8 Perfect Gifts For People Obsessed With Denmark

Royal Copenhagen White Elements & Blue Mega setting
Royal Copenhagen White Elements & Blue Mega setting | © Didriks / Flickr
Photo of Aliki Seferou
2 August 2018

You don’t have to visit Denmark to be enchanted by the country’s beauty and Danish culture. Many people around the globe appreciate Scandinavian design furniture and adopt the minimalistic clothing style of Danes. So, we’ve gathered the top items that every person in love with Denmark must have.

A fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen

The ultimate gift for your literature buff friends couldn’t be anything else but a book by or about Denmark’s most renowned author Hans Christian Andersen. There are plenty of bookstores all over Denmark selling Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales but if you’re visiting Odense make sure to stop by the little shop right across Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

‘The Snow Queen’ is one of H.C Andersen’s most popular fairy tales | © Elena Ringo / WikiCommons

A mini Little Mermaid statue

Those obsessed with Denmark are inevitably familiar with the country’s trademark sculpture that is no other than the Little Mermaid. So, if you want to play safe and be sure that your friends will have something that will remind them of Denmark choose one of the ‘Little Mermaid’ mini statues. Finding a miniature of the widely known statue won’t be difficult as every souvenir shop around the country has at least one version of the statue on its shelves.

A souvenir from Freetown Christiania

Buy a little token from Freetown Christiania (as long as it’s legal) for your friends who would love to take a walk around Copenhagen’s autonomous neighbourhood for themselves. There are plenty of souvenir stalls selling all kinds of knick knacks as well as hoodies and t-shirts with the three yellow dots that are the official symbol of Freetown Christiania.

Souvenir shops at Freetown Christiania | © Aliki Seferou


To foreigners, the best-known part of the Danish history is the Viking Era when Scandinavians’ ancestors conquered the world with their remarkable ships. Souvenir shop owners are well aware of this and make sure to fill their shelves with horned helmets and plastic Viking shields. If however, you’re looking a Viking-related gift for a friend who isn’t just a fan of the Viking series but rather interested in the Viking culture and you’d like to avoid any cheesy choices, you’d better look for a present at the gift shop of the National Museum of Denmark. There you’ll find plenty of choices such as an ornamental drinking horn and other products inspired by the Viking culture – with a modern twist.

A Scandinavian-style garment

Danish style is admired by fashionistas all over the globe so buying a garment from the country home to some of the world’s most talented designers is a must. Whether you decide to visit one of the most high-end boutiques or explore the flea markets and second-hand shops you’re sure to find something that will add a bit of Scandinavian style to your friend’s collection.

Henrik Vibskov Boutique | Courtesy of Henrik Vibskov Boutique

A product of Danish design

One of the things Denmark is popular for is the iconic Danish design products that have been decorating houses all over the globe since the 20th century. With Scandinavian simplicity trending nowadays more than ever before and more and more people adopting the minimalist type of decoration, a piece of Danish design makes a top choice for those who admire Scandinavian style. Of course, we’re not suggesting carrying a Finn Juhl chair or a Poul Henningsen lamp all the way back home but instead, dive into one of the numerous design stores and pick a little something that represents Danish good taste.

A scented candle for hygge

No, candles aren’t different in Denmark than elsewhere in the world but they’re an essential part for creating a hyggelig atmosphere so Danish design shops are packed with candles of every shape, scent, and colour. If you can’t decide which one is the best for your friend pick one labelled ‘hygge scent candle’. We can guarantee you’ll find plenty of them.

Scented candles never missing from Danish homes | © katikelo / pixabay

An authentic Royal Danish Porcelain product

Any product from the Royal Danish Porcelain will bring tears of joy to your sophisticated friends’ eyes. From plates and bowls to teapots and mugs, Royal Copenhagen collection features a great number of classy pieces that will add a bit of style to your daily routine.

Teapot, mug and plate from Royal Copenhagen collection | © Didriks / Flickr

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