The Top Paleo & Raw Restaurants In Copenhagen

Vegetarian beetroot burgers with arugula and avocado | © /Shutterstock
Vegetarian beetroot burgers with arugula and avocado | © /Shutterstock
Photo of A. J. Samuels
9 February 2017

Eating healthy has become less of a fad and more of a way of life for many around the world. Copenhagen is one of the cities leading the charge, with a plethora of health conscious life-style choices. We have curated a list to help conscientious diners sift through the multitude of options, bringing you a cheat sheet for the best paleo, raw, organic and vegan restaurants in Copenhagen.


Situated in the very modern Torvehallerne marketplace next to the Nørreport train station, Palaeo is the first restaurant in Denmark to offer a completely Paleo-diet-based menu. Everything on the menu conforms to the Stone Age diet, therefore there is minimal use of grain-based products in the dishes. For example the paleo hot dogs come in an egg bun that resembles a tasty wrap or an omelette. An all-natural selection of smoothies and fresh fruit-based drinks are on offer as well as a variety of cakes and sweets, such as their signature coconut muffin. The place itself is more akin to a food stall, with fast service and take away box packaging. However seating is provided at the bar if patrons wish to enjoy the meal on the premises. If you’re looking for more lengthy dining experience, Palaeo has also opened a restaurant-style venue right at the center of the city which serves a similar selection of their signature menu.

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BioMio | © Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

Being fastidious about what foods to eat does not necessarily mean being vegan or vegetarian. Wholesome, organically sourced and well-rounded food is arguably just as good for the human body as more specific or restrictive diets. For those healthy foodies who are not fully converted to strict diets or simply like to keep their options open, there can be no better place to eat in Copenhagen than BioMio. Well-priced and with good portion sizes, the restaurant offers entirely organic food, free of preservatives and additives. The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and lovely, offering plenty of options on the menu for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters. BioMio is hard to miss when walking around Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, as you will undoubtedly notice the restaurant’s large American-diner styled neon signs that are surprisingly comforting and inviting after dark. If you are looking for a good all-round dining experience in Copenhagen, you can’t go wrong with giving BioMio a try.


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42Raw is all about raw food, which means that they only use plant-based ingredients and do not heat the food above 42C. The idea behind this cuisine is to protect the natural enzymes present in the food before it is exposed to heat. Raw food advocates believe that these enzymes aid the body in retaining healthy functioning. The restaurant uses vacuum dehydrators to cook the completely vegan dishes, and the menu is mainly focused on a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and more substantial dishes such as vacuum cooked noodles and lasagna. 42Raw is an excellent place to fill up if you are wanting to try raw food or already following a vegan/vegetarian diet. The café can get busy at times so be sure to arrive early if you want to grab some lunch.


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simpleRAW Copenhagen, Denmark
simpleRAW Copenhagen, Denmark | © Tony Webster/Flickr
Tucked away on a small side street within the city center district of Vesterbro sits a true gem of Copenhagen’s raw food scene. simpleRAWis, as the name suggests, an approachable raw food restaurant offering a changing selection of daily dishes for the discerning vegetarian palette. With a cozy interior design and small tables, the restaurant has a great welcoming feel and a convivial energy that facilitates opportunities to make small talk with other restaurant patrons. For their dishes, simpleRAW uses seasonal and organic produce. Therefore popular dishes such as the pumpkin curry pasta or vegan tapas are truly fresh and vibrant. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of desserts such as cakes and excellent sweet tapas. Additionally, meals can be savored with an ample selection of organic wine and beer.

Raw Sum

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Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen
Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen | © Mstyslav Chernov/WikimediaCommons
Situated in trendy Østerbro, Raw Sum brings an energetic approach to raw food dining. Although it appears to be a tiny café, the establishment packs an extensive menu to cater for anybody who is interested in raw food. Raw Sum’s idea is to use ingredients that have been grown locally in Denmark, leaving the lowest carbon footprint. The restaurant even uses cutlery and packaging made out of recycled materials. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very friendly and guests are sure to find something amongst the wide selection of dishes that will suit their tastes. Even the presentation of the food is held at a high standard, which makes it clear that the owner has a real passion for raw cuisine, and the skills to match. Moreover, Raw Sum is one of the more budget-friendly raw food food places in Copenhagen, which is always welcome in a city known for its expensive restaurants.

Ambrosias Have

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gluten free vegan sandwiches with beet hummus, raw vegetables and sprouts
gluten free vegan sandwiches with beet hummus, raw vegetables and sprouts | ©sarsmis/Shutterstock
Located a short walk from the Nørrebro metro station, Ambrosias Have is conveniently located and offers Copenhagen’s most spiritually balanced vegetarian dining experience, both visually and gastronomically. Entering the premises feels like stepping over the threshold of a food temple, beginning with an invitation for guests to remove their shoes, followed by guidance into the dining area which showcases the all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet. The restaurant provides a truly intimate experience not to be confused with busy buffet style restaurants found in most cities. Changing their buffet menu every week, Ambrosias Have also offers a completely vegan buffet twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. However, it must be noted that Ambrosias Have does not serve alcoholic drinks nor coffee, although they do offer a very good selection of non-alcoholic beers and wines. Overall, Ambrosias Have is a very unique vegetarian dining experience in Copenhagen.

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