The Top 7 Nightclubs in Tartu, Estonia

Tartu | © Hannu Makarainen/Flickr
Tartu | © Hannu Makarainen/Flickr
Tartu is the second biggest city in Estonia and is also known as the capital of the students. Needless to say, the nightlife is very lively and there are plenty of awesome parties that you can attend every night. Here are the best nightclubs in Tartu which you must visit to experience what it is like to party like Estonian!


Illusion is one of the most popular clubs in Tartu because of the superb sound system, perfect taste for music and awesome DJs from all over the world. Also, the design of the club is pretty extravagant with a huge arch in the middle. If you are a fan of retro music, you must come here on Wednesdays when Illusion hosts retro nights!

Raatuse 97, Tartu, Estonia +372 742 4341

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Genialistide Klubi

Genialistide Klubi is one of the oldest nightclubs of Tartu, so if you want to experience the true local party, this is the place. It is definitely not your casual club and you can expect to see a lot of bohemian and artsy things during your visit, but one thing is for sure – Genialistide Klubi always pulls off the most legendary parties and events. Make sure to check out what they have planned for the day of your visit because the range of events is wide, starting with electronic music and finishing with underground cinema!

Magasini 5, Tartu, Estonia +372 5667 3743

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Maasikas is the best nightclub in Tartu for older people who enjoy retro music, professional bartenders, and tasty cocktails. It is pretty much your typical nightclub with a lot of lights, loud music, and wild dancefloor so if you go to Maasikas, don’t expect to leave before the morning comes!

Küüni 7, Tartu, Estonia +372 736 6273


If you want to listen to good live music and maybe even dance a little but don’t feel like going to a casual nightclub, Püssirohukelder is the place to be! Being able to hold up to 300 people at the same time, Püssirohukelder is without a doubt one of the most popular nightlife venues in Tartu. There is something going on every night from live music events to karaoke nights.

Lossi 28, Tartu, Estonia +372 730 3555


Trepp is known in Tartu as the best place to drink an awful lot of shots and have a good party! You can choose from hundreds of different shots, so there is no chance of not finding something you like. Also, you can play a crazy drinking game and order random shots, including ‘Liquid Marijuana’ or ‘Cherry Kiss.’

Rüütli 16, Tartu, Estonia +372 552 8710

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It is easy to tell that Underground is the place where people who enjoy alternative and underground culture gather. If you like to drink a lot of beer and dance to hard rock and metal, Underground is the best place to be in Tartu. The locals are extremely friendly and love to make new friends, who share a similar taste in music!

Küütri 7, Tartu, Estonia +372 742 2098

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Even though Krooks is officially a pub, it is still one of the best places in Tartu if you enjoy big crowds and dancing. This place turns into a huge party scene during the nights, where old friends meet and new couples are born! Being one of the oldest venues in Tartu, Krooks has its unique style, which consists of cheap beer, amazing staff, and wonderful events!

Jakobi 34, Tartu, Estonia +372 744 1506


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