The Best Swimming Pools in Copenhagen

Swimming Pool | © David Lezcano / unsplash
Swimming Pool | © David Lezcano / unsplash
Photo of Aliki Seferou
17 February 2017

Copenhageners love training and when they get off their bikes, their favorite exercise is swimming. So, no wonder the city is full of pools. From 50m basins to hot tubs and slides, this list will help you discover the city’s best indoor and outdoor places for a dive. Whether you want to flush last night’s hangover out of your body or you’re just a swimming addict, you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste.

Hillerødgade Bad og Hal

Just five minutes from Nørrebro station, Hillerogade Bad og Hal opens its doors to swimmers every day from early morning until late in the afternoon. It features a 25m pool and a sauna room for those who want to relax after training. On the weekdays the entrance price is DKK20 (US$3) until 3pm, while on the weekends and in the evenings the price is DKK40 (US$6). Grab your goggles and enjoy some hours of relaxation away from the crowded touristy places.

Hillerødgade Bad og Hal, Sandbjerggade 35, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 8220 5140

Swimmer |© Artem Verbo / unsplash

Swimmer |© Artem Verbo / unsplash

Bellahøj Svømmehallen

Take the 5A or 350s bus from Nørrebro station and in just three stops you’ll see the colorful sign of Bellahøj Svømmehallen welcoming you. With a 50-meter pool, a dive pool and a shallow pool ideal for children, Bellahøj is an excellent choice for those who want to flush out last night’s alcohol. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, it is open until 8.30pm, while the other days its doors close at 3.30pm. The entrance price is DKK20 (US$3) in the morning and double price after 3pm. In the summertime, an outdoor pool with a water slide is situated on a specially designed area at the back side of the building.

Bellahøjvej 1, 2700 Bellahøj, Denmark +45 33 66 33 70

Swimmer | © David Mark / pixabay

Swimmer | © David Mark / Pixabay

Valby Vandkulturhus

Valby Vandkulturhus is a bit out of the city center but getting there isn’t difficult. Take the train (Line E or A) from Nørreport St and get off at Ny Ellebjerg station. In just 30 minutes you’ll be taking a dip in Valby’s swimming pool. If you’re not in the mood for hard training then Valby is the perfect place. Enjoy a “waterfall massage” or relax in the hot water pool. Keep in mind that the place gets very busy in the afternoons, so you may want to head in early.

Valby Vandkulturhus, Julius Andersens Vej 1A, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 82 20 57 45

Swimming pool |© Haley Phelps / unsplash

Swimming pool |© Haley Phelps / unsplash


Located in the center of Copenhagen, DGI-byen is the ideal place for a short escape from the city’s bustle. With a large elliptical-shaped pool, a diving pool with a climbing wall and a seesaw, this place is a treat for children. Adults won’t be get bored either. It has massage treatments and sauna facilities, meaning whoever enters this place won’t want to leave. Plus, it is just a four-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station, so you won’t have to detour too much from your sightseeing route.

DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 29 80 00


Located in one of the most classy areas in the city, Frederiksberg’s pool lives up to the area’s standard. Apart from a regular swimming pool it also has a waterslide, a small basin, and a hot tub. On the ground floor a luxury department with a steam room, sauna, and cold water basin is open all day, welcoming those who want to take a special treat. Soak in the hot jacuzzi or increase your vitamin D levels with the special heated lamps at the spa department. Prices are a bit higher than the other swimming pools around the city but don’t forget that you’re in Copenhagen’s most posh area.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal, Helgesvej 29, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 38 14 04 00

Havnebadet Islands Brygge

When the thermometer shows above 68 ºF (20°C ) — yes, it happens sometimes! — locals wear their favorite swimming suit and head straight for some dives at Islands Brygge canal. Islands Brygge Havnebadet is open from beginning of June to end of August and is the ideal place for people of every age. It offers five types of basins, two of which are for children. Exercise your swimming skills at the training pool or take a three-meter leap from the diving bath. Lifeguards supervise the place all day long, so you can loosen up. Last but not least, the entry is free.

Havnebadet Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 14, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 30 89 04 69

Islands Brygge waterfront |© Jacob Friis Saxberg / Wikimedia Commons

Islands Brygge waterfront |© Jacob Friis Saxberg / Wikimedia Commons

Havnebadet Fisketorvet

Close to Islands Brygge Havnebadet is another open-air pool. Divided into three different sized basins, Havnbadet Fisketorvet is for the whole family and attracts all kind of swimmers. There are clean water showers but if you want to change clothes you’ll have to improvise and build a hideout yourself or you can just head towards Fisketorvet shopping center, which is just around the corner.

Kalvebod Brygge 55, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 30 89 04 69

Harbour Bath Islands Brygge | © Mil Grammer / Flickr

Harbour Bath Islands Brygge | © Mil Grammer / WikiCommons

Havnebadet Sluseholmen

Havnebadet Sluseholmen, also known as Koralbadet, is divided by floating wooden pontoons creating four different spaces for swimming. There is a children’s pool (depth up to 0.3m), a youth pool with a depth of 1.1 meters and two pools for exercise. Located in Copenhagen’s south harbor, Sluseholmen hosts swimmers of all ages from the first day of June until the end of September. So, if you’re visiting Copenhagen in the summertime, check it out.

Havnebadet Sluseholmen, Ben Websters Vej 69, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 51 82 63 79

Water |© 彥熹 李 / unsplash

Water |© 彥熹 李 / unsplash

Badezone Halfdansgade

If you want to swim outdoors even during the winter — although, we don’t see a reason you’d like to do that — then Badezone Halfdansgade is your only option. The open-air bathing zone is located close to Islands Brygge metro station and is open throughout the whole year from morning ’til night.

Halfdansgade , Copenhagen , Denmark

Swimming |© Pompi / pixabay

Swimming |© Pompi / Pixabay

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