The Top Street Markets in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark | ©2benny/Flickr
Copenhagen, Denmark | ©2benny/Flickr
Photo of A. J. Samuels
19 April 2017

Copenhagen hosts some of the best street markets in Scandinavia. No matter if one is after good food, antiques, designer items or looking to do a bit of up-cycling, Copenhagen has a market just for that. Some of the more specialized markets operate only on certain dates, which makes picking the right one to visit even more important. Enjoy our guide to the best street markets in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Street Food

Head across the harbor channel to Amager and enjoy some of the world’s finest street food on Copenhagen’s Paper Island. The name of the island refers to the old cellulose processing plant where the food market is situated. This indoor area of the plant is huge and houses a multitude of different food trucks and food stalls. There is also a significant selection of bars and if the weather is nice one can sit back on the adjoining pier and gaze over the harbor at the city. The location of the market, although somewhat out of the way of the center, is nevertheless impressive and if you ever tire of listening to the live music acts or their great food, you can always head over to the neighboring Experimentarium science museum.

Copenhagen Food Markets, 14 Trangravsvej, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Street Food | © Roman Boed/Flickr

Copenhagen Street Food | © Roman Boed/Flickr


Held at Tap 1 in the Carlsberg brewery district, Loppemarkedet is an awe-inspiringly huge indoor market. The event is one of the newest additions to the Copenhagen fleamarket scene and thus has a certain energetic vibe that separates it from the crowd. With more than 400 stalls and separate areas for clothes and furniture, this is one market that bargain hunters would be silly to miss. Being such a big event, the markets are held throughout the year, about two or three months apart. Those interested can find the dates for the upcoming second-hand extravaganza on the Facebook page. Be prepared to pay an entrance fee.

Loppemarkedet, TAP1, 91 Ny Carlsberg Vej, Copenhagen, Denmark

Stones at Loppemarkedet | ©charlotteshj/Flickr

Stones at Loppemarkedet | ©charlotteshj/Flickr

Nørrebrogade Fleamarket

A little further into Norrebro, one will find the hidden Nørrebrogade flea market. Organized every Saturday from March to October, this market is set up along the long outside wall of Assistens Kierkegaard, Nørrebro’s spectacular cemetery park. Although narrow,allowing for only one long line of stalls, the market offers exceptional finds for those willing to put effort into searching for that perfect deal in terms of furniture, art, antiques and pretty much anything else. The backdrop of the yellow cemetery walls gives the market a unique feel.

Nørrebrogade Fleamarket, 90 Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ravnsborggade Market

Ravnsborggade Market
Ravnsborggade Market | ©Comrade King/Flickr
If the regular markets don’t sound exciting enough for you, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the Ravnsborggade market in Norrebro. Although it’s not held as frequently as many of its counterparts, the market does offer spectacular finds for those ready to put effort into their searching. More importantly, however, the open air market, located on the streets of Ravnsborggade and Sankt Hans Gade, is much more than a simple flea market. Both streets host an exciting variety of antique shops, designer boutiques and galleries. With the trading in full swing, all these venues bring their business to the streets and transform the market into a real community event. The atmosphere at Ravnsborggade markets is unique, well worthy of being high on your list of Copenhagen markets to visit.

Remisen Market

Bazaar, Building, Market, Sports Center
Flea Market
Flea Market | © Aliki Seferou
Many of Copenhagen’s markets are held outdoors, which is unfortunate when one is forced to count on the weather. When the weather is not on your side, there’s also a regular flea market over at Østerbro neighbourhood in Copenhagen. Situated in Remisen, the Østerbro market is held on most weekends and the entrance fee is cheap. The Remisen market is regularly organized by different people, which often leads to a very varied selection of stalls or themes. For example, at times the market might be devoted entirely to clothes and accessories and on other days to electronics and spare parts.


For all the good food devotees, there is a market in Copenhagen that should not be missed under any circumstances. Torvehallerne is a new take on the old marketplace concept. Situated in the city center next to the Nørreport train station, the market is enclosed in a two-part glass and steel structure which allows natural light to flood the indoor space. The high ceilings give way for the individual stalls, keeping in mind the history surrounding the produce they sell. Here one can find cuisines from around the world. Tea vendors, paleo take-aways, quality cafés, fishmongers and butchers, no matter what the fare, all the businesses operating from Torvehallerne are of the very highest quality. One might argue that the market is on the expensive side, but for the quality of food produce on offer, the prices are only fair.

Torvehallerne, Copenhagen | ©Heather Sperling/Flickr

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