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Thunderfist Cykler | Courtesy of Thunderfist Cykler
Thunderfist Cykler | Courtesy of Thunderfist Cykler
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8 Trendy Bike Shops in Copenhagen

Picture of Aliki Seferou
Updated: 29 August 2017
With Denmark being among the first cycle-friendly countries in the world and Copenhagen facing a bike-traffic problem since bicycles outnumbered cars, it’s more than natural that the city brims with bike shops. We’ve selected the eight most trendy, where you can choose or even make your own bike.
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Baisikeli isn’t just a bike shop, it’s a non-profit organization striving to improve African people’s lives. The idea behind Baisikeli is to send used bikes from Copenhagen to Africa, where people really need a means of transportation. The idea came about when Niels Bonefeld and Henrik Mortensen noticed how many used bikes were being thrown away every year in Denmark and decided to do something about it. The income from the two rentals shops in Copenhagen is used to cover the expenses for transferring second-hand bikes to Africa, and to build and sustain the workshops where the bikes are repaired.

Baisikeli Bike rental and bike workshop, Ingerslevsgade 80, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 53 71 02 29

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Danes love coffee and they certainly love their bicycles. So, Haukur Thorr, the man behind Wecycle, decided to create a place which combines the two. While the bike shop’s employees do their magic recycling and upcycling used bikes, experienced baristas make Italian coffee and serve organic snacks. Wecycle are the first to bring the Belgian Achielle brand, known for its handmade old-style bicycles, to Denmark. So, aside from upcycled bikes, here Danes can also find one of the world’s most renowned bicycle brands.

Wecycle Copenhagen, Bremerholm 18, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 75 18 18 55

Wecycle | © Guðbjörg Magnúsdóttir, courtesy of Wecycle

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Christiania Cykler

Christiania bikes are quite popular in Copenhagen as they’re the perfect vehicle for families and transporting things. Christiania bikes can be described as a bike trailer attached to a bike. In these trailers you’ll usually see children, dogs, the week’s groceries, you name it. They’re called Christiania bikes because they were originally made by blacksmiths in Freetown Christiania back in the mid-’80s. Christiania Cykler has two workshops, both located in Christiania, making, selling and renting the original Christiania cargo bikes and the famous Pedersen bicycle. Travelers will be thrilled to know that they can now also rent Christiania bikes with an electrical assist engine – so basically more fun and less effort.

Christiania Blacksmith, Mælkevejen 83A, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 32 54 87 48

Christiania Cykler Shop | Courtesy of Christiania Cykler

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Velorbis’ motto is ‘Ride in Style’ and so it’s always striving to make classic-style urban bicycles that stand out for their design. What is now one of the most internationally acclaimed brands started because Christian Linde and Kenneth Bødiker, Velorbis’ owners, couldn’t find a bicycle to live up to their standards. Therefore they decided to design their own urban commuter bikes which could combine elegance with comfort. A visit to their chic and trendy bike shop will persuade you that they have indeed made it and that their products are of high quality.

Velorbis Showroom, Nørre Farimagsgade 63, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 38 11 22 77

Verlobis Bike Shop | Courtesy of Verlobis Bike Shop

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Every bicycle at Sögreni store is made by hand and always tailored to the customer’s needs. Søren Sögreni, the owner of the company, started designing and building contemporary designed bicycles in 1981. Their style was so unique that in the ’90s the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art invited Sögreni to design a bicycle especially for the museum. Nowadays, Sögreni is an established name in the bicycle industry and the three people who work at the store make sure to maintain its excellent reputation.

Sögreni, Sankt Peders Stræde 30A, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 33 12 78 79

Sögreni | Courtesy of Sögreni

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VeloBarista is a bike shop where customers can take a look at the store’s hand-built, minimalist design bicycles and indulge in a warm cup of VeloBarista’s signature coffee at the same time. After 10 years of hard work and many trials, the people behind VeloBarista have found the ideal formula for the perfect bike. Having carefully selected the most suitable equipment, they now put it together and the result is fashionable, high-quality bikes.

Velobarista, Sturlasgade, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 40 58 32 24

VeloBarista | Courtesy of VeloBarista

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Thunderfist Cykler

Lisa, the owner of Thunderfist Cykler, opened her own bike shop in 2014 but she’s been repairing bicycles with her father and brother since she was a child. Having used a bike all her life, she strongly believes that using high-quality equipment is important and therefore always makes sure to choose the right parts in order to design a comfortable bike. At Thunderfist Cykler in Vesterbro you’ll find new and used bikes, or you can make your own from scratch. Being passionate about the biking culture, Lisa enjoys working in her shop and so is always open to discussing her clients’ needs with them.

Thunderfist Cykler, Flensborggade 2, Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 29 89 36 66

Thunderfist Cykler | Courtesy of Thunderfist Cykler

København’s Cykelkooperativ

In Blågårdsgade, Nørrebro’s picturesque street, you’ll find København’s Cykelkooperativ, a worker cooperative that opened approximately two years ago. The idea was to create a place where all workers earn the same wages and have the same rights, because as they say, “It is very important to us when we can do our work well, while we are doing well.” The people that own and work at the bike shop are mechanics with a great experience in the bike industry. So they not only sell accessories and bikes, they also repair all kinds of damages.

Inside Cykelkooperative
Inside Cykelkooperative | Courtesy of Cykelkooperative