Finland's Beauty Secret Is Now Available in the UK

A selection of Lumene products
A selection of Lumene products | © Maria Morri / Flickr
Scandinavia has a long history of inspiring health and beauty trends across the world, which is why every luxury spa now has its own sauna and more people are using ‘hygee’ to de-stress during the winter. Another well-established Nordic beauty product, the Lumene skincare brand, has just been launched in the UK, and it already has beauty experts and shoppers excited.

What is Lumene?

Lumene, named after Lake Lummene in central Finland, is a Finnish brand of skincare and makeup products that have been popular in the country since the 1970s. It is now becoming one of Finland’s ‘superbrands’ with an annual worth of over €90 million. The brand is already highly popular in the USA and Russia and is now set to take over the UK beauty scene as well.

Lumene nail polish and make-up © joan!ta / Flickr

Arctic weather and freezing winter conditions can be particularly hard on the skin, causing flaking, rashes and even frostbite. The short hours of winter daylight, with perpetual nighttime in the most northerly parts of Finland, only make this even worse. This is why Lumene creates a range of products to protect the skin against these harsh winters, preserving the classic image of stunning Nordic beauty even during the coldest parts of the winter.

Model wearing Lumene lipgloss © Maria Morri / Flickr

What is Lumene’s secret?

‘All-natural’ is the main buzzword of the beauty industry, but Lumene takes this concept very seriously, not just using it as a marketing gimmick. Its products make the most out of locally sourced Finnish ingredients such birch sap, cloudberries and pine bark. In a way, the Lumene product creators are replicating what their Nordic ancestors did – using the resources they had at hand to make it through the long winters.

A wild cloudberry, one of Lumene's key ingredients. © Aivar Ruukel / Flickr

The company also adheres strongly to Finland’s strong pro-environmental stance. All of Lumene’s ingredients are sourced sustainably from throughout Finland, often using waste products from other industries. Also worth mentioning is that Lumene does not test on animals, making it a conscious brand. It has also preserved jobs in its native Finland rather than outsourcing, operating almost entirely out of its headquarters in Espoo.

The Lumene factory in Espoo © Bengt Oberger / WikiCommons

Lumene in the UK

Although the United Kingdom doesn’t experience Finland’s freezing temperature, dry, itchy skin is still a problem for many women during wintertime. Lumene products are considered ideal solutions, as they are developed in a country where harsh weather conditions are common. Products available in the United Kingdom include the Nordic Hydra range, specifically designed for the worst northerly weather. Their products are refreshing, which is why Lumene’s Hydration Recovery Hydrating Gel Mask and the Arctic Dew Quenching Aqua Serum gives you the feeling of splashing cool spring water on the face.

Lumene colour correcting cream with lingonberries. © Maria Morri / Flickr

The Sisu range (named after a Finnish concept for ‘courage’ or ‘determination’) is designed to protect the skin against pollution, which is actually a much bigger problem in the United Kingdom than the eco-friendly Scandinavian countries. It protects against ‘urban stress’ and keeps the skin looking healthy and younger even with an increasingly stressful lifestyle.

You can find Lumene products in the UK from online boutiques such as or from Amazon UK.