Boutique clothing / Public domain / Pixabay
Boutique clothing / Public domain / Pixabay
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10 Top Fashion Boutiques in Helsinki

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Updated: 29 June 2017
The fashion capitol of Finland has a wide variety of fashion boutiques selling everything from vintage gems to the latest trends from big name brands. These are some of the best boutiques in Helsinki, where you can pick up a range of fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, and even homeware.
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Katri Niskanen

Designer Katri Niskanen’s store is a prime example of Finnish fashion design; simple and practical yet utilizing beautiful patterns and bright colours. Japanese and North African inspired conceptions are created for multiple-usage, comfort, and inspiring confidence.

Katri Niskanen Boutique, Bulevardi 15, Helsinki, Finland, +358 50 4645 903

Courtesy of Katri Niskanen / Agency Leroy | Courtesy of Katri Niskanen / Agency Leroy

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Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Suhonen’s flagship store in Helsinki’s trendy Design District uses natural light and artful interior design to display its collection. The clothing is based upon the designer’s childhood memories and experiences and includes Moomin print dresses, an Animal Rights collection, hippie style summer clothing, and many other eccentric styles.

Ivana Helsinki, Uudenmaankatu 15, Helsinki, Finland, +358 50 5051624

Courtesy of Ivana Helsinki | Courtesy of Ivana Helsinki

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Since founding her brand in 2010, Nina Jatuli has opened several stores throughout Finland selling clothing and jewellery, including the studio shop in Helsinki. The upcoming 2017 fall collection uses a combination of simple colours and bold patterns for a funky urban look. The clothing is all made in Helsinki or nearby Estonia and the wooden jewellery is hand cut in a Kallio studio and made from Finnish birch wood.

Nina Jatuli Design, Fredrikinkatu 45, Helsinki, Finland, +358 50 3509990

Courtesy of Jatuli

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Another boutique which combines classic Scandinavian design with modern stylings, ONAR sells simple yet fashionable clothing, bags, wallets, and accessories from their Helsinki store. The store’s name is derived from the Greek word for ‘dream’ and the brand uses some new ideas such as soft, furry bags which are still high-quality and practical.

ONAR Studios, Erottajankatu 9, Helsinki, Finland, +358 44 2372918

Courtesy of ONAR Studios | Courtesy of ONAR Studios

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Minna Parikka

Anyone looking for shoes and accessories which are cute, quirky, and different should definitely stop by Minna Parikka’s Helsinki store. Designer Minna Parikka has been making shoes since she was 15 and opened her Helsinki store in 2012. Each of the store’s shoes and other items have a unique style or pattern which makes them fun to wear. For instance, the new Bunny line uses the tongue of the sneaker to resemble rabbit ears.

Minna Parikka Universum, Aleksanterinkatu 36, Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 667554

Courtesy of Minna Parikka | Courtesy of Minna Parikka

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Johanna Gullichsen

A textile craft and design store, Johanna Gullichsen sells fabrics, homewares, and accessories in attractive Finnish style patterns. They are designed to make a home look good while also simplifying everyday life. Their line of bags hold the same principle as they are spacious enough to be used as shopping bags but still look appealing hanging in any home.

Johanna Gullichsen Textile Craft and Design, Fredrikinkatu 18, Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 637917

Courtesy of Johanna Gulichsen | Courtesy of Johanna Gulichsen

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An alluring modern boutique selling men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics. Beam sells many top brands, everything from big names such as Adidas to smaller emerging brands, with new items arriving in the store frequently.

Beam, Erottajankatu 15, Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 2785566

Courtesy of Beam | Courtesy of Beam

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Kauniste sells clothing, home accessories, iPhone cases, and fabrics and was formed to provide a retail space for new Scandinavian designers and crafters. Their artwork is used for a practical purpose to decorate home products and accessories. The manufactures frequently use traditional techniques to create fashionable yet timeless designs which appeal to multiple demographics.

Kauniste, Aleksanterinkatu 28, Helsinki, Finland, +358 50 3730111

Courtesy of Kauniste | Courtesy of Kauniste

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Red Shoe

A shoe lover’s paradise, Red Shoe in central Helsinki sells both formal and informal shoes and matching accessories to give all women the look they want. The striking red shoes draw the eye from the store window, but the boutique sells shoes and bags in multiple attractive colours and styles. Most of the shoes are made in Italy from quality materials, so are guaranteed to last a long time, and skilled sales staff ensure that all shoes fit properly.

Red Shoe, Fredrikinkatu 39, Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 604670

Courtesy of Red Shoe | Courtesy of Red Shoe

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The Dots boutique sells a variety of clothing and accessories from various brands, with everything from underwear to evening dresses. In addition, the store sells kitchen and bathroom items, textiles, and cosmetics. A highly artistic boutique to beautify yourself and your home.

Dots, Fredrikinkatu 34, Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 6853884

Courtesy of Dots Boutique | Courtesy of Dots Boutique