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10 Top Art Galleries in Tampere

Picture of Jessica Wood
Updated: 8 December 2017
Tampere may be a city with a strong industrial heritage, but today it is known just as much for its arts and culture scene. Throughout the city, you can find everything from contemporary to classic art, including many smaller galleries exhibiting work by up-and-coming artists. These are some of the best galleries in Tampere for getting your artistic fix.
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Tampere Art Museum

The main art museum of the city deserves a mention, not only for the art on display, but also for the contribution it makes to the local community. As well as senior days and children’s workshops, the museum holds the Young Artist of the Year award to give increased visibility to new artists and offer them a chance to exhibit in a major city gallery. The museum collection also holds 14,500 pieces, including the art collection donated by Moomin artist Tove Jansson and her partner Tuulikki Pietilä.

Tampere Art Museum, Puutarhakatu 34, 33230, Tampere, Finland, 03 56566577

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Sara Hilden Art Museum

Located in the Särkänniemi Amusement Park complex, the Sara Hilden Museum is an unusual and interesting museum to visit if you want something different from rollercoasters. The gallery exhibits works by national and international artists, many of which make their debut in the Nordic countries in this museum, and there are regular concerts and events inside. The outdoor sculpture park has a small garden of abstract sculptures to wander through.

Sara Hilden Art Museum, Särkänniemi, Tampere, Finland, +358 35654350

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The Emil Aaltonen Museum

This museum contains the collection of entrepreneur and art collector Emil Aaltonen, who pioneered shoe making in Finland, inside the manor house he once called home. There is also a permanent exhibit about his life and achievements. It is a small but intimate museum where you can learn much about the history of Tampere’s art and industry.

Emil Aaltonen Museum, Pyynikinlinna, Mariankatu 40, 33200, Tampere, Finland, 03 2124551

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Moomin Museum

The world’s biggest collection of artworks and sketches of the Moomin franchise has recently moved from the basement of the Tampere Art Museum into its own premises in Tampere Hall. Already the new museum has attracted Moomin fans from around the world to see the collection and take part in the workshops. The main attraction is the replica Moomin House, which was handmade by Jansson and Pietilä.

Moomin Museum, Tampere Hall, Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100, Tampere, Finland, +358 32434111

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Mältinranta Art Centre

The centre of the city’s indie art community, Mältinranta holds rotating exhibits of new local artists, and offers their works for rent or purchase. The Tampere Artists’ Association also hosts numerous workshops for professional artists in the centre, providing them with materials and studio space that they might not be able to find elsewhere.

Mältinranta Art Centre, Kuninkaankatu 2, 33210, Tampere, Finland, 010 4202040

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Nykyaika Photographic Centre

This isn’t only a gallery for photographic arts, but also a meeting space and reference library for photographers and researchers. Entry to both is free, and it is a chance to see work by new artists or just relax in the library. Nykyaika is Finnish for ‘modern times’.

Nykyaika Photographic Centre, Kauppakatu 14, Tampere, Finland, +358 504412040

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Hiekka Art Museum

A charming art museum located in a beautiful old building, Hiekka is also named after one of Tampere’s former entrepreneurs, Kustaa Hiekka. Hiekka was a goldsmith who founded Finland’s precious metal industry and also collected art, making over 40 international trips during his life to collect new pieces. Many of these can be seen in the museum in Hiekka’s former home, modelled after how it would have looked during his lifetime.

Hiekka Art Museum, Pirkankatu 6, 33210, Tampere, Finland, 03 212397

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Haihara Art Centre

A former workhouse building converted into a modern art gallery, Haihara features an extensive summer programme of art exhibits, live performances, outdoor concerts and art workshops. The centre and café are open only during the summer.

Haihara Art Centre, Haiharankatu 30, 33710, Tampere, Finland, +358 356566137

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Galleria Ronga

Ronga is the official gallery of the non-profit arts organisation AvaraTaide, which offers exhibition space and training courses to local artists. The gallery contains a range of new and often experimental modern art, and is a good place to go if you’d like to support the new generation of Finnish artists.

Galleria Ronga, Rongankatu 1C 9, 33100, Tampere, Finland, 045 2681022

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Gallery Rajatila

A modern-art gallery full of experimental visual and video art, Rajatila is another non-profit gallery offering exposure to new and emerging artists, and you can buy their art books in the shop. A lot of bold and fresh new ideas are brought forth from this gallery, making it a must for enthusiasts.

Gallery Rajatila, Hämeenpuisto 10, 33210, Tampere, Finland, 041 5232992