10 Beautiful Running Routes in Bordeaux

Runner alongside the Garonne River | © J. Migan
Runner alongside the Garonne River | © J. Migan
Photo of Jennifer Migan
27 July 2017

Sports tourism is becoming more and more popular and it’s a great way to discover a city and in Bordeaux, runners don’t go to the gym to hit the treadmill; instead, they’d rather circulate around the walkers and the cars so they can admire the city’s beauty. Here are some of the most enjoyable- and beautiful-running routes in town.

Runners during the Bordeaux Marathon | © Jennifer Migan

The Water Path

Because of the marshy land around this area, it made all culture impossible. This doesn’t prevent people from running by Bordeaux’s most beautiful green spaces. Start from the new Jacques Chaban Delmas and see the Cité du Vin, the dock, and the banks of the River Garonne along the way.

Runner alongside the Garonne River | © J. Migan

Long Run from the Quinconces to Quai des Queyries

Up for a long run? If so, try this challenging but enjoyable circuit that will take runners around town. Start at Les Quinconces, pass the Jardin Public, continue on David Johnston Street, and keep going on Camille Godard Street (or make a detour by the amazing and cozy Parc Rivière to the left) in the cool Chartrons neighborhood. Then, try to make it to the Chaban Delmas Bridge to do some speeding drills. Turn on the Quai des Queyries, pass Darwin Ecosystem, and go up the Parc aux Angéliques. Make a U-turn and head back to Les Quinconces.

Les Quinconces | © Jennifer Migan

Stop and Go in Bordeaux

Starting from the Bir-Hakiem Square on Cours Victor Hugo, this 7-km (4.35-mile) run offers a nice view of the city centre and most of its squares. Get a glimpse of the beautiful Porte de Caillau alongside the Jardin des Lumières, make a left on Esprit des Lois Street and head down the breathtaking Cours de l’Intendance, Gambetta, and the Général Charles de Gaulle Squares. Make a right near the Palais de Justice and back to Bir-Hakiem Square.

Running route along historical Bordeaux | © Jennifer Migan

The Hidden Gems Path

In this urban path, discover some of the hidden gems of the city and lesser-known neighborhoods. Begin at City Hall (Hôtel de Ville tram stop), make a right on Tastet Street, and follow the signs to the Chartreuse Cemetery. Continue and see the Amédée Larrieu Square, a relatively unknown but magnificent square with three monumental art-deco ironwork fountains.

<a href = "https://www.flickr.com/photos/129231073@N06/27345331413/in/photolist-dtDRfo-8Ac3Hn-VNY3oB-UJ5Qvf-VWVGfG-9QoCFR-adLLmL-2QSBj2-VNYjbZ-UJ3GzE-VpEaxu-W1sqNZ-FvVwo5-JxAQc7-HEpYkg-Vqgspf-HErcuv-HErbgD-bJdKSp"> Bordeaux - Palais Rohan | © Fred Romero Follow/Flickr

Past Meets Future Path

Bordeaux is well-known for its 18th-century architecture, but there is also a part of the city that is experiencing a full transformation. Tour the vibrant Place de la Victoire, go down the Cours de la Marne until the Gare Saint Jean train station and wander around an area where historical sites and modern buildings happily coexist.

Place de la Victoire | © Jennifer Migan

On the Pavement

Penetrate Bordeaux’s historical heart with this running route that goes around small streets, arches, and monuments from different eras. Start from Stalingrad tram stop, cross the Pont de Pierre, make a left, and arrive in Saint Michel, one of the most historic neighborhoods of the city. Run up to the Marché des Capucins, make a right, and go down the famous Rue Sainte Catherine, Europe’s longest walking street, after reaching the Place de la Victoire. Explore Sainte Catherine’s side streets while there.

Run along the Pont de Pierre | © J. Migan


On the other side of the river, the Bastide neighborhood provides a perfect trail for a nice and gentle run in the city. Begin at Stalingrad tram station (don’t be afraid of the huge blue lion) and follow the tram line along with cyclists and other runners while enjoying the street art on the walls. Make a U-turn at Galin tram station, and come back all the way to the blue lion.

Running on La Bastide area | © Jennifer Migan

Quai des Queyries Path

Another path on the Bastide area, discover a quieter part of the city while remaining close to its center. Start at Stalingrad’s blue lion, make a right, and run along the river on Quai des Queyries. This leads to the quiet Parc aux Angéliques, praised by runners and walkers because of its serene atmosphere. Pass the Jardin Botanique, the trendy Darwin Ecosystem, and the Chaban Delmas Bridge for those who keep going instead of stopping for a well-deserved drink.

Jardin Botanique | © Jennifer Migan

The Doors

This circuit takes runners around some of Bordeaux’s main spots. From the Grosse Cloche on Saint James Street, go down the Cours Victor Hugo, pass by the outstanding Place de la Bourse, and Miroir d’Eau on Quai Louis XVIII. After that, make a left on Cours Xavier and follow the signs to the Jardin Public. Run alongside the amazing garden on Cours Clémenceau until reaching the Place Gambetta. From there, turn on the Porte Dijeaux street and finish up on Sainte Catherine Street.

<a href = "https://www.flickr.com/photos/cjp24/5677581747/in/photolist-bswuRq-5y2tsb-4bd9v1-daVjbK-9DH6ft-dfurDK-ekaAmQ-skm5Wz-qfWqh5-ek4Qcn"> La Grosse cloche de Bordeaux | © JPC24M/Flickr

Jardin Public

Running around might not seem exciting at first, but entering the incredible Jardin Public will quickly change minds. The beautiful scenery, the ducks peacefully floating on the garden’s lake, and the colorful flowers offer an enchanted parenthesis in the heart of the city.

Bordeaux Jardin Public | © Jennifer Migan

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