Top Art Galleries in Aalborg

Mette Juul, Kunsthal NORD | © Niels Fabæk | Courtesy of Kunsthal NORD
Mette Juul, Kunsthal NORD | © Niels Fabæk | Courtesy of Kunsthal NORD
Photo of Aliki Seferou
26 January 2018

Aalborg has a strong contemporary art scene, and many of the city’s galleries are among the most famous in Denmark. Modern art lovers should stop by these six top galleries in Aalborg to take a break from sightseeing and discover up-and-coming artists while getting lost in quirky installations and abstract artworks.

Kunsthal NORD

Kunsthal NORD is a contemporary art centre that has hosted a great number of exhibitions from established and emerging artists in the national and international art scene. Their vision is to present contemporary and experimental art to a wide audience while also hosting performances, debates, masterclasses and talks that allow audiences and artists to share their ideas and explore art’s different forms.

Kunsthal NORD, Kjellerups Torv 5, Aalborg, Denmark, +44 99 82 41 25


Mette Juul, Kunsthal NORD | © Niels Fabæk/Courtesy of Kunsthal NORD

Galerie Wolfsen

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Vernissage of MALMÖ ART MUSEUM@MALMÖ KONSTHALL | © Sigfrid Lundberg/Flickr
As part of Aalborg’s cultural scene for more than 30 years, Galerie Wolfsen has spotlighted many national and international artists and now strives to give prominence to new talent. The gallery is filled with works spanning from classic to modern and including painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic arts.

Contemporary Art Gallery VÆG

Art Gallery
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VÆG | Courtesy of VÆG
VÆG opened its doors for the first time in 2012 and has since exhibited many works of art from up-and-coming artists. From photography and painting to sculpture and ceramics, VÆG features all types of contemporary art and showcases the work of many talented artists.

Husets Gallery

Huset is a cultural space where different activities and cultural events take place throughout the year. Husets Gallery is an exhibition space where emerging Danish and international artists have the opportunity to present their work to the public. The gallery has free admission and is open every weekday.

Huset Gallery, Hasserisgade 10, Aalborg, Denmark, +45 46 56 60 68

Jarsbo Contemporary Art

With nine rooms displaying various exhibitions all year, Jarsbo Contemporary Art is one of the top galleries in Aalborg and is worth a visit. With a focus on abstract, naturalistic and surreal pieces, the renowned gallery strives to bring the best of modern art to the city’s culture buffs.

Jarsbo Contemporary Art, Adelgade 2, Aalborg, Denmark, +45 60 19 12 86


Jarsbo Contemporary Art | Courtesy of Jarsbo Contemporary Art

Lange Kunsthåndværk

Back in 1968, Benny and Ester Lange founded a ceramics shop in an 18th-century farm close to Aalborg’s city centre. Today, Lange Kunsthåndværk offers a glass workshop, a sculpture garden and a gallery in addition to the ceramics shop. Colourful potteries, glass handicrafts and sculptures are displayed in the exhibition room and decorate the garden.

Lange Kunsthåndværk, Hjelmerstald 15, Aalborg, Denmark, +45 98 13 82 68