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Learn more about life in Denmark with these podcasts
Learn more about life in Denmark with these podcasts | © Siddharth Bhogra / Unsplash
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Podcasts to Help You Understand Denmark

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Updated: 28 December 2017
Whether you’re interested in Danish culture or simply want to know how life in Denmark is for expats, you’ll definitely find some useful tips in these seven English- and Danish-language podcasts.

How to live in Denmark

How to live in Denmark covers pretty much everything you need to know about life in Denmark; from job-hunting tips to how to socialize with your Dane coworkers, to why Danes lover their flag so much. Kay Xander Mellish, the person behind the microphone, is an American living in Denmark since 2010 and shares her experiences with newcomers through her website and podcast.

Nørrebro Lakes
Nørrebro Lakes | © Aliki Seferou

Denmark 101 with Alex Berger

When he isn’t traveling the world, Alex Berger is a travel blogger who writes and talks about life in Copenhagen. Originally from the US, Berger moved to the capital of Denmark in 2011, where he still lives and works. His podcast Denmark 101 with Alex Berger definitely helps expats who are relocating to Denmark better understand how things work in this small Scandinavian country.

Bikes at Frederiksberg | © Kristoffer Trolle / Flickr

The Snak

The Snak is one of the most interesting podcasts about Denmark. The topics discussed between the show’s producers and their guests touch on issues that can offer a deeper understanding of Danish society. A critical viewpoint on ‘hygge hype’ that seems to be spreading across many countries and an in-depth conversation about the rise of the Danish right-wing party are just some of the talks you’ll find at The Snak.

Third Ear

Third Ear is a podcast about culture presented through music, words and images. This award-winning podcast is in Danish, except for one episode that is in English, so unfortunately only natives and Danish speakers will be able to understand all the useful information provided. However, it is an interesting way for those taking their first steps learning the Danish language to strengthen their skills.

The Danish Girl Movie locations - Danish Royal Theatre
Danish Royal Theatre | © Thomas Rousing / Flickr


MadLibitum is a podcast for foodies who want to discover the Danish culinary scene. The hosts of this Danish-language podcast spark conversations with chefs and other gastronomy experts from all over the country and talk about the history of traditional dishes, the processes foods follow before ending up on our plates, and the secret recipes of high-end restaurants and cafés.

Study at Aalborg

Study at Aalborg has around 65 short podcasts with tips on student life in Aalborg. During these podcasts (each one usually one to three minutes long) students from all over the world share their experiences of studying abroad, discuss how expensive life in Aalborg is, how and where they spend their free time, and how daily life is for expats in this small Danish town.

Radio Jazz Copenhagen

On Radio Jazz Copenhagen jazz music lovers can listen to unique pieces of their beloved music genre. Even though this podcast doesn’t introduce the audience to life in Scandinavia, it’s still very interesting to listen to, as Denmark has a long history of jazz music and Copenhagen still has a strong jazz scene. The podcasts are in Danish, but the 60-minute shows are mainly music without much talking.