10 Must Visit Restaurants In Limoges, France

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9 February 2017

Traditional authentic flavors with a contemporary twist, full of taste and heady smells can be found in the heart of Limoges. Limoges is not only a French city full of history and tradition, but also offers a variety of gastronomical experiences and gustatory emotions to its locals and guests. Restaurants devoted to their history, restaurants dedicated to authentic French cuisine and restaurants which love taking a stand complete the culinary map of Limoges.

Cheese Plate | ©Ron Dollete

Un Parfum D'oxalis Restaurant

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Verrines citron
Verrines citron | © Jadawin42/Flickr
The name of this restaurant conjures spectacular scents, breathtaking cuisine presentation, and flavorful dishes prepared with organic and authentic ingredients of the highest quality. Un Parfum D’oxalis Restaurant definitely delivers on all fronts, and will offer you an unforgettable gastronomical experience without any borders with respect to authentic cuisines across Limoges and France. The intriguing combination of both traditional and modern flavors and textures make you realize the real passion for gourmet cuisine in the heart of Limoges. Un Parfum D’oxalis Restaurant’s cuisine never fails to take a stand, as the head chef is popular for his creativity.

Chez Mimi Restaurant

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French wines
French wines | © Colin/WikiCommons
Conveniently located on a quiet street between the Auction House, the Opera House and the Train Station, Chez Mimi Restaurant will enchant you with its lovely and warm atmosphere. Being a cozy hotspot for students, businessmen and families, this French restaurant serves whatever you can find in a French bistro. Beautifully prepared and carefully presented salads, main courses such as tete de veau in a light sauce – which is also a regional speciality – and delicious French wines will make your lunch break or dinner more interesting and well worth a visit.

Le Cheverny Restaurant

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Le Cheverny Restaurant welcomes its visitors and guests into its clean and minimal dining area, which is the ideal background for its innovative and exquisitely presented cuisine. Popular for the flavorful cuisine, French dishes and flavors are presented in vivid and lively colors with a contemporary minimal twist. The attentive and inviting service and the comfortable and chic dining area will make this gastronomical experience worthy of repeat.

Le Vanteaux Restaurant

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"Frairie des petits ventres", Limoges
"Frairie des petits ventres", Limoges | © Frédéric de Villamil/WikiCommons
Le Vanteaux Restaurant is a hidden gem in the heart of Limoges, a little away from the tourist sights and the historic attractions; though, you should take the chance to discover it. As one of the most popular restaurants in Limoges, Le Vanteaux focuses on aesthetics with respect to your need for privacy and eclectic flavors. Christophe Aubisse and his team love creativity and they make changes on the menus each week, in accordance with seasonal and fresh products. There are also offered three evenings and weekend menus offering you a taste of an exquisite mixture of traditional and surprising contemporary flavors in each course.

Les Petits Ventres

If you love walking around the old town of Limoges, Les Petits Ventres is the ideal place to enjoy lunch or dinner. You will find it at the heart of the Rue de la Boucherie, one of the most ancient and historic roads of Limoges and you will taste traditional local specialities of Limoges, such as pork caul with a warm shallot vinaigrette as a starter and calf sweetbread glazed with soy, slices of potatoes flavored with soft spices as a main course.

20 rue Boucherie, Limoges, Limoges, France, +33 05 55 34 22 90

L’Escapade du Gourmet

L’ Escapade du Gourmet is a gourmet institution in Limoges. Its Belle Epoque inspired interior and furnishings will take you back to the 1900s. Luxurious wallpapers in earth tones, heavy wooden panels on the walls and ceiling, and imposing interior doors with stained glass and art deco style decorations. Located near the Cathedral, you have the chance to taste traditional well-cooked French cuisine while you get a true picture of French history in 1920s. One of their specialities is foie grois, so dive in if you fancy tasting your favorite dish in a whole new light.

5, rue du 71eme Mobiles, Limoges, France, +33 05 55 32 40 26

Chez Alphonse

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Roast Veal Sweetbreads
Roast Veal Sweetbreads | © Hungry Dudes/Flickr
An institution in Limoges, the Chez Alphonse restaurant introduces its guests to the traditional flavors of Limoges. Located walking distance from the Central Market, this restaurant has a stellar reputation and a loyal following of locals, students and families, as it is popular for its authentic bistro cuisine. The reasonable prices, the simple, authentic French menu and the relaxed atmosphere in the heart of the city explain Chez Alphonse’s reputation and make it one of the most friendly and trendy hot spots in Limoges.


Housed in an ancient half-timbered house, L’ Amphitryon is a magical place to enjoy your lunch or dinner with friends in the heart of the historic center of Limoges. The chef Olivier Polla will make this experience unforgettable, serving an exquisite mixture of traditional and contemporary inspired French cuisine. Innovative seasonal dishes prepared with the finest locally cultivated products create an a la carte menu which is a true institution. Roasted veal sweetbreads with tangy juice and capers, muslin artichoke and beetroot young ice, mille-feuille with vanilla Bourbon and raspberries to peppermint oil create new and powerful flavor combinations into something truly wonderful.

26, Rue Boucherie, Limoges, France, +33 05 55 33 36 39

Le Versailles

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Decorated in a luxurious and old-fashioned style, it is really easy to understand Le Versailles‘ popularity and excellent reputation. Trends and fashion have no place in Le Versailles and this is what makes it so special. It is a high end Parisian brasserie-restaurant with a distinguished professional and theatrical service, serving perfectly prepared and unpretentious French brasserie specialities with respect to the past. Their menu is vast and mouth watering, but anything from La Mer et L’Océan menu is always a sure hit.

Philippe Redon

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One of the best restaurants in Limoges, Philippe Redon is a refined place, full of classy details and a comfortable dining area. Head chef Philippe Redon has more than 30 years experience and has been Michelin-starred between 2000 and 2006. With great collaborations with famous chefs such as Michel Mioche and Jean-Marie Meulien, this restaurant serves imaginatively prepared seasonal dishes without being limited to local traditions and flavors. The signature menu with six courses is definitely the restaurant’s highlight, preserving all the taste and experience of Philippe Redon.