11 of Denmark's Top Jewelry Designers

ENAMEL |Courtesy of ENAMEL
ENAMEL |Courtesy of ENAMEL
Photo of Aliki Seferou
12 October 2017

Coming from a country with a tradition in jewelry craftsmanship, a long history in design and a strong fashion scene, Danish jewelry designers couldn’t be anything less than talented and innovative. Discover the bizarre collections of 11 of Denmark‘s top jewelry designers.

Trine Tuxen

Trine Tuxen, the woman who founded the commonly named brand in 2012, is one of the most well-known and talented Danish jewelry designers. Inspired by Nordic culture and Scandinavian minimalism, Tuxen handcrafts geometric-shaped earrings, necklaces and rings in silver and gold plating. She has collaborated several times with Scandinavian fashion designers such as Stine Goya, Astrid Andersen and Mads Nørgaard, and her designs have been presented on catwalks at Copenhagen Fashion Week and other fashion shows.

Trine Tuxen | Courtesy of Trine Tuxen

LULU contact

Several years ago Anja Gottliebsen and Rasmus Ravn teamed up and created LULU Copenhagen. Nowadays, the jewelry brand is found in high-end shops, boutiques and department stores all over Europe. Minimalist silver rings, playful gold-plated necklaces and feminine bracelets comprise LULU’s collections.

LULU | Courtesy of LULU

Stine A

Drawing her inspiration from nature, art and international trends, as well as simple things such as a beautiful button on a blouse, Stine A creates elegant jewelry with a playful touch. Danish fashionistas who aren’t afraid to wear bold combinations can adorn themselves with more than one of Stine’s designs, as their playful, yet chic, style makes them ideal for mix and match.

Stine A | Courtesy of Stine A

Maria Black

The Danish-Irish designer Maria Black strives to handcraft jewelry that combines aesthetics with artistry. Inspired by her travels around the world, but with her Nordic roots still defining her style, Black’s designs are characterized by minimalist, sleek lines and strong shapes that express different moods or feelings.

Maria Black | Courtesy of Maria Black

Pernille Corydon

All the images Pernille Corydon collects from her travels around the world become small paper sketches and then chic jewelry. It can be an impressive architectural masterpiece or a stunning landscape that draws Corydon’s attention. Colorful stones on silver- or gold-plated rings, geometric necklaces and romantic-style earrings are some of the jewelry you’ll find in Corydon’s collections.

Vera Vega

Even though Vera Vega is particularly known for its rings, the earrings, necklaces and bracelets are also worth a look. You may already have seen Vera Vega designs on Instagram, as it is a real favorite among fashion bloggers, models and celebrities from Scandinavia, as well as other countries and cities, including Australia, California and London. Blending Scandinavian minimalism with elements of pop culture, current trends and street style Vera Vega’s designs have a unique style.

Vera Vega | Courtesy of Vera Vega


RebekkaRebekka is a jewelry brand that believes in ‘keeping it simple’ and a look through the renowned brand’s designs proves that Scandinavian style is the main source of inspiration. Rebekka C. Nielsen and her twin sister Camilla founded RebekkaRebekka in 2010 and, over the past seven years, they have created numerous collections that can be found in Europe, USA and Asia.


Marie Rantzau, the designer behind ENAMEL Copenhagen, creates colorful enamel jewelry combining Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of Eastern culture. Her designs always follow the current trends especially when it comes to color but their shapes and sleek lines are also inspired by classic jewelry pieces. ENAMEL Copenhagen jewelry pieces are timeless and can be combined with every style.

ENAMEL | Courtesy of ENAMEL

Jane Kønig

Jane Kønig entered the fashion world 30 years ago as a clothes and accessories designer. In the past few years, she has been designing jewelry made of precious metals and both old and modern materials. Kønig knows how to use everyday objects and transform them into stylish jewelry that add interest and character to even the most simple outfits. The renowned designer has received the Copenhagen Design Award and has exhibited her collections in Copenhagen’s museums as well as notable fashion shows.

Big Sun earrings | © Courtesy Jane Konig

Marlene Juhl Jørgensen

It is difficult to describe Marlene Juhl Jørgensen‘s style because her designs combine luxury with casual and hip. The award-winning designer has traveled overseas and studied the art of jewelry craftsmanship in New York where she specialized in designing with diamonds. It didn’t take long until her talent was spotted and her jewelry was stocked in high-end boutiques in Soho and shortly after, opened her own shop in Copenhagen. Her collections are often inspired by her travels around the world and her designs are a blend of characteristics of the cultures she has met.

Marlene Juhl Jørgensen | Courtesy of Marlene Juhl Jørgensen

Aura of Copenhagen

Charlotte Pankoke, the designer behind the high-end jewelry brand Aura of Copenhagen, strives to create sophisticated, timeless and stylish jewelry. Her inspiration comes from the ancient jewelry traditions of the Middle East, India and Thailand, New York’s street styles and, of course, Scandinavia. All the precious stones she uses in her designs are carefully selected from countries all over the world.

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