9 Epic Views in Finland You Have to Hike to Get To

View of the sunset in Finland | © Teemu Vehkaoja / WikiCommons
View of the sunset in Finland | © Teemu Vehkaoja / WikiCommons
Photo of Jessica Wood
14 December 2017

Finland has some of the last and greatest unspoilt landscapes in Europe, with scenery ranging from tall mountains to flat swamps. Their distance from human habitation means that any hikers willing to make the long and arduous journey will be rewarded with unique views that not many other people get to see outside of photographs. You can find detailed information on all of these locations on the National Parks website, including safety tips and all the recommended gear.

Pyhä mountain peak

The trail to the peak of the Pyhä-Luosto national park in Lapland passes through miles of old forests and stone gorges that look amazing during any season. Making it to the summit offers amazing views of the park. If you are daring enough to climb the trail during the winter, you may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights from the peak.

View of the northern lights from Pyhä | © Juho Holmi / Flickr


North Karelia’s national park has some easy trails up to the top of the tree-covered cliffs, but if you climb to the Ukko-Koli (‘old man Koli’) summit, the highest point of the range, you’ll get right up to a height of 347 metres (1,138 feet). You will see why the view has inspired so many Finnish artists and become the most recognisable landscape in Finland.

View of the midnight sun from Ukko-Koli | © Peter PZ / Flickr

Olhava cliffs

These cliffs in Repovesi National Park tower 50 metres (164 feet) above a lake and are a real challenge for climbers and hikers, yet a highly rewarding one. Some rock climbers even take the chance of scaling the vertical rock wall above the lake, and it is known as ‘the mecca’ to rock climbers in Finland.

Olhava rock wall | © Tero Laakso / Flickr

Mount Halti

The hike up Mount Halti is one of the most difficult in Finland, but very much worth it. Not only can you say you have taken on the mountain, but you will also have reached the highest point in Finland. While the actual peak of the mountain is in Norwegian territory, as the mountain is right on the border, seeing both countries at once is rare and spectacular.

View of Mount Halti | © Ilkka Harmanen / Flickr

Punkaharju ridge

The trails crossing over this famous ridge offer views of Lake Saimaa, Finland’s largest lake, and the thousands of tiny islands dotted throughout its waters. Despite being a popular destination for tourists and hikers, the sparseness of the area still makes it incredibly peaceful and you will be fully immersed in nature.

View of Punkaharju | © Ninara / Flickr

Pallas hilltops

Each of these seven hills in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park have trails and lodges to cross between them. Climbing to the top of any one of them offers both epic views and the freshest air in the world. In the autumn, the hills are lit up with vibrant orange colours, while in winter you can view the Northern Lights from the peaks.

View from Pallas | © Jumilla / Flickr

Ukselmapää fell

This incredibly hilly trail in the Saariselkä Wilderness Area of Lapland, reaching 698 metres (2,290 feet), is tricky and requires regular rest breaks. Taking on the challenge will give you the best views in the area, with sights of rolling hills and clear blue lakes.

View from Ukselmapää | © J. Albert Vallunen / WikiCommons

Aulangonvuori hill

The best way to take in the forests of the Aulanko Nature Reserve is to hike up the hill to the observation tower, which is designed to resemble a castle tower. From there, you can see the entire valley of forests and lakes, including Joutsenlampi, which means ‘swan lake’. Along the way, you can also visit the remains of the former Hämeenlinna garrison.

View of Aulanko Nature Reserve | © Alessio Damato / WikiCommons

Tuntsa wilderness area

Tuntsa in Eastern Lapland is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful pieces of terrain, yet the flat landscape also makes it easy for hikers and its remote location makes it incredibly peaceful. By following the trails, you can see unspoilt tundra, areas damaged by wildfires and some amazing wildlife.

View of Tuntsa | © Matti Uurinmäki / WikiCommons

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