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Lidkoeb Cocktail Bar in Vesterbro | © Heather Cowper/Flickr
Lidkoeb Cocktail Bar in Vesterbro | © Heather Cowper/Flickr
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The Top 10 Bars In The Meatpacking District, Copenhagen

Picture of Shreyas Kulkarni
Updated: 9 February 2017
Copenhagen’s meatpacking district (or Kødbyen) has reinvented itself in recent years. Today its reputation is that of a vibrant cultural hub. Discover the 10 best bars in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district here.
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Some say Jolene is a hipster’s paradise. Its former neighbors were less charmed, and forced the bar to move to its current location after a series of noise complaints – all for the best, since it fits right in with the fresh excitement of the meatpacking district. This is one loud, proud establishment that does things its own way, and doesn’t care much about what people think. Jolene is that rare, perfect hybrid between bar and cafe, nightclub and chill-out zone. The venue therefore draws a diverse crowd, though most faces that pass through here are fairly friendly. This isalso where you’ll find the hottest, most impressive Danish artists. Careful what you order here though, as Jolene is opinionated and does not tolerate mixed drinks: they don’t have any on their menu, and very clearly explain that ‘This is not a f***ing cocktail bar’ on the wall behind the counter. Here they serve their beers bottled and their liquor straight or not at all. With its haphazard assortment of sofas and chairs, half-tiled surfaces, and antique candles lighting bright purple walls, Jolene is one standout setting.

Jolene, Flæsketorvet 81, København V, Denmark +45 35 85 69 60

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Mesteren & Lærlingen

Mesteren & Lærlingen was once a slaughterhouse bodega, but now stands remade as one of Copenhagen’s best watering holes. The tiled walls of this hot spot are often packed with every stripe of the city’s populace: you’ll find neighborhood butchers having a drink to relax after a hard day’s work, along with young students and locals hyped up for a long night out. Drinks and food are dirt cheap. This also happens to be one of the few remaining venues which permits smoking indoors – all factors which may contribute to the bar’s universal popularity. A rotation of four different DJs mix some great music throughout the week, making this bar a great stop at any time, day or night.

FMesteren & Lærlingen, læsketorvet 86, København, Denmark +45 32152483

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Beer geeks, Warpigs is the place for you. A beautiful brainchild of American brewery 3Floyds and Danish brewery Mikkeller, WarPigs was built by the two companies to give the people of Copenhagen a fantastic location for both top-quality craft beer and authentic Texas Barbecue. They have 20 beers on tap, six of which are house drafts, while others are created by world-class guest brewers from all over the planet. Try the Warpigs: Ghost Limbo or the Warpigs: House of Dongo, along with beef ribs and classic potato salad with their homemade Texas sauce (an amazing spicy barbecue sauce made with house lambic and cranberries). If beer’s not for you, Warpigs also serves two signature cocktails, an assortment of spirits, and a modest wine list to ensure that every customer drinks happy here.

Warpigs, 1711, Flæsketorvet 25, København V, Denmark +45 43 48 48 48

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Mikkeller Bar

This basement-level venue feels more like a coffee shop than a bar, but don’t be fooled: it’s actually an ideal cozy den for beer enthusiasts to indulge in fresh drafts straight from Mikkeller‘s own microbrewery. Like Warpigs, there are a full 20 beers on tap to choose from here, a mix of Mikkeller’s own and a range of world-class international brews. The bar also has a specialized bottle section for special occasions, and a wine list for those who are tapped out on beer. The bartenders are wonderful, taking their time with each customer to give the rundown of the beers, as well as offering recommendations and tastings to help you find your perfect draft. Personally, we’d suggest the Orange Coffee Porter, with its subtle, smooth coffee notes brightened by a clear hint of orange. For something a little stronger, go for Jackie O’s Naja Imperial stout, a nicely spiced powerhouse with notes of cinnamon and cardamom.

VIKTORIAGADE 8 B-C, København, Denmark +45 33 31 04 15

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Tucked behind a Føtex supermarket, Lidkoeb is a hidden gem set inside a listed and renovated building that dates back to the 18th century. The charming chesterfield furniture, glowing fireplace, and the long wooden bar create a warm, cozy atmosphere on the ground floor. The first floor, on the other hand, has a small bar and a private smoking balcony for a more romantic and intimate evening. Last but not least, the top floor combines the pub-like comforts of the ground floor with the intimacy of the first, resulting in a small room with a small, crackling fire to match, and a very big focus on whiskey appreciation. On each floor you’ll find intelligent twists on classic cocktails: one fine example is the ‘Rimfrost’, a refined combination of Bulleit Rye whisky infused with fresh dill, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Peychaud’s bitters and a refreshing dose of dry Laherte champagne. There’s also the ‘Østersø Cola’, a concoction of distinctly Nordic tastes combining Pimm`s No. 1, Ketel One Vodka, and that favorite Danish flavor, licorice, plus a spritz of lemon and a dash of peach. There’s also plenty of tasty snacks to pair with these fantastic drinks, like the roasted salted nuts, and pork cracklings served with blackberry dip.

Lidkoeb, Vesterbrogade 72B, København V, Denmark +45 3311 2010

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Nimb is a classic hotel bar located in the old ballroom at the plush 5-Star Nimb Hotel of Tivoli Gardens, well-known for its wide range of popular cocktails which rotate regularly. The ballroom’s exquisite decor makes this a tasteful setting for a business lunch or a romantic rendezvous, with its crystal chandeliers, solid pine floor, and cozy lounge furniture clustered around an open fireplace. To complete this scene of classic glamour, try the Nimb’s signature ‘Film Noir’ cocktail. It’s a luxurious mix of strong, rich coffee liqueur with cocoa beans, chili pepper, and vanilla. Pair the great drinks with a sampling from their impressive buffet spread, or try a glass of champagne alongside the chef’s refreshing preparation of oysters with shallots and vinaigrette. Nimb also hosts a monthly champagne night every month, which is well worth attending if you’re intrigued by their impressive champagne menu.

Nimb, Bernstorffsgade 5, København, Denmark +45 88 70 00 00

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Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover is the creation of Diageo Reserve World Class finalist Kasper Riewe Henriksen. Decked out in retro dark wood panelling, black leather sofas and vintage glassware, you’ll notice that this bar keeps things quiet, letting the relaxed environment, quality drinks and top-notch service speak for themselves. This approach has gotten plenty of people talking, too, and word of mouth has it that Duck and Cover is one of the best bars in Scandinavia. The cocktail list changes regularly. But, a couple delicious examples from past menus include the Artful Dodger, a rum-based martini-style cocktail of white rum, banana, and salted chocolate, and the Summer Garden, a refreshing blend of cucumber, Aperol, Cocchi, gin, rhubarb, lemon and ginger. There’s also a solid beer selection for those who like to keep things simple.

Duck and Cover, Dannebrogsgade 6, København, Denmark +45 28 12 42 90

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Noho leads an exciting double life: by day it’s a sweet, traditional cafe but at night it blossoms into a hip bar serving delicious beers and some of the best cocktails in the city. These cocktails are crafted by savvy bartenders who use only the finest ingredients available. This venue attracts a youthful crowd, but not just for a wild night of debauchery: millennial professionals are drawn to Noho as a chic co-working space, where all the most creative people from Copenhagen’s vibrant industries meet under one roof to network and collaborate. This creates an exciting energy buzzing with ideas and potential, so whether you’re here for work, pleasure or a mix of the two, your night at Noho is sure to leave you inspired.

Noho, Flæsketorvet 28, København V, Denmark +45 71 99 59 90

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Kennedy’s Irish Bar

Kennedy’s is a good old neighborhood bar where you can go for a crisp beer in a genuine Irish pub, with an unexpected but delicious Indian dinner menu. The different aspects of the venue are cut right down the middle, with a trendy dive bar on the right. On the left, there is a classic Indian restaurant with white tablecloths and perfectly set tables. Kennedy’s has one of the best beer selections in the city, with an especially great variety of IPAs, pale ales, and pilsners. The bartender is always friendly, quick, and knowledgeable, serving a varied crowd of hipsters, college students, and young professionals. Completing the pub atmosphere, there’s a pool table in the back and plenty of TVs to watch the game.

Gammel Kongevej 23, København V, Denmark +45 33 31 52 49

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Mc. Kluud

Mc. Kluud was originally named Mc. Cloud, after the American TV series where the police officer Sam McCloud solves crime in true Western style. Sadly it was changed to avoid their own brush with the law. Even so, it still feels like the exact kind of bar where McCloud would go to nurse a beer and brood over a case. It has grungy wooden booths, subdued lighting, classic rock on the old jukebox, and the scent of tobacco smoke hanging heavy in the air. The beer is cheap, the bartenders are friendly, and the atmosphere is cracking, so this bar is never lacking for customers. Grab a beer and unwind with some friends over a game of billiards in the back.

Mc. Kluud, Istedgade 126, København V, Denmark +45 33 31 63 83