The Top 10 Restaurants In Aalborg, Denmark

The Top 10 Restaurants In Aalborg, Denmark
Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark, with a long history dating back to the middle ages. The beautiful fjord along which the city is situated is a historically important trading route contributing to Aalborg’s prosperity. According to EU statistics, Citizens of Aalborg are some of the happiest people on the continent, which is no surprise given the city’s beautiful architecture, plentiful cultural venues and excellent culinary establishments. We check out the best dining establishments in the city.

Duus Vinkælder

Anyone after a traditional Danish meal can head to Duus wine cellar, as this fine looking restaurant offers a very warm and authentic setting for dining and enjoying regional cuisine. The restaurant is set in a beautiful cellar with vaulted ceilings under a well preserved renaissance building dating back to 1624. The food served is true to Danish traditions which emphasizes seafood, pork and above all, huge servings. Traditional dinner and lunch buffets are also available. Considering that restaurants focusing solely on Danish food are sometimes hard to find in Denmark, Duus Vinkælder should definitely be on your must-try list.

Isbryderen Elbjorn

Restaurant, Danish
The Elbjorn is a boat restaurant – or rather a ship restaurant -offering an unique experience with really good food. The venue is a retired icebreaker ship that has been refurbished to serve as a quirky and fascinating restaurant. The floors are slightly tilted adding to the maritime ambiance and you can also book the engine room for dining with a larger party. On board, the Elbjorn guests can enjoy a great view of the Limfjord – the Danish little brother of the great Norwegian Fjords. Elbjorn serves both seafood and meat dishes buts it is recommended that patrons try the mussels, which are the regions’ specialty and very freshly prepared.
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Restaurant Fusion

Restaurant, Seafood, European, Japanese, Sushi, $$$
Restaurant Fusion A/S
Restaurant Fusion A/S | Courtesy of La Cantina SanGiovanni
Fusion is a Japanese and French fusion restaurant offering very interesting dishes in a sleek and modern setting. The sushi here is probably the best in Aalborg and the staff are highly knowledgeable about the exotic dishes on offer. The waiters are always ready to explain in detail some of the more unusual food combinations of their skillful chefs. Fusion also has an exceptionally good wine selection with wines from renowned regions around the globe. The wine experience is enhanced by the team of dedicated sommeliers. It is worth noting that the restaurant is also located on the shore of the Limfjord, so great views are included in the price.
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La Cantina San Giovanni

In short, this restaurant offers Italian dining simply at its best. It must be admitted however, that La Cantina does not impress until you have been greeted and led downstairs to the restaurant, as the outside is uninspiring. The dining area is set in a beautifully restored cellar with limestone alcoves and marble details, giving La Cantina a strong Roman visual aesthetic. The service is also highly professional, and the food famously good. Take your time and enjoy the wonderful dishes and fine wine pairings and the evening is sure to be one of your trip highlights.

Courtesy of La Cantina SanGiovanni

Mortens Kro

Restaurant, European, Danish, Gluten-free, $$$
Limfjord 3
Limfjord 3 | © Tabbo107/Flickr

If you are into gourmet food then Mortens Kro is the place to go in Aalborg. The waiting staff are dedicated and knowledgeable about the dishes and their popular seven course menu will surely impress even the most discerning foodies. If you are looking for something a little different, try the wine tasting menu for a wonderful foray into the world of excellent wine pairings. The design of the restaurant is very modern yet all the aspects come together perfectly. If you you feel like spending a little extra on high end dining in Aalborg, then be sure to visit Mortens Kro.

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Musikkens Spisehus

Restaurant, Danish, French, Contemporary
The Spisehus is a great modern restaurant situated in the Aalborg House of Music, overlooking the beautiful Limfjord. The quality of food is exceptional, with the restaurant offering a mix of French, Danish and international dishes. Being the same building as the House of Music, the overall architecture and the look of the restaurant is contemporary with large glass windows, metal structures and an emphasis on functionality. Most importantly, the food is meticulously prepared and served on eye-catching granite slabs. This often creates a feeling that when eating in the Spisehus, one is enjoying food sculptures and works of art. Despite the high-end details, the staff of the restaurant are down to earth and ready to accommodate any special requests or diets.
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Restaurant Sans

Serving food with ambition, restaurant Sans offers a French / Danish fusion kitchen for curious guests. The restaurant has a refreshingly different menu depending on if you visit them during lunch, brunch or dinner service. The quality of the food is high, the dishes are well-presented and are also surprisingly affordable compared to many other restaurants in Aalborg. Sans is a unique restaurant that offers near gourmet level food without overdoing it. Vegetarians are well catered for, as the restaurant even offers a specially designed menu of vegetable-based dishes. For dinner suggestions, the chef’s three course wine menu is highly recommended.

Søgaards Bryghus

Brasserie, Restaurant, Danish
Confiteret kyllingelår fra Hopballe Mølle
Confiteret kyllingelår fra Hopballe Mølle | © Courtesy of Susanne Kaer and Tabu Restaurant
A lovely micro brewery in downtown Aalborg, the brasserie ambiance here makes for not only a casual dining restaurant but also a great, relaxed spot. The food here has a rustic feel, with mostly meat dishes and skinned potato chips. Naturally, they also have a wonderful selection of beers and you get a chance to try many different brews all served in neat 200 ml glasses. Although not cheap, the Bryghus is definitely a good-value establishment and the mix between a microbrewery and a restaurant is an resounding success.
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Restaurant Tabu

Restaurant, Danish, Contemporary, $$$
Tabu offers contemporary Danish dining the way it is meant to be enjoyed. The restaurant invites you to savor innovative spins on traditional ingredients from typical Danish cuisine. Tastes are novel, memorable and positively surprising. The food is accompanied by a well-designed wine menu from which the knowledgeable staff can help you pick just the right accompaniment for your meal. The restaurant itself is wonderful, as every detail of the interior is well thought out and planned. It seems, at times, that every piece of tableware or furniture is a renowned item of Danish design, which makes the whole atmosphere of the restaurant very pleasing to the eye.
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If you are hungry for some Smørrebrød or simply haven’t yet experienced the Danish art of open sandwiches, then Utzon should definitely be high on your to-do list. Describing itself as a modern smørrebrød restaurant, Utzon is situated right by Aalborg harbor in an architecturally fascinating building that offers some of the best views in the city. The building was one of the last projects designed by Jorn Utzon, the man behind the Sydney Opera house. The restaurant’s food consists mainly of different varieties of delicious open sandwiches with toppings as varied as lobster, stewed apples and blackcurrant-fried onion rings. No matter how you feel about Danish Smørrebrød, the dining experience at Utzon is also memorable thanks to the beautiful and innovative architecture of the late Jorn Utzon.
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