, Puig & Daro has a large choice of tapas as well. You should try the bocadillo chorizo and tortilla with your glass of red wine.

Puig & Daro, 34 Rue Gambetta, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 23 30 45

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Bar Jean

A very famous tapas bar in Biarritz, Bar Jean is known for its fresh food and original tapas. Recommended are the coquilles Saint-Jacques filled with Espelette pepper.

Bar Jean, 5 Rue des Halles, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 24 80 38

So many tasty tapas at Bar Jean | Courtesy of Bar Jean Biarritz

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Etxola Bibi

Etxola Bibi (formerly called Les 100 Marches) is praised by travelers and locals alike for the quality of the tapas served, but also for being a fantastic, if not the best spot to watch the sunset while having a drink.

Etxola Bibi, Avenue Notre Dame, Biarritz, France, +33 6 09 63 15 98

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Bar du Marché

Bar du Marché is a popular spot with a funky crowd, and offers a combination of tasty tapas, high-quality wines, affordable prices and a very friendly staff.

Bar du Marché, 8, Rue des Halles, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 23 48 96

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Le Comptoir du Foie Gras

The tiny Le Comptoir du Foie Gras might get crowded when it’s busy, but it’s still worth heading there with your group to enjoy the home-cooked foie gras tapas. If you’d rather skip the meat, there are vegetarian options available as well.

Le Comptoir du Foie Gras 1, Rue du Centre, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 22 57 42

Large choice of tapas at Le Comptoir du Foie Gras | Courtesy of Le Comptoir du Foie Gras

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Le Bar-bu

You will certainly enjoy Le Bar-bu‘s warm atmosphere and their large choice of tapas. They often host themed events, while there’s also the possibility to make a donation on you way out that will go to charities.

Le Bar-bu, 5 Rue Gaston Larré, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 22 24 79

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Arena Biarritz

If you want to spend a memorable evening in the Port Vieux neighborhood and share (or not) some tapas with friends, be sure to stop by the Arena Biarritz.

Arena Biarritz, Place du Port Vieux, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 24 88 98

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Lagunak Cabane

Lagunak Cabane is located in Anglet, right across from the VVF beach, a highly praised surfing spot. Catch some waves, then head to Lagunak Cabane to enjoy some tapas and a refreshing beer after your surfing session.

Lagunak Cabane, Promenade des Sources, Anglet, Biarritz,France, +33 6 61 76 19 03

Sunset view over Biarritz | © Sylvain Cazenave

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Kostaldea is another beautiful location in Anglet to watch the sunset and tuck in to some tapas. If you’re an early bird, you can also enjoy the breathtaking view while having breakfast.

Kostaldea, Boulevard de la Mer, Anglet, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 42 66 97

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Halles des 5 Cantons

Halles des 5 Cantons is a wonderful place to wander around, meet local producers and taste specialties from the region. If you get the chance, stop by the wine bar and store l’Art Noa and try its delicious charcuteries.

Halles des 5 Cantons, 11 Rue Paul Courbin, Anglet, Biarritz, France, +33 5 59 58 11 67