The Other Denmark: Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer’s Photography

The Other Denmark: Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer’s Photography
Copenhagen is without a doubt one of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions. But as a photographer, the city has its limits, and soon you’ll find yourself out of options looking for something new, something that hasn’t been shot before.
Tea Pavilion – Valdemars Slot, Tåsinge, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer

As people tend to think only of Copenhagen, they forget the majestic scenes around the country. You can cross the whole of Denmark on bicycle on The Marguerite route. Or go to the tip of Denmark in Skagen where the two seas meet (Skagerrak and Kattegat), with a perpetual clashing of waves. You can also visit The Garden of Denmark on Sydfyn or have experience the windy trip to the west coast of Jylland.

Faaborg , Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer
Rubjerg Knude Fyr – Jylland, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer

My work is divided between two main areas in the country. Northern Jylland, an almighty landscapes with kilometers of history in every single place – from Nazi Germany’s Atlantic Wall laying on its long shore, to the Skagen Painters in Skagen. An important element in my work is the power of nature in these areas. The wind has created enormous sand dunes along the shore, showing its untamed force – Rubjerg Knude lighthouse is a clear example of this.

California Blue – Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer
Scandinavian Paradise – Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer

Løkken and Jammerbugt offer white sands and incredible cloud formations during the sunset. It’s an ideal zone to wait for the perfect shot at the magic hour. The place I call my personal favorite in Denmarkis The Scandinavian Paradise. Locals know this paradise by the name Råbjerg Mile, the largest moving dune in Northern Europe.

Before Dusk – Thurø, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer
Blue Storm – Thurø, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer
Pier Remains – Skårupøre, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer

My second main area of work is the Garden of Denmark, Sydfyn. An island located geographically in the Baltic Sea, it is full of little marinas and long piers that adorn its shores. In late August and early September, the island is home to some of the most incredible sunsets. Places like Thurø, Skårupøre, Tåsinge, Vejstrup and Holckenhavn Fjord in Nyborg are my playground – the shapes, colors, unique foliage and particular weather of the island create a beautiful dreamy atmosphere.

Holckenhavn Fjord, Nyborg, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer
Svendborg Havn Sunset – Svendborg, Denmark © Guiie Sandgaard Ferrer

Denmark is more than just Copenhagen and Tivoli. It has many other places to offer, whether you like city life or outdoor experiences… I prefer the latter.