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Courtesy of Väkst
Courtesy of Väkst | Courtesy of Väkst
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A Look at Copenhagen's Refreshing Greenhouse Turned Restaurant

Picture of Aliki Seferou
Updated: 16 January 2018
With a greenhouse stretching in a two-floors restaurant in the center of Copenhagen the people behind Väkst restaurant have made their point: Nordic seasonal vegetables are an integral part of their high-end dishes.
Courtesy of Väkst | Courtesy of Väkst

Dining in a restaurant surrounded by fresh vegetables and right next to a two-storey greenhouse certainly will whet your appetite for vegetable dishes. Those who will choose Väkst for a dinner are likely already aware that Copenhagen’s famous restaurant uses Nordic vegetables as an integral part of its gourmet dishes, but that’s not the only reason Cofoco’s newest restaurant has become a real favourite for foodies.

Courtesy of Väkst | Courtesy of Väkst

Decorated in the typical minimalist Scandinavian design, with items made of recycled and repurposed materials, the stylish restaurant at the picturesque Sankt Peders Stræde elegantly combines style with sustainability. The dozens of plants on the walls and in the greenhouse in the centre of the restaurant stretching up both floors, add a unique tone highlighting Väkst’s philosophy in using fresh Nordic vegetables as its starting point.

Courtesy of Väkst | Courtesy of Väkst | © Chris Tonnesen

In an interview for Lonely Planet, the owner of the restaurant Torben Klitbo pointed out that the decoration of the place was chosen in order to recreate the mood that surrounds a garden party and create an atmosphere that complements and enhances the experience of the food that is served.

Courtesy of Väkst | Courtesy of Väkst

The fact that the restaurant has a strong focus on vegetables doesn’t mean that you won’t find meat or fish dishes in the high-end menu, too. It only means they will be accompanied by seasonal vegetables that will be magnificently cooked following the new Nordic cuisine style.

Väkst, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 38 41 27 27

Courtesy of Väkst | Courtesy of Väkst | © Chris Tonnesen