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Denmark | © softcodex / Pixabay
Denmark | © softcodex / Pixabay
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Where to Go in Denmark Based on Your Personality

Picture of Aliki Seferou
Updated: 4 January 2018
If you’re planning a trip to Denmark but can’t decide which town fits your personality and travel needs best, we’re here to help. Read on to discover the best Danish cities and islands to visit based on your travel personality.

For fashionistas: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that fits many different types of traveller. Culture lovers will find a great number of museums and monuments, night owls will be impressed with the town’s nightlife and foodies will be thrilled with the numerous choices they have in the Danish capital. But the one specific type of traveller that should definitely put Copenhagen at the top of the bucket list is the fashionista. Copenhagen’s fashion scene has become internationally known over the past few years, and upcoming Danish designers have gained a strong reputation in the fashion world with their impressive garments and designs. The city brims with elegant boutiques and vintage shops to suit every taste, while the locals’ style will be sure to inspire any fashion aficionado.

For culture enthusiasts: Aarhus

Selected as the Capital of Culture for 2017, Aarhus is unquestionably the ideal destination for art and culture buffs. Art galleries, the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and a wealth of monuments and museums presenting the legacy of the Vikings all make Denmark’s second-largest city a must-visit for those who would like to explore Scandinavia’s culture and history during their trip.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum