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Daily Dak Distortion | © Benjamin Quarcoo / WikiCommons
Daily Dak Distortion | © Benjamin Quarcoo / WikiCommons
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10 Festivals You Should Volunteer at in Copenhagen

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Updated: 8 November 2017
Copenhagen has many interesting festivals and events that take place throughout the year but prices can be a bit high and attending all of them will cost you a fortune. Follow the example set by the locals and attend some of Copenhagen’s most famous festivals and events without having to break the bank, by volunteering. Here’s a list of 10 of the best.
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Roskilde Festival

Roskilde is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe and the Danes’ favourite annual event. It takes place in summer, during the last few days of June and lasts for eight days. Since Roskilde is a nonprofit organisation, a great part of its operations is undertaken by volunteers that can reach up to an astonishing 32,000 people during the festival. Having only 50 permanent employees, there are many tasks that must be done by volunteers; from the promotion of the festival and stage management to cleaning the place and security on the campsite. Volunteers are required to work around three or four shifts during the festival, but you do get to see all the concerts for free, there’s a special camping area, plus drink and meal tickets, and you’ll get access to volunteer lounges with free coffee and cheaper beers.

Roskilde Festival, Havsteensvej 11, Roskilde, Denmark, +45 46 36 66 13

Roskilde Festival | © Stig Nygaard / Flickr


The biggest street party in Copenhagen takes place every summer in the beginning of June and for five days, every neighbourhood is filled with music stages and hundreds of people. Distortion is a popular event and many people choose to become one of the 1,100 volunteers that cover the festival’s various positions, from bar-tending and cleaning to merchandising and taking care of the artists’ needs. Those who join the Distortion Volunteer Crew can enjoy free drinks and food tickets, free entrance at the week’s main event, Distortion Ø, and a Distortion T-shirt.

Daily Dak Distortion
Daily Dak Distortion | © Benjamin Quarcoo / WikiCommons


For 10 days the city’s cinema halls screen intriguing documentaries from all over the world. Fans of this genre know better than anyone that finding documentaries online can be a bit of a hassle. Plus, being one of the largest film festivals in the world, CPH:DOX guarantees to present only the best of the newly released documentaries. Volunteers can choose to work for 10 or 30 hours in a position that matches their skills and they get a number of free tickets for screenings of their choice.

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Every year thousands of metal music fans gather at Refshaleøen, on Copenhagen’s island Amager to listen to their favourite bands at Copenhell, one of the biggest metal festivals in Northern Europe. As with every festival in Denmark, tickets are a bit expensive so many choose to join the volunteer team that will get them free access to the concerts. There are those who work 11 hours during the festival, those who work 22 hours before and after the festival and the really dedicated ones who work 33 hours before, during and after.

Copenhell, Refshalevej 183, Copenhagen, Denmark


Sun setting over Copenhell | © Fredrik Lundhag / Flickr

Copenhagen and Food Festival

A food festival couldn’t be missing from the country that reinvented Nordic cuisine and has one of the most known gastronomy scenes worldwide. Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival takes place in the end of August and for 10 days, 100 culinary events can be found all over the city. A great number of volunteers participate every year and help organise and set up the festival, while meeting renowned chefs and getting a taste of the latest trends of international cuisine.

Copenhagen Cooking Fesival
Copenhagen Cooking Fesival | © News Øresund – Peter Mulvan