This Wellness Island Is an Actual No Man's Land

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Wellness Editor2 March 2018

Last year, in the midst of the #MeToo movement and Donald Trump’s first year in office, women’s retreats had a moment. This summer, those seeking the company of their fellow women, exclusively, will be able to visit the SuperShe Island—a wild Finnish paradise no men are permitted to visit.

For those not in the know, SuperShe is a women’s society that facilitates networking, collaboration and community building in exotic locations. Previously, members have congregated retreat-style in places like Oahu, Hawaii, for outdoorsy activities, fitness, yoga, and plenty of idea-swapping, but this year SuperShe founder Kristina Roth decided to go one step further, and give her lady empowerment getaways a permanent home.

The SuperShe Island is a quick and convenient one hour and twenty minutes from Helsinki airport. Spanning a neat 8.4 acres of evergreen trees and rugged landscape, it can accommodate 10 guests at a time in four custom-built cabins.

Cabin interior | © SuperShe

As you would expect from a female-focused space, each cabin is thoughtfully decorated and ultra cozy. Finland isn’t known for its balmy weather, so expect hygge-style furnishings with plaid throws, log fires and scented candles.

Health has been a central focus of past SuperShe retreats, and Roth intends to continue providing activities that focus on women’s wellbeing. Stays on the island will include things like yoga, fitness classes, meditation, farm-to-table dining, cooking lessons, nature activities, and more.

Kristina Roth | © SuperShe

Of course the fact that the island is a female-only space also promotes wellbeing. When women are solely in the company of other women, in an environment that caters to—and considers—their specific preferences and ways of existing in the world, there’s a softening that happens.

“There was something in the air in early 2017. Certainly the women’s movement, which kicked off with the women’s march in January 2017, struck a chord in me and in millions of women around the world,” says Roth. “I didn’t ever view it as a political statement but as unity and a pure expression of the esprit de corps. It inspired me to channel my devotion to wellness and inner transformation into something other women can enjoy and benefit from. I believed I’d been given the opportunity to share my passion with other woman in this new chapter of my life and I just could not ignore it.”

On SuperShe island there’s no need for an armory of makeup, or even clothes. As the website tag line says: “Have you ever wanted to run away to a deserted island, breathe fresh air, swim naked in the sea, and sleep under the stars?” Roth’s intention is to create a place where women can reconnect with themselves and each other without the distractions of everyday life. “I hope they connect to each other and the landscape. I hope they grow relax, learn, teach, love, enjoy, evolve and have fun,” she explains.

If you’re wondering, “where do I sign up?”, fill out this membership form and set a reminder for June, when bookings for the first visitors to SuperShe island will open.

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