Where to Go in Denmark Based on Your Personality

Denmark | © softcodex / Pixabay
Denmark | © softcodex / Pixabay
Photo of Aliki Seferou
4 January 2018

If you’re planning a trip to Denmark but can’t decide which town fits your personality and travel needs best, we’re here to help. Read on to discover the best Danish cities and islands to visit based on your travel personality.

For fashionistas: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that fits many different types of traveller. Culture lovers will find a great number of museums and monuments, night owls will be impressed with the town’s nightlife and foodies will be thrilled with the numerous choices they have in the Danish capital. But the one specific type of traveller that should definitely put Copenhagen at the top of the bucket list is the fashionista. Copenhagen’s fashion scene has become internationally known over the past few years, and upcoming Danish designers have gained a strong reputation in the fashion world with their impressive garments and designs. The city brims with elegant boutiques and vintage shops to suit every taste, while the locals’ style will be sure to inspire any fashion aficionado.

Shopping | © Clark Street Mercantile / Unsplash

For culture enthusiasts: Aarhus

Selected as the Capital of Culture for 2017, Aarhus is unquestionably the ideal destination for art and culture buffs. Art galleries, the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and a wealth of monuments and museums presenting the legacy of the Vikings all make Denmark’s second-largest city a must-visit for those who would like to explore Scandinavia’s culture and history during their trip.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum | © Cohen Van der Velde/Flickr

For nature lovers: Skagen

Nature lovers and thrill seekers should definitely make a trip to Skagen, Denmark’s northernmost city. Aside from its long sandy beaches and wild landscape, Skagen is a top destination due to a unique natural phenomenon that tourists can observe at Grenen, at the very top of the country. Grenen is the point where the Skagerrak and the Kattegat Sea meet, creating unique currents that have formed a long, curved sandbar. Moreover, many birdwatchers visit this remote place to see thousands of migratory birds passing by, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

Grenen the long sandbar at the top of Denmark | © EHRENBERG Kommunikation / Wikimedia Commons

For fun seekers: Billund

Billund is the city to visit if you would like to escape real life and spend a few days in an amusement park filled with millions of colourful Lego bricks. Legoland is a huge playground specially made for Lego fans, and with so many rides and activities on offer, no one can ever get bored here. Legoland’s hotel rooms are decorated with a fairy tale theme, so guests can continue living in a dream world even when playtime is over.

Legoland, Billund | © MPD01605 / Fliclr

For beach lovers: Bornholm

Bornholm is one of Denmark’s most beautiful islands, and is definitely one of Danes’ favourite destinations for summer holidays. Located in the Baltic Sea in the southern part of Denmark, Bornholm is known for its sandy beaches and sunny weather. Its diverse landscape, with vast forests, rugged cliffs and breathtaking rock formations at Hammeren, the island’s northernmost point, make Bornholm the ideal Danish town for both those who want to undertake some fitness activities during their holiday, and for those who just want to sunbathe and relax.

Bornholm | © stephen velasco

For those who enjoy short escapes: Odense

Due to its small size, Odense is the perfect Danish city for those who want to make a mini-trip and spend their days walking in narrow alleys, cuddling up in cozy cafés and enjoying outdoor picnics. On one of these cobblestoned streets stands the house that Hans Christian Andersen was born and raised in, which has now been transformed into a museum where the famous author’s personal effects and writings are displayed.

Odense, Denmark | © Nigel Swales / Flickr

For romantics: Ærøskøbing

The old town of Ærøskøbing on the Ærø island is a popular destination for couples due to its charming scenery, and many locals head there for a romantic weekend or even for their wedding ceremony. Colourful houses that date back to the 18th century, quiet little streets and long sandy beaches have given Ærøskøbing a reputation as a fairy tale town.

Ærø | © Green Mamba :)–< / Flickr

For history buffs: Ribe

Even though Denmark has plenty of museums that offer an insight into Danish history, visiting the oldest city in Scandinavia is a unique experience for those who want to retrace the Vikings’ steps and dive into the country’s culture. Ribe is a medieval city located close to the Wadden Sea, and it is said it was founded in the 8th century. Nowadays, the Ribe Viking Center exhibits artefacts and replicas that showcase the culture of the fearless warriors, while the Wadden Sea National Park, an UNESCO World’s Heritage Site, is less than an hour away.

Ribe | © Ingolll / Wikimedia Commons

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