11 Local Brands All Danes Love

Fisketorvet Mall | © Tony Webster / Flickr
Fisketorvet Mall | © Tony Webster / Flickr
Photo of Aliki Seferou
31 December 2017

You’ve probably already seen some of the products from these brands on the shelves in your hometown supermarket. From clothing and toys to beer and candy, these are a few of the local brands all Danes love.


LEGO is a brand that every kid (and even adult) around the world loves, not just Danes. The internationally renowned toy company was founded in 1932 in Denmark and its headquarters are still located in the city of Billund. Over 85 years, the brand has sold billions of colorful bricks across the globe and LEGOLAND® has attracted millions of tourists who visit Billund only to live the ultimate experience and spend some days in an amusement park filled with LEGO bricks.

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Over the past few years, PANDORA jewellery has become a trend worldwide and is now one of the most popular jewellery brands not only in Europe but on other continents as well. Founded in 1982 in Denmark, PANDORA designs and manufactures high-end pieces that are favourites of Danes. Even though nowadays many talented jewellery designers have entered the fashion scene, PANDORA remains a top choice for locals.

PANDORA | © Jessica Cross / Flickr


Carlsberg can’t be missing from a list of a Dane’s favourite brands as it may be the most favourite of all. The world famous brewery was founded in 1847 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen and today it is one of the most known brands among beer geeks around the world. Every bar in Denmark serves this particular beer brand and every Christmas locals celebrate the launch of the Tuborg Christmas beer which is part of the Carlsberg Group.

Carlsberg | © rob_rob2001 / Flickr


There may be dozens of different gum brands around but Danes never part with their beloved Stimorol package. When the Danish company first launched, Stimorol gums were available only in Scandinavia, but soon after they filled supermarkets and kiosks all over Europe.

Stimorol | © Krillman / Wikimedia Commons

Henrik Vibskov

Even though Denmark has a strong fashion scene with many talented and world famous designers, Henrik Vibskov is probably the one that every local adores. The eccentric designer decided several decades ago that it was time to add colour to Scandinavian fashion design and instantly gained a place in every Dane fashionista’s heart.

Runway SS18 Paris | Courtesy of Henrik Vibskov |© Victor Jones


Licorice can be considered Denmark’s national favourite ingredient and you literally can find it in everything,from beers and ice teas to chocolates and savory items. There is sweet and salty licorice, so as you can imagine, the choices are limitless. So, Lakrids, the brand founded by Johan Bülow, produces all kinds of combinations with licorice as the main ingredient and it became an instant success in Denmark.

Lakrids | © PROLakrids By Johan Bülow/Flickr

Somersby Cider

When Danes don’t drink beer they drink Somersby Cider. The refreshing drink is produced by the Carlsberg Group and it was launched for the first time in 2008. Ten years later, it has become one of the most popular drinks not only in Denmark but in Europe as well as in Australia, New Zealand, USA and almost 50 countries around the world.

Somersby Cider | © Soon Koon / Flickr

Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg is the favourite chocolate brand of Danes and even those who aren’t big fans of sweets can’t resist the popular marzipan bars. Anthon Berg founded the now internationally known brand at the end of the 19th century and its known for its premium chocolates filled with fruits and liqueurs.

Anthon Berg | © Bodo / Flickr


Due to their red and gold wrappers, Toms Guldbarre are easily spotted among the rest of the chocolates onthe supermarket shelves. The Gold Bar and the creme-filled Giant Turtle, launched in 1932 and in 1967 respectively, are Danes’ most preferred products by the Toms Group.

Toms Guldbarre | © Knud Winckelmann / Wikimedia Commons


When it comes to diary products, Danes prefer the Arla brand. The fridges in supermarkets are filled with different kinds of yogurt and cheese, as well as butter and milk, from the renowned brand. Arla is the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia and the fourth largest worldwide.

Arla Wellness | © Prat PR / Flickr


Along with Carlsberg, Danes also love the beer produced by Mikkeller, a microbrewery that was founded in 2006. Mikkeller beer is served in a variety of places, from cozy bars to Michelin-stared restaurants. Over these 12 years, the brand has launched 800 different beers in a wide variety of styles.

Mikkeller | © Bernt Rostad / Flickr

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