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Sunset over Lake Näsijärvi | © Jarkko - / Flickr
Sunset over Lake Näsijärvi | © Jarkko - / Flickr

22 Stunning Lakes in Tampere

Picture of Jessica Wood
Updated: 11 November 2017
Tampere is known as the birthplace of industry, with many large companies still retaining factories and headquarters in the city. This was thanks to the lakes and waterways surrounding the city – there’s more than 200 throughout the Tampere region.

These lakes are still a big part of Tampere’s identity today, and a large draw for tourists. Canoeing is especially popular due to the hundreds of kilometers of paddling routes and the wide range of different waters. Other popular activities are swimming, lake cruises, sailboarding, scuba diving, Nordic skating, ice fishing, and ice swimming. These are some of the most beautiful lakes in Tampere where you can take in the views and enjoy these activities:

Lake Ildesjärvi

Lake Petäjäjärvi

Lake Särkijärvi

Lake Lemmakkalanjärvi

Lake Roinejärvi

Lake Luoma

Lake Yläinen-Toriseva

Lake Vähänaisten

Lake Lotila

Lake Korkeajärvi

Lake Kukkia

Lake Kaukajärvi

Lake Saaksjärvi

Lake Peltolammi

Lake Hervantajärvi

Lake Suolijärvi

Lake Pitkäjärvi


Lake Pitkäjärvi | © Juho Holmi / Flickr

Lake Näsijärvi

Lake Makkarajärvi

Lake Vesijärvi

Lake Madesjärvi

Lake Pyhäjärvi