13 Great Reasons Why Tallinn is the Perfect Destination for Budget Travellers in 2018

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Updated: 27 October 2017
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Tallinn is a wonderful city in Estonia, yet undiscovered by many people across the world. That is why 2018 will be the best time to visit, while prices are not inflated by tourists and the biggest attractions are still easy to access and enjoy. Here are some more reasons to pay Tallinn a trip.

‘My Free Country’ exhibition

‘My Free Country’ is a huge exhibition which will be opened in the Estonian History Museum in February 2018. This exhibition will focus on Estonian history of the past 100 years, including lives of the most influential Estonian people. ‘My Free Country’ is your chance to learn more about Estonian culture within a short time and and if you have limited money!

Delicious Estonian food

There are plenty of traditional dishes you must try while traveling in Tallinn to taste Estonian cuisine and culture. The best part is that prices in local restaurants and cafes are cheap, so the only thing you need to worry about is surfeiting!

Christmas market

During Christmas, Tallinn’s Town Hall Square becomes a huge market, where you can buy lots of wonderful Christmas gifts and souvenirs, try seasonal Estonian drinks and foods, and meet local artisans. After all, having a festive spirit is the best way to overcome chilly winters in Estonia!

Tallinn Christmas market

The 100th birthday of Estonia

On February 24, 1918, Estonia became an independent democratic republic with its own government, proud traditions, and dignified citizens. Can you think of a better time to visit Estonia rather than 2018, the year when this small country is celebrating its 100th anniversary?

Tallinn Music Week

Tallinn Music Week is the biggest indoor festival in the Baltic States with a huge audience of at least 20,000 people yearly. Starting on April 4, Tallinn Music Week gathers more than 800 artists who represent a wide variety of genres from pop to electronic to metal music. People can also expect to see free surprise concerts in the most unexpected places in Tallinn during this week!

Tallinn Music Week

Stunning and cheap places to stay

You can find many cheap places to stay in Tallinn, be it hostels or stunning Airbnbs. Also, the locals are pretty friendly people so it is quite easy to find a bed to crash for a day or two via Couchsurfing, local friends or people you meet at the bars.

Large and elegant studio
Courtesy of Juha

Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town is one of the most beautiful Old Towns in Europe and the best place to learn more about Estonian rich history, unique architecture and culture. So just take your time to walk around the narrow streets and enjoy the beauty of the capital.

Tallinn Old Town

The nightlife

There are many unique bars and nightclubs in Tallinn, where you can try cheap Estonian beer, grab a snack and hit the dancefloor. Also, compared to the prices in the biggest Western Europe cities, you can get drunk basically for free!

Nights in Tallinn

The beach

Tallinn is a coastal city with a beautiful seashore. Of course, people don’t usually go swimming in the Baltic Sea during the winter when the weather is cold (there is a group of people called human-seals who swim in the sea all year long), but during the summer, the temperature in the Baltic Sea is perfect for a refreshing crashing of the waves!


Kunstimuuseum is the largest art museum in the Baltic States where you can see the masterpieces of the best Estonian artists throughout the centuries. Kunstimuuseum was named European museum of the year in 2008. Don’t miss a chance to visit this seven-story glass building and learn Estonian art for only eight euros or less.

Tallinn is not yet crowded

It might be a good idea to visit Tallinn before the rest of the world learns about this wonderful city. As for today, Tallinn is not yet crowded with tourists so you don’t need to spend hours in lines to buy tickets or pay extra money in fancy hotels just because everything else is booked. Also, you can freely walk the streets and take superb photos without any photobombing.

A street in Tallinn

The 300th anniversary of Kadriorg Park

Kadriorg Park is the biggest park in Tallinn, dating back to 1718. It will celebrate its 300th birthday on July 22, 2018, with many free events, live music concerts and park tours. Kadriorg Park is one of the prettiest parks in Europe so it would be a shame to miss its big day!

Kadriorg Park

Tallinn Medieval Days

Tallinn Medieval Days takes place every year in the first full week of July, from Thursday to Sunday. It is the best chance to take yourself back to the old times, 500 years ago, participate in archery tournaments, join a knighthood, and buy things from local artisans and craftsmen.


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