Danish Cosmetic Brands You Should Know

Courtesy Rudolph Care
Courtesy Rudolph Care | Courtesy of Rudolph Care
Photo of Aliki Seferou
18 January 2018

These Danish cosmetic brands are known for their luxurious and skin-kind products and have become a real favourite among beauty and fashion bloggers and models. We bet you’ve already heard of them but in case you haven’t, here’s our roundup of the best Danish beauty brands to discover.

Rudolph Care

In 2006, Andrea Elisabeth discovered that due to the beauty products she was using, she was absorbing harmful substances into her body, and she decided to create a cosmetics brand with beauty products made of natural ingredients. In 2009, the first Rudolph Care skincare collection was launched with açai, olive, jojoba, coconut and almond being the main ingredients in its products. The brand has been certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, which means that is environmentally friendly and all of its products are made in Denmark.

Rudolph Care | Courtesy of Rudolph Care


Tromborg products are made based on the ‘less is more’ philosophy that Marianne Tromborg, the co-founder of the company, fully embraces. So the different ranges: Tromborg Professional Make Up, Tromborg Scandinavian Mood and Tromborg Treatment all doesn’t feature elegant, light and natural cosmetics ideal for all skin types.


When Mette Skjærbæk returned to her birthplace of Denmark after 10 years of working as a model in countries all over the world, she decided to use her knowledge and experience about beauty and fashion to found her own cosmetic brand. Karmameju skincare products are made of 100% organic fragrances and natural ingredients and many of its face creams, as well as the innovative RENEW dry brush made of beechwood and goat hair, have earned the Danish Beauty Award. Since 1999 when the well-known cosmetic brand was founded, it has become popular in countries in Scandinavia, Europe as well as Hong Kong and has been featured in some of the most famous fashion magazines worldwide such as VOGUE US, ELLE Spain and Marie Claire UK.

Karmaneju | © Courtesy of Karmaneju

RAAW By Trice

Raaw By Trice facial oils are a real favourite among fashion bloggers and models, including Vanessa Stuhr and Pernille Teisbaek. Trice Angie Christensen decided to launch her own cosmetic brand several years ago, when she realised that the beauty products she was using until then were anything but beneficial for her eczema, and none of the already existing brands would meet her needs and budget. Raaw By Trice facial oils are all made of organic and natural ingredients, ideal for sensitive skins.

RAAW By Trice | Courtesy of RAAW By Trice

Kirsten Kjær Weis

Born in Denmark and now living in New York, makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis has been influenced by both cultures and at her products aims to combine Scandinavia’s simplicity with New York’s busy and varied lifestyle. Her collection consists of Certified Natural or Certified Organic products for all styles of makeup. Aiming to create products that are environmentally friendly, KW products are also packaged in sustainable compacts.

Kirsten Kjær Weis | Courtesy of Kirsten Kjær Weis

Ficus Folium

Ficus Folium makes refreshing hand soaps and soft lip balms, bringing with their unique fragrances a piece of the exotic Bali to Scandinavia. Ficus Folium is Lubarol’s housebrand and the aromatic cosmetics can be found among the notable boutique’s high-end garments and accessories.


For Nuori, freshness is the main principle when it comes to the production of its skincare products. For founder Jasmin Bonnen, using organic and natural ingredients is as important as finding a way to keep them fresh in order to maintain the benefits to the skin. Nuori products are blended every 10 to 12 weeks in Denmark, and are then shipped to 20 countries all over the world. The production and expiry dates are written on the special packages, so consumers can appreciate exactly how fresh the products are.

Nuori | Courtesy of Nuori

Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen left Denmark in the 1970s and after graduating from the Christine Shaw College of Beauty in London, moved to Los Angeles where in 1983, he launched his first skincare collection. Shortly after, his products became popular among celebrities and today, his cosmetic lines are among the most popular worldwide. Even though there are many Ole Henriksen products worth a try, the Truth Serum with vitamin C and tea extracts is the one that shouldn’t be missing from any cosmetic collection.