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GRO Spiseri | Courtesy of GRO Spiseri
GRO Spiseri | Courtesy of GRO Spiseri
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Organic Farms You Can Eat at in Denmark

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Updated: 27 October 2017
With a strong focus towards sustainability and quality food, these eight organic farms and urban gardens in Denmark have opened their own restaurants. In addition to serving organic and delicious dishes inspired by the Scandinavian and new Nordic cuisine, some also conduct classes for guests and sell items ranging from dairy products to meat.
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Amass’ garden has 80 different varieties of plants including leafy vegetables, herbs, berries, and flowers that are carefully cultivated and served in the restaurant’s seasonal dishes. As 90% to 100% of Amass’ food and beverages are organic and free of pesticides, the high-end restaurant has been certified with the gold organic certification by the Danish Ministry of the Environment. Aside from the quality of the ingredients used in the restaurant’s dishes, the people behind Amass believe that environmental and financial sustainability are equally important. Since Amass opened its doors for the first time in 2013, they’ve managed to cut waste by 67%.

Amass Restaurant, Refshalevej 153, Copenhagen, Denmark, + 45 43 58 43 30


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restaurant vegan copenhagen
Gemyse Restaurant | Courtesy of Gemyse


Nestled in the breathtaking amusement park Tivoli, Gemyse invites its guests to take a stroll around its colourful and flourished garden before grabbing a table and indulging in a healthy and delicious meal. Collaborating with Aarstiderne, a Danish company specialising in organic produce and having experienced chefs preparing the daily menu, Gemyse guarantees to bring quality and excellent taste in guests’ plates. Keep in mind that the elegant restaurant is open only during Tivoli’s opening periods.

Gemyse, Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 88 70 00 00

Gemyse | Courtesy of Gemyse | Courtesy of Gemyse

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12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Gro Spiseri

It was in 2014 that three young people decided to transform the 600m2 (717.6 square yards) rooftop of Copenhagen’s oldest car auction house into an urban garden where vegetable fields and greenhouses would be cultivated and chickens, rabbits and bees would be raised. With the help of 100 neighbours and volunteers, ØsterGRO was born and became Denmark’s first roof farm. For two seasons, Stedsans was housed on the rooftop serving its guests with dishes prepared with ØsterGRO’s organic ingredients. When it moved to Sweden, GroSpiseri took its place. The long wooden table, the experienced chefs, and the fresh ingredients can still be found on Copenhagen’s coolest rooftop, so make sure to stop by and taste their delicious meals.

Gro Spiseri, Æbeløgade 4, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 20 88 38 98

Gro Spiseri | Courtesy of Gro Spiseri

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Camilla Plum’s farm, Fuglebjerggaard, has been certified as organic since the 1990s. Nowadays, it has animals such as sheep and pigs, grasslands, ornament gardens, and a great variety of seeds and vegetables. When the kitchen doesn’t function as a pop-up restaurant, guests can just visit the farm and buy the organic products from the farm shop. Those who want to get a glimpse of how the farm works can join the gardening courses and tours or get an insight of how taste and sustainability can be combined in tasty meals with the cookery and baking courses.

Fuglebjerggaard, Hemmingstrupvej 8, Helsinge, Denmark, +45 48 39 39 43

Fuglebjerggaard | Courtesy of Fuglebjerggaard

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Covering an area of 960 hectares (2372.2 acres), Knuthenlund is one of the most popular and largest organic farms in Denmark. Organic milk, dairy products, and vegetables from the renowned organic farm are sold at Irma supermarkets and in Michelin-starred restaurants all over the country. The farm’s café serves organic delicacies and beverages while also offering picnic baskets filled with sandwiches for those who want to eat their lunch in nature. Knuthenlund is located in southeastern Denmark on the island of Lolland.

Knuthenlund, Knuthenlundvej 7, Stokkemarke, Denmark, +45 54 71 13 80

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Approximately a one hour drive from Copenhagen stands Muld, a beautiful organic farm with more than 300 edible plants, sheep, pigs, and poultry. When an event takes place, guests (maximum 80) can visit the cozy restaurant and taste its delicious dish made of the farm’s fresh ingredients. Aside from the regular Wednesday yoga classes, Muld hosts different kinds of events such as piano concerts, workshops, and the muld-dinners where guests share the long wooden table while savouring delicious meals and beverages.

Muld Aps, Eriksholmvej 26, Vipperød, Denmark, +45 35 26 33 35


Muld | Courtesy of Muld

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Svanholm Gods

At Svanholm Gods’ café shop, visitors have the chance to fill their shopping bags with organic products of all types while those who want to soak up the atmosphere can drop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Coffee, cake, ice cream, and small hot dishes are all cooked with the carefully cultivated organic products are served every day from 10 am until 8 pm.

Svanholm Gods, Svanholm Alle 2, Skibby, Denmark, +45 47 56 66 70

Svanholm luftfoto

Svanholm Gods | Courtesy of Svanholm Gods

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Steensgaard is an organic farm in Millinge, on the southwestern part of Fun Island. Meat products, fresh vegetables, jams, cakes, and freshly baked bread are sold in their farm shop. The farm also serves lunch every Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. Steensgaard Restaurant is closed for the moment, but there are plans to reopen in spring 2018 at the old horse stable that dates back centuries and is being thoroughly refurbished.

Steensgaard Principlandbrug, Steensgaard 7, Millinge, Denmark, +45 62 61 94 52

Steensgaard | Courtesy of Steensgaard