The Best Restaurants In The Helsinki Design District, Finland

Pedestrian street in Helsinki|  © La Citta Vita/Flickr
Pedestrian street in Helsinki| © La Citta Vita/Flickr
The Design District of Helsinki is a creative business neighborhood that accommodates some of the most exquisite restaurants in town, complete with cool architecture, dazzling design and haute cuisine to boot. Here are some of the top choices.
Finnish Pastries © Robin L/ Flickr


A restaurant cafe, Story is a delightful den for starting the day with a morning coffee and home-made patisserie products, while enjoying the maritime decor to boot. The terrace here is a luminous place where the food unfolds depending on the hour, from delicious creamy soups, to light salads and salmon specialties. If needed, there is a wide selection of wines to go with the everyday culinary delicacies and the friendly owners themselves bring good vibes from the get go.


Restaurant Demo is a radiant place for small gatherings; a place where simplicity and elegance intertwine in a down-to-earth environment, especially created for the celebration of haute cuisine. The choice of combining Scandinavian minimalist interior design features with bohemian lamps made of white textile folds, brings a luminous charm to the entire spot. Meanwhile the menu holds sophisticated regional, French and strong flavors galore.


Perfect for early morning risers and for health food lovers, Sis is one dedicated place for making nutritional facts part of everyday life. The petite restaurant-cafe is a balanced nest in a wooden interior with modern features and a catchy look. The menu has a tremendous combination of food, from watermelon, red beet, ginger and chia smoothies, to coconut soup and whole wheat baguettes.

Bagel © Ruocaled/flickr


Tori is a Mediterranean restaurant with regional Finnish ingredients and creative flavors galore. Here, you can start with the exquisite sandwiches including eggplant bread with saffron yoghurt and hummus and fresh, salted salmon breads with malts, or opt straight for a main of speciality meatballs with brandy cream sauce and mashed potatoes. Nice.

Burger © Pixabay

Ristorante Gastone

Serving traditional Italian cuisine with a touch of the holistic, the aromas here are simply dazzling. Gastone offers an a la carte with classic menu items, ranging from anti-pasti, to pasta, fish, beef and all those usual homemade, organic dishes in between (not to mention the wines). The speciality here is the second menu that comprises handmade pastas, organic beef tenderloin and parmesan.

Risotto ©Jessica Spengler/Flickr