Why MøNs Klint in Denmark Is a Natural Wonder You Should Visit

Møns Klint
Møns Klint | © Bob Collowân / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Aliki Seferou
24 May 2018

Just a two-hour drive from Copenhagen you will find one of Denmark’s most popular and breathtaking landscapes. Møns Klint at the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn is a top destination for nature-lovers interested in diving in the Baltic Sea or roam around an ancient forest. Even history buffs will be mesmerized as they will have the possibility to see the 70-million-year-old fossils.

Why you should visit Møns Klint

Seeing the six-kilometer chalk cliffs with a span of 128 meters above the sea, travelers visiting the ancient beach located at the foot of the cliffs can’t help but look up in awe. On the top spreads Klinteskoven, a beach forest where extraordinary plants grow and rare animal species live.

The 6km chalky cliffs at Møn island | © GeoCenter Møns Klint

Due to its diverse landscape, Møns Klint is the ideal place whether you’re a sea or a mountain person. Therefore, every year it attracts more than 200,000 tourists looking to spend their holidays out in nature. Many tourists also come to the location to unwind from the city for a couple of hours and enjoy the coast. Whether you decide to take a one-day trip from Copenhagen or set up your tent at the Møns Klint campground, one thing is for sure: the scenery will leave you astounded.

Outdoor activities

Hike or cycle in the vast Klinteskoven forest. Yes, Danes have created cycling routes even on the top of 120-meter-high chalk cliffs. Two-hour guided tours take place during the summer holiday season and during autumn you can create your own route if you don’t mind getting lost among the ancient trees.

While it may take longer to reach your destination, the longer you stay in the forest the higher the chance of seeing the peregrine falcon, one of the largest and fastest raptors that inhabit the Møns cliffs.

Klinteskoven Forest at Møns Klint | © News Oresund / Flickr

Thrill-seekers should definitely try the tree-climbing and aerial-walking tours. Get an adrenaline rush while walking on ropes that are tied dozens of meters above ground, and once you manage to reach the top of the trees, gaze upon the Baltic Sea and enjoy the striking view.

The beach at the foot of the majestic cliffs is covered with fossils, some of which are 70 million years old. You can even join the ‘Fossil Hunting’ tour in which experts narrate how the breathtaking cliffs emerged at the end of the last Ice Age approximately 11,000 years ago. Snorkeling and sailing activities take place during the summertime so visitors have the chance to discover the fascinating chalky seabed.

Kayaking at the Baltic Sea at Møns Klint | © GeoCenter Møns Klint

Learn the history of Denmark’s birth

In 2007, the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II founded GeoCenter Møns Klint, a geological museum located on the island of Møn. Visitors are invited to discover the history of Denmark and the cliffs through workshops, 3D cinema, and other interactive exhibitions. GeoCenter is open from the Saturday before Easter to the 31st of October.

The Fossil Beach at Moens Klint | © News Oresund / Flickr

How to get there

If you’re traveling to Møns Klint from Copenhagen, the easiest way to get there is by car because of its two-hour drive from the capital’s city center. If you can’t rent a car, why not share one through ridesharing app Go More? Møns Klint is a popular one-day trip from Copenhagen, so there is a high chance of finding someone going your direction.

If you prefer taking public transportation take the train to Orehoved Street, which departs from Copenhagen Central Station. Get off at Vordingborg Street (Banegårdspladsen) and then change to bus 660R, direction Stege, and get off at Stege Rtb. (Ved Stranden). From there you have to take bus 667 to Hvilestedv (Klintholm Havnevej) station and then change one last time and get on bus 678, which drives up to GeoCenter Møns Klint. Use Rejseplanen in order to find the departure times and schedule your trip.

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