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The 10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Copenhagen

The 10 Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Copenhagen

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Updated: 25 November 2016
Copenhagen is known for its great restaurant scene, and you can start early with breakfast or brunch. Explore different areas in the city and try Danishstyle breakfast, with rye bread, Danish cheese and salmon or shrimp, or a sticky pastry. We list the 10 best breakfast and brunch spots to try.
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Toldboden is located near the old Copenhagen Citadel, offering a stunning panorama view of the city and harbor. The brunch menu is changed monthly to offer the best seasonal dishes available. Enjoy delicious food, consisting of jams, homemade nutella, Danish cheese selections, yogurt with homemade granola, two types of homemade bread with butter, bacon and eggs, fried sausages, potatoes, salads, shrimps, smoked salmon and pork paté. To top it off, try hot waffles and brownies, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Toldboden, Nordre Toldbod 18 – 24, København, Denmark, +45 33 93 07 60



Located in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district, Kalaset is a retro café popular with locals. The warm and relaxed atmosphere of this vintage-style place, coupled with the floating rich scent of freshly-brewed coffee will draw you in from the street. Kalaset serves homemade and organic food, with a focus on vegetarian dishes. Stop by for one of their brunch menus, such as Tante Green, with scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables, falafel and small oven baked potatoes, or try a pancake with some homemade fruit juice.


Kalaset, Vendersgade 16, København, Denmark, +45 33 33 00 35



Værnedamsvej is known as food street in Copenhagen, a place where you can find grocers, bakeries and cafés such as the delightful Granola. Granola offers a big breakfast plate with eggs, ham, sausage, cheese, muesli, baked tomatoes, fruit and two kinds of bread, served with coffee or a juice of your choice. If you prefer something small, you can order separate dishes or Skyr, an Icelandic drained yoghurt with honey and granola.


Granola, Værnedamsvej 5, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 31 31 15 36



Pixie is a funky café located in the Østerbro district, offering a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The area is quiet and peaceful and you can sit outside while enjoying a delicious brunch. Try the dish simply named Brunch: scrambled eggs with bacon, tomato sauce, mushrooms and grilled sausage, serve with a fruit selection, yoghurt with muesli and vanilla syrup, smoked salmon with cucumber, zucchini and mint…and two types of bread, croissant and almond cake.


Cafe Pixie, Løgstørgade 2, København, Denmark, +45 39 30 03 05


Cafe Bang & Jensen

A former pharmacy turned-café, Bang & Jensen offers a relaxed, cozy and warm atmosphere, perfect to kick start your day. Between 8am and 10.30am you can create your own breakfast menu, by mixing dishes on the menu. Choose from soft or hard boiled eggs, sunny side up eggs, chocolate croissant and muesli, along with different breads, cheese, jam and drinks. Tea lovers shouldn’t miss out on the unexpectedly delicious green rhubarb tea.


Bang & Jensen, Istedgade 130, København, Denmark, +45 33 25 53 18


Café von Fressen

Café von Fressen is located in the hip Vesterbro district. Start your day with their delicious Berlinerbrunch, which you can order with meat or opt for a vegetarian or vegan version. The brunch includes scrambled eggs with bacon and a cottage cheese and thyme pancake. Alternatively, try the organic frankfurter, potato and radish salad or Greek yoghurt with honey, blueberries and granola and fruits. You can sit outside if the weather is nice.


Von Fressen, Vesterbrogade 124, København V, Denmark, +45 33 25 29 82


Bastionen + Løven Restaurant

Bastionen + Løven Restaurant is housed in a old mill, built in 1669, in Christianshavn. Enjoy the classy interior or relax in the courtyard to eat from a menu that includes traditional Danish specialities, served with a modern twist. The brunch buffet includes croissants, pancakes, yoghurt with mueslis, fruit selection, salads, smoked salmon with ricotta cheese, omelette with bacon, grilled sausages, ham and cheese selection and different breads. Tea and coffee are included in the brunch buffet, or you can order fresh orange juice or organic cider.


Christianshavns Voldgade 50, København K, Denmark, +45 31 34 09 40


Café Dyrehaven

Vesterbro is filled with hip cafés and Dyrehaven is one of the best. The café invites you in with an old pub atmosphere, created by a wooden bar and deer heads hung on the walls, reflecting the café’s symbol and name. Dyrehaven offers a selection of traditional Danish open sandwiches or smørrebrød for a very local style brunch. Try the cheese sandwich with pear chutney or avocado sandwich with tomatoes and herbs.

Café Dyrehaven, Sønder Blvd. 72, København, Denmark



Located in Christianshavn district, Parterre is a charming, family owned café and coffee shop. Known for its coffee from Swedish roaster Koppi, Parterre is very popular with locals. Stop by to enjoy a tasty breakfast, with options that include soft boiled eggs, cheese, jam, yoghurt with syrup, bread and croissants. Finish with a delicious cup of coffee or a fresh orange juice. Due to its location, Parterre offers a great view over the canals.

Parterre, Overgaden Oven Vandet 90, 1415 København, Denmark



Café Norden

Café Norden is located in the city center, near the main shopping street Strøget. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside, enjoy the sun and look at the people passing by. Norden’s brunch menu includes different breads, butter, jam, cheese, smoked salmon, homemade ham salad, fruits and cake of the day. Additionally, you can choose pancakes, scrambled eggs or Icelandic Skyr yoghurt alongside and coffee, tea, warm chocolate or a fruit smoothie.

Cafe Norden ApS, Østergade 61, København K, Denmark, +45 33 11 77 91

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