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Copenhagen’s Wondercool Month of Culture 2014
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Copenhagen’s Wondercool Month of Culture 2014

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Updated: 12 October 2016
This winter, Copenhagen turns into a melting pot of different activities, with over 200 events focusing on anything from culture, music and gastronomy to art, design and architecture. It’s Wondercool, Copenhagen’s month of culture, which takes place for the fourth time this year.

February is Copenhagen’s month of culture, with the Wondercool festival presenting the best of Danish and international jazz concerts around Copenhagen, interactive food and theatre experiences that stimulate all the senses, and gastro cruises in Copenhagen’s harbour. We’ve picked out a selection of the most exciting events to discover at Wondercool this February.



Culinary experiences

Copenhagen Cooking, one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe, is part of Wondercool. One highlight from the food festival, Taste of Emotions, mixes culinary artistry with video art in an experimental dining event in Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen’s third oldest church). Expect video art that will provoke and expand your culinary experience. Another highlight is Gastro Cruise. Every Saturday throughout February, guests can join a cruise in the canal tour boats in Copenhagen harbour. The boat will drop you off at six different restaurants (e.g. Søren K and Lumskebugten) to taste signature dishes with mussels. These are only two of sixty cooking events that will take place in February.

Gastro Cruise Copenhagen CookingGastro Cruise | © Copenhagen Cooking


Edgy concerts and vibrant winter jazz

Two well-established music festivals, FROST and Copenhagen’s winter jazz festival, also part of Wondercool, will turn the city into a true El Dorado for music lovers. FROST presents a wide range of high quality acts in unusual venues, like the Danish King Christian IV’s Brewery – one of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen – located right at the waterfront for the world premiere of the Danish trio The Mountains. At the same time, Winter Jazz Festival will offer Danish and international jazz concerts from both upcoming and established jazz musicians. One of the best emerging jazz musicians from the USA is the vibraphonist Warren Wolf who will perform at Montmartre from 13 until 15 February. The Winter Jazz Festival will offer more than 300 concerts at 50 venues in Copenhagen.


Festival Highlights

Frost Presents:

Into the Aquarium

1 February 2014

An abandoned aquarium outside Copenhagen comes back to life at this year’s spectacular opening party. The deserted building complete with empty fish tanks and faded ornaments, will be shrouded in electronic beats by the Danish band When Saints Go Machine. WSGM will perform their concert in the aquarium, supported by up-and-coming artist Karl William, who will dive into drowsy R’n’B tunes.


Copenhagen Cooking/Fokus Video Art Festival Present:

Taste of Emotions

5 and 18 February 2014

Taste of Emotions mixes culinary artistry with video art in an experimental dining event designed to appeal to all the senses. Copenhagen Cooking and FOKUS video art festival have composed a special menu, in cooperation with chefs from I`M A KOMBO and Hvirvelvin. The video art will represent a variety of moods and feelings interpreted by the chefs into gastronomic video dishes, designed to heighten, disturb, provoke and otherwise expand the culinary experience at Nikolaj Kunsthal.


Republique and Copenhagen Cooking Present:

The Snow Queen

18 and 19 February 2014

H.C Andersen’s fairytale about the ice-cold Snow Queen turns into a food-theatre performance by food artist Mette Martinussen. Well-known for her romantic food narratives, you can expect a variety of fairytale food, including heavenly sugar pretzels and delicious hare roasted on a spit, in a magic universe titillating our curiosity and all our senses.


Designmuseum Danmark and Copenhagen Cooking Present:

Dine Drink Danish Design

20 and 21 February 2014

Dine Drink Danish Design promises to be an extraordinary experience of design, scenography and gastronomy, set by the Danish textile designer Margrethe Odgaard who will create an emotional atmosphere and dining experience in the museum after hours. This evening you will also get a rare glimpse into the historical and hidden corners of the museum. The event is a collaboration between Designmuseum Danmark, Margrethe Odgaard, Copenhagen Cooking, Georg Jensen Damask, Royal Copenhagen, Le Klint and Designmuseum Danmark’s café Klint.

Designmuseum Denmark
Designmuseum Danmark | © Lasse Bak Mejlvang


Frost, Fokus Video Art Festival and SMK Present:

Concerts and Video Art in Historic Buildings

21 and 22 February 2014

Until now, the old brewery of King Christian IV had never been open to the public. Through a series of housewarming concerts curated by FROST, visitors can experience the Danish bands, The Mountains and Turboweekend, each performing in the old granary on the first floor.

Entrance is through the neighbouring Royal Danish Arsenal Museum, where the wondrous Bring Your Own Beamer event takes place. BYOB is a worldwide phenomenon based on a simple idea: find a space, invite a lot of artists and ask them to bring their own projectors. Amid old and new cannons, dozens of video artists will create historical mash-ups, based on images of art from SMK’s collections, exploring the medium of video projection. BYOB is free and arranged by Nikolaj Kunsthal.

FOKUS Video Art Festival
Video art performance | © FOKUS Video Art Festival


YouTube video: Wondercool 2013


By Ewa Bianka Zubek