Multipurpose Furniture With a Touch of Scandinavian Design

KK 3 Fold |Courtesy of by KlipKlap
KK 3 Fold |Courtesy of by KlipKlap
Photo of Aliki Seferou
21 September 2017

Stylish couches that can be transformed into floor mattresses, daybeds that can be built based on their owners’ taste and oak tables ideal for the living room’s decoration. This multipurpose furniture is from the Danish company By KlipKlap, combining comfort and style.

When Pia Lauritsen was on maternity leave back in 2011, she was going for gym sessions with her newborn son. It seems that they both enjoyed it so much that Lauritsen wanted to continue the sessions at home as well. So she searched in every store and online shop for a mattress that would fit her needs. Luckily for her she never found one, prompting her to start her own furniture company – and By KlipKlap came to life. Multi-functionality, quality and sustainability are the characteristics the people behind By KlipKlap keep in mind when designing a new piece of furniture.

by KlipKlap | Courtesy of by KlipKlap

“We really like the idea about developing multipurpose furniture, because we believe the multi-functionality gives the product so much more value! For example a product, like our popular KK 3 Fold, has the ability to fulfil several needs of a modern family through many years. It is NOT only meant to be used for a couple of years and then thrown out. It will last for decades and serve family members at all ages and times of their life. That is also a sustainable way of thinking,” said By KlipKlap’s Sara Brunsgaard Poulsen.

The KK 3 Fold is a mattress that can be used in several ways, such as a pouf/daybed, sofa, lounge sofa and tumbling mattress. Plus, it’s ideal as a guest bed for overnight visitors. The original idea was to create a mattress that would challenge kids’ motor skills and that’s why it can also be transformed into a tunnel for endless games with the family’s young ones. What seems like an elegant couch on first sight can be easily transformed into a play mattress for family fun.

by KlipKlap | Courtesy of by KlipKlap

One look at By KlipKlap furniture is enough to understand that style is equally important as quality, and it is an ideal choice for those who love the Scandinavian minimalist design. The KK Daybed and KK Bench are designed in a way so that the owner can add their own personal touch and completely transform the furniture into something new when they get bored with the current one. The multifunctional furniture made of oak has a ‘free space’ where you can add the items of your preference, such as books, plants, interior design items, you name it! And the removable cushions are produced in various colors, so in just two simple and low cost moves the living room gets a facelift. Wondering how they come up with these innovative ideas? Well, Sara Brunsgaard Poulsen gave us the answer.

“We draw inspiration from the modern and flexible lifestyle in today’s world. People are moving around much more and get bored faster.”

By KlipKlap | Courtesy of By KlipKlap

At the moment, By KlipKlap is going through a busy period as they’re designing a console table, an armchair and a smaller version of the KK Daybed called KK Daybench. All of their new products will be launched this Autumn/Winter.

by KlipKlap | Courtesy of By KlipKlap

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