A Millennial's Guide to the Meatpacking District, Copenhagen

Bollyfood | © Maria Eklind / Flickr
Bollyfood | © Maria Eklind / Flickr
Photo of Aliki Seferou
10 April 2017

The Meatpacking District (Kødbyen) is one of the Copenhagen’s hot spots and there you’ll find the city’s coolest crowd. Apart from the chic restaurants, takeaways and classy and underground bars, special events take place all year round, adding an exciting note to the already vivid atmosphere.

Kødbyens Mad og Marked

Every weekend from April to October, Kødbyens Food and Market takes place in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District. More than 40 stalls serve dishes with recipes from all over the world, attracting a mixed crowd of Copenhageners and tourists. Especially on hot, sunny days, the place is packed with people relaxing, tasting the various delicacies and refreshing drinks while chatting with each other. It’s a great place to mingle with locals, while enjoying international specialties or the typical Danish smørrebrød.

Kødbyens mad og marked, Saxogade 94, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kødbyen Mad og Marked | © Aliki Seferou

Kødbyen Mad og Marked | © Aliki Seferou

Flea Market

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Flea Market | © Aliki Seferou
The oldest flea market in Denmark takes place at Halmtorvet Square, right next to the Meatpacking District, every Saturday from April to October. A great number of stalls sell a wide range of vintage and second-hand objects, from antiques and furniture to vinyls and knick-knacks. Canteens serve juicy pølser (sausages) in crispy hot-dog buns and other typical Danish meals, while the air of the picturesque neighborhood is filled with tunes.


V1 Gallery

Over the past 15 years, V1 Gallery has hosted several exhibitions featuring emerging and established artists not only from Denmark but all over the world. The vision behind V1 is to be a platform where art is accessible to a wide audience and through paintings social and political issues are addressed. It’s located in the industrialized Meatpacking District.

V1 Gallery, Flæsketorvet 69, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 31 03 21

Gallery Poulsen

With eight to 10 exhibitions a year, Gallery Poulsen has already displayed numerous paintings from emerging and established contemporary artists. The gallery houses a group of artists — most of them Americans — whose artworks are characterized by satirical, clean and reflective elements. The gallery opened in 2003 and today has a strong presence in the national and international art scene.

Gallery Poulsen, Staldgade 32, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 40 15 55 88

Barnaby Whitfield at Gallery Poulsen | © Martin von Haller Groenbaek / Flickr

Barnaby Whitfield at Gallery Poulsen | © Martin von Haller Groenbaek / Flickr

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard is divided into two spaces and both of them consist of two or three rooms, so usually two different exhibitions are displayed at the same time. From painting and sculptures to photography and video installations, the gallery covers a wide range of art genres. A great number of contemporary artists from Europe and America have already exhibited their artworks in the famous gallery that opened its doors for the first time in 1999.

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Flæsketorvet 85, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 93 42 21

Fotografisk Center

Photography enthusiasts should definitely stop by the photography center. Every year, the art gallery hosts approximately five photography exhibitions of internationally renowned photographers as well as various visual art installations. Focusing on various genres, such as documentary, portrait and art photography, Fotografisk Center displays both solo presentations and thematic group exhibitions. In the 500-square-meter space you’ll also find a bookstore with a great selection of material related to photography.

Fotografisk Center, Staldgade 16, Copenhagen, Denmark, + 45 33 93 09 96


Khora brought virtual reality to Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District. It is the world’s first virtual reality store and its vision is to bring this new form of communication to a wide audience and encourage people to use their imagination and discover the boundaries between the real and the virtual world. Drop by and for 30 minutes, you’ll travel to another dimension.

Khora Virtual Reality, Høkerboderne 8, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 31 16 91 81

Khora | © Aliki Seferou

Khora | © Aliki Seferou



BOB is located just across from the Halmtorvet Square and its wide glass façade offers a great view of the scenic neighborhood. The restaurant’s philosophy is to combine social responsibility and sustainability with taste and quality. The bistro’s experienced chefs use only organic ingredients in the food and cocktail recipes, creating super tasty and healthy meals. For locals who want to start their night out with a good dinner, BOB is among the top options and therefore on the weekends is usually packed.

BOB Bistro, Halmtorvet 19, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 31 20 00


Bollyfood restaurant brings traditional Indian meals and drinks to the Meatpacking District. The delicious recipes are served in decorative bowls, while colorful cushions and pictures of India hung on the walls add an exotic element to the décor. Experienced bartenders mix fresh ingredients and create delicious frozen cocktails served in a decorated glass. Happy hour starts at 5pm so make sure to be there.

Bollyfood, Slagterboderne 10, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 40 30 83 63

Bollyfood | © Aliki Seferou

Bollyfood | © Aliki Seferou


Even if you’re not in the mood for a salad, one look at WEDOFOOD menu will change your mind. Spinach, avocado, chili, peanuts, whole-wheat croutons — whatever your heart desires are offered at low prices in the city’s best takeaway restaurant. Choose your favorite ones, order a homemade juice and find a sunny place to sit and enjoy a delicious meal. Most of the people working around the neighborhood choose WEDOFOOD for their lunch break, so be prepared for a long queue.

WEDOFOOD, Halmtorvet 21, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 35 36 93 36

WEDOFOOD | © Aliki Seferou

WEDOFOOD | © Aliki Seferou


With an experienced American chef in the kitchen and its own brewery, Warpigs brewpub can be described in one phrase: authentic Texan-style barbecue and strong beer. Homemade sauces, smoked meat and 20 different tap beers create a unique combination that no one can resist. We mean it. Warpigs sell out most nights, so if you want to taste the bourbon pecan pie or a Texas smørrebrød, make sure to stop by early.

Warpigs, Flæsketorvet 25, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 43 48 48 48

Warpigs | © Aliki Seferou

Warpigs | © Aliki Seferou


In Fleisch, everything has to do with high-quality meals having meat as their main ingredient. Experienced butchers prepare the organic meat that arrives from Danish farms, then pass it on to skilled chefs who work their magic and finally a gourmet dish ends up in your table. The mixologists behind the bar blend fresh ingredients, making old and new cocktail recipes and meat is also sometimes included. Would you order a rye whiskey infused with duck fat or a glass of bacon-bourbon?

Fleisch, Slagterboderne 7, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 61 68 14 19

Courtesy of Fleisch

Courtesy of Fleisch

Tommi’s Burger Joint

A burger restaurant couldn’t be missing from Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District because what’s better than a juicy burger accompanied with fries and a cold milkshake? Tommi’s Burger Joint started in Reykjavik, Iceland but it became famous instantly and now has restaurants in eight cities all over Europe. It’s easy to spot the cozy restaurant in the Meatpacking District, as its wooden tables are always filled with Copenhageners dipping their fries in ketchup bowls. Tommi’s Burger Joint holds a special place in locals’ heart due to its great quality and cheap prices.

Tommi’s Burger Joint, Høkerboderne 21-23, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 31 34 34

Tommi's burger joint | © Aliki Seferou

Tommi’s burger joint | © Aliki Seferou


For those who appreciate a tasty slice of pizza, mother is the place to head to. Italian recipes made with ingredients coming directly from Italy and baked in a wood fire is the combination that creates the authentic taste at mother. Sourdough pizzas, carbonara and porchetta are only some of the dishes you’ll find there. A great variety of wines couldn’t be missing from mother’s menu, since a proper Italian dinner is always accompanied by a bottle of good red wine.

mother, Høkerboderne 9, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 22 27 58 98

mother | © Aliki Seferou

mother | © Aliki Seferou



Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, European, $$$
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noho-bar-meatpacking district-copenhagen
NOHO is one of the coolest cocktail bars in Copenhagen | Courtesy of NOHO
NOHO is both a classy café serving delicious breakfast fresh juices from morning until evening and a bar with a lively atmosphere serving a great variety of wines and cocktails. It’s not without reason that it’s among locals’ choices for an early drink. On Fridays and Saturdays DJs get the crowd hyped with their uplifting tunes and the chic-industrial bar gets full of people until 3 am.


Bar, Nightclub, Danish, European, 0
KB18 | © Aliki Seferou
KB18 is a cozy gig venue where concerts take place all year round. On the weekends the space is filled with the sound of electronic music and the more dedicated fans keep dancing to the music’s rhythm until 6 in the morning. There you’ll meet a mixed crowd of music-lovers, night owls and those who just want to have a last drink before heading back home. However, all of them leave the place with a smile on their face.


Bar, Nightclub, American, Danish, $$$
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Bakken is a bar, pop-up restaurant and music venue | © Aliki Seferou
When Bakken’s kitchen closes at 10pm, the place becomes an underground bar with live concerts and DJ sets. Bakken’s Brandy Thursdays is one of the most popular events in Copenhagen’s nightlife; famous DJs step into the place and keep the crowd dancing until the early morning hours. As well as Thursdays, Meatpacking’s coolest bar/restaurant/gallery is also open on Fridays and Saturdays and is always packed with people. If you want to meet the coolest Copenhageners keep an eye out on Bakken’s Facebook page for upcoming events.

Jolene Bar

Bar, Danish, European, Beer, $$$
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Jolene | © Jacob Bøtter / Flickr
In just a one-minute walk from Bakken stands another cool club that opens its doors to an enthusiastic crowd for an all-night party. As Thursday is the new Saturday for Copenhageners, Jolene recently launched Manna Live, a Thursday event with live concerts and DJ sets. Jolene is not the place for a relaxed drink where you can chit chat with your friend. It is the place for a loud night out with lots of beer and high decibels.

Mesteren & Lærlingen

Bar, Bodega, Danish, European, Pub Grub, $$$
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Mesteren & Lærlingen, Flæsketorvet
Mesteren & Lærlingen, Flæsketorvet | Courtesy of Mesteren & Lærlingen
The spot where Mesteren & Lærlingen is located today was once where one of the oldest slaughterhouse bodegas stood. Nowadays, it is a cute smoky bar serving cheap beers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. For those who want to listen to some good music while enjoying a cold drink, Mesteren & Lærlingen is definitely a place to check out. Music ranges from country and hip hop to jazz and soul.

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