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Courtesy of Padise Manor
Courtesy of Padise Manor

The Most Stunning Manor Hotels in Estonia

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Updated: 7 December 2017

Estonia is a country with old traditions and a rich history, especially when it comes to manor houses and architecture. Many of the old manor houses have been renovated into hotels and spas, so if you want to experience the Estonian countryside but enjoy luxury at the same time, make sure to book your room at one of these manor hotels right now.

Pädaste Manor

Pädaste Manor is the only five-star hotel outside Tallinn and a wonderful place to relax and dream, while also providing inspiration to exercise and explore. Located on Muhu Island, Pädaste Manor was renovated into a wonderful boutique hotel with a world-class spa, offering everything from romantic hideaways to innovative Nordic Island cuisine to relaxing spa treatments. Pädaste is known for being a perfect place to unwind and enjoy unspoiled nature.

Mäetaguse Manor Hotel & Spa

Mäetaguse Manor was a stable and coach house in the 18th century. Today, it has been restored into a wonderful three-star hotel and spa with Scandinavian-style interiors. Visitors can relax in a pool house with many saunas and spa treatments, try their skills at the shooting range, or visit one of the beautiful national parks that are very close to Mäetaguse Manor.

Padise Manor

Located only 50 kilometers from Tallinn, in the beautiful Estonian countryside, Padise Manor is a perfect location for couples who want to have some romantic time and treat themselves. Today, there are 15 private rooms at Padise Manor. The manor is also popular because of its wonderful à la carte restaurant and celebrated chamber concerts, which show the best of Estonian culture to all its guests.

Kau Manor

Kau Manor is one of the oldest manor houses in Estonia, built in 1241, so if you want to experience Estonian culture and learn about the country’s history while enjoying luxurious interiors, the famous Kaheksa Jalga restaurant, wine cellar, indoor pool, and private sauna, Kau Hotel is the perfect choice for you! It only takes half an hour to reach Kau Manor from Tallinn, so pack your bags and come to Kau Manor whenever you get exhausted from the wonderful and lively Tallinn Old Town and want some privacy in the stunning countryside.

Vihterpalu Manor

Vihterpalu Manor is protected by the state as an architectural monument that dates back to the 1400s, so people who are interested in Estonian culture and history cannot miss an opportunity to visit this wonderful piece of art, which also happens to be a luxurious hotel with a sauna complex and wonderful restaurant. Vihterpalu Manor is also a great place to organize conferences, weddings, and big parties, as it offers everything from beautiful nature to fancy halls to world-class food.

Saka Cliff Manor & SPA Hotel

Saka Cliff Manor & SPA Hotel is a perfect place to escape everyday problems for a while and enjoy wonderful Estonian nature, close to the beach and surrounded by majestic woods. The manor complex offers everything from a spa complex and à la carte menu to romantic en-suites and tennis courts.

Sagadi Manor Hotel

Sagadi Manor Hotel is located in the wonderful Lahemaa National Park and dates back to the 16th century. Sagadi is one of the most popular tourist places these days, as it offers everything from Estonian nature to historic monuments. Guests at the Sagadi Manor Hotel can enjoy relaxing spas, a spacious hall with a fireplace, and comfortable rooms.