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The Best Food Markets In Helsinki
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The Best Food Markets In Helsinki

Picture of Jael Ancker
Updated: 9 February 2017
There are three food market halls in Helsinki, each one is housed in beautiful historical buildings close to the seashore. Helsinki market halls play an instrumental role in the city’s food culture. Discover what makes these three food markets integral to an authentic Finnish cultural experience.
Old Market Hall Helsinki
Old Market Hall | © Jael Ancker
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The Old Market Hall

The lovely and recently renovated Old Market Hall is the oldest food market hall in Helsinki, serving loyal customers since 1889. This beautiful market hall building was designed by Finnish architect Gunnar Nyström. It is strategically located just next to the Helsinki Market Square, close by the sea. The Old Market Hall is very popular with tourists, especially in the summer. If you want to sample some Finnish gourmet delicacies, or have lunch in the lovely surroundings, then this is the place for you.

The Old Market Hall, Eteläranta, Helsinki, Finland

Hakaniemi Food Hall Helsinki
Hakaniemi Food Hall | © Jael Ancker
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Hakaniemi Food Hall

Hakaniemi Food Hall, built in 1914, is located in the Hakaniemi neighborhood, also next to the Hakaniemi Market Square. This charming food hall has two floors; the ground floor is home to local food merchants, such as the well-known Reini meat shop, and the second floor has 28 specialty non-food stores, including a small Marimekko store. There is a pleasant cafe on the second floor, where you can sit down for coffee and cake and relax after a day of shopping. The Hakaniemi Food Market Hall is easily accessible by tram, bus and subway.

Hakaniemi Market Hall, Hämeentie 1 A, Helsinki, Finland

Hietalahti Food Market Helsinki
Hietalahti Food Market | © Jael Ancker
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Hietalahti Food Market

Hietalahti Food Market has been an institution in Helsinki since 1903, and was reopened as a food hall in 2013 after having served as an antique hall for a few years. In the summer, this food market hall gets added value from the flea market just in front of the market building. Hietalahti Food Market Hall houses restaurants, cafes, and many of its food stalls sell ready-made food. The delicacies in Le Marché, an establishment with a French theme, is especially recommended. Anyone can become a pop-up vendor in Hietalahti Food Market Hall; a free trial is offered for stalls opened less than a month.

Hietalahti Food Market Hall, Lönnrot Street 34, Helsinki, Finland