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The 10 Best Restaurants in Turku, Finland

The 10 Best Restaurants in Turku, Finland

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Located in the south west of the Nordic nation of Finland, Turku was the old Finnish capital and is the oldest town in the country, being established in the 13th century. It is also one of the most mature seaports in Scandinavia. This makes this city one of the most popular holiday destinations in Finland. Here are ten restaurants that you must check out while you are travelling to Turku.


Tinta is a modern restaurant, and the interior features the use of minimalist designs. The ambience resembles a minimalist artistic studio, and is surely a great place to chill out. The café features a bar, which gives you an impressive range of wines and spirits. Tinta also offers freshly baked pastries and bread, which are very popular among guests.


Lantinen Rantakatu 9, 20100, Turku, Finland, +358 2 230 7023


A relaxing and British afternoon

If you are desperately looking for a place to chill out and free your mind from stress, Monarch may be a place you don’t want to miss. Monarch prides itself of bringing traditional English tea culture to this Nordic country. The café offers food and drinks that are freshly made and prepared in-house. Classic Afternoon Tea is the signature product offered by Monarch, and it is well complemented with finger sandwiches, scones and even English breakfast. Here they have prepared the most relaxing music to keep you comfortable during your visit.

Price: budget

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 7.30am-10.30pm, 1pm-9pm; Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 10am-5pm

Watch out for: classic Afternoon Tea, finger sandwiches

Humalistonkatu 7a, Turku 20100, Finland, +358 44 9869269

Ravintola Kaskis

The first restaurant on our list is Ravintola Kaskis, and it is considered to be one the best restaurant in Turku. This petite restaurant is well furnished with wooden furniture and modern decorations. The dishes served here are prepared from locally sourced and organic ingredients, with wild berries and herbs hand collected by the owner. Many of the dishes served here are influenced by Scandinavian cuisine.


Kaskenkatu 6 a, Turku 20700, Finland, +358 044 723 0200


A big shout out to pizza lovers. Pizzarium is a passionate restaurant which is dedicated to bring you the best and the freshest pizza experience in this Finnish city. Instead of using machine made dough and canned ingredients, Pizzarium insists on using only fresh vegetables and toppings. The pizza dough is raised for more than 48 hours before it is put into the oven.


Aurakatu 12 a, Turku 20100, Finland, +358 50 410 5920

Ravintola Blanko

Situated in the heart of Turku, and right beside the RiverAurajoki, Ravintola Blanko is one of the most popular dining places for locals. The decoration used by the restaurant is minimal, but the brick ceiling gives a nostalgic touch to this restaurant. Ravintola Blanko serves mainly western cuisine, with some dishes inspired by Scandinavian cooking. This restaurant has been widely known as having the best brunch in town, which includes all sorts of fresh vegetables and meat.


Aurakatu 1, Turku 20100, Finland, +358 02 233 3966

Taco Nito

If you are looking food Mexican delicacies in this Nordic city, then Taco Nito is definitely the restaurant you need to visit. The restaurant is elegant, and resembles a French bistro. There is a comfortable outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your Mexican dish under the warm sun. Taco Nito uses traditional Mexican recipes to prepare food, and the authentic Caribbean flavour is almost irresistible.


Aurakatu 3, Turku 20100, Finland, +358 040 653 3112

Ravintola Smör

Situated right next to the Aura-jokivarren river is Ravintola Smör, which was opened in 2009 and is one of the best restaurants in terms of atmosphere and interior decorations. This restaurant is renovated from an old quarter and a library, and it uses stones and wooden furniture to bring you a vintage evening. The raw materials used in preparing the food are from the nature in the surrounding areas.


Lantinen Rantakatu 3, Turku, Finland, +358 025369444

Café Art

If you are a coffee enthusiast and are desperately looking for an elegant place to enjoy a cup of premium coffee, Café Art may be a perfect option for you. True to its name, Café Art makes works of art with coffee. Not only does this café offer the best and the most premium coffee in town, it also houses an award winning team of latte artists.


Lantinen Rantakatu 5, Turku 20100, Finland, +358 040 158 3383

Viikinkiravintola Harald

If you are intrigued by the Viking history of this Nordic nation, then you will love Viikinkiravintola Harald. The restaurant has prepared an authentic Viking experience for you, with costumes in which you can dress up like an ancient Lappish dweller. Here they serve a great selection of wine, together with Scandinavian cuisine prepared like that of a master chef from the past.


Aurakatu 3, 20100 Turku, Finland, +358 044 766 8204

Ravintola Mami

Ravintola Mami is a restaurant with a great culinary philosophy, that quality meals are the source of your good mood and are the key to forgiveness. This concept of togetherness is appealing to many locals who are looking for a joyful rendezvous. This cozy and homely restaurant serves authentic Scandinavian cuisine, which uses locally sourced ingredients.


Linnankatu 3, Turku 20100, Finland, +358 02 231 1111