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Copenhagen |©  Thomas D Mørkeberg / Flickr
Copenhagen |© Thomas D Mørkeberg / Flickr
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Awesome Danish Instagrammers You Have to Follow

Picture of Aliki Seferou
Updated: 6 March 2017
What’s a better way to get a first taste of a city than through the eyes of those who have discovered even its most well-hidden corners? This list features stunning landscape photos, delicious dishes and stylish designs all captured by Danish Instagrammers that don’t go anywhere without their lens.

Kelly Jensen

Kelly Jensen, aka thedanishgirl, is roaming around Copenhagen photographing the cityscape and discovering the best restaurants in town. From tips for a tasty brunch to her own recipes, her profile hosts any kind of delicacies. When she’s not making — or eating — delicious meals, Kelly loves taking pictures of her dog and her experiences while traveling around the world.


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Thousands of contributors — some of them quite popular with the online community — from all over Copenhagen have done their bit to create the content of madaboutcopenhagen. From street food and refreshing drinks to luxurious restaurants, this Instagram profile will definitely come in handy for those who want to explore the culinary delights. Find out where and what locals eat and prepare for your trip in Copenhagen. What makes it even better is that madaboutcopenhagen is not sponsored by any of these places, so when they say they enjoyed a meal, they actually mean it.


Mette Willert has a passion for urban photography, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t engage herself with other styles. Looking at her photographs, it is hard to believe she is self-taught or that all of the images were captured with her phone. Well, it’s true. With a focus on simple, clean, bold lines, she captures images showcasing architecture, with an impressive result. Her photos have been featured in the official Instagram Japan account and in Tiger’s New Photobook 2015.

copenhagen | stripes • mixed up with berlin stripes @lizvegaberlin #copenhagen #superkilen

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Circeline’s images have a dark, mysterious atmosphere that captivates even the most demanding viewer. We can’t tell which photography style is her favourite because her Instagram profile has it all. Playing with colours, saturation and focus, Christina creates stunning images, portraying moments from daily life. A peek at her profile lets you travel to cities all over the world, from snowy landscapes in Scandinavia to the crowded streets of New York and Tokyo.


Trine’s passion for nature and water is perfectly depicted in her images. Her photographs portray stunning landscapes from Denmark and beyond that will take your breath away. Snaps of wondrous landscapes and exotic shorelines can take the viewers on a spiritual journey to the most remote corners of the planet to witness impetuous waterfalls, deep blue seas and enchanting forests that will leave them daydreaming of packed suitcases and stamped passports.

Simon Larsen

When Simon Larsen is not working as an art director, he loves capturing ‘Copenhagen moments’ with his lens. His profile consists of images of the city’s hidden alleys, Scandinavian nature and stylish cafés. His Instagram is definitely worth a look as it offers a nostalgic and romantic view of the capital of Denmark.

#peoplebikingpastwalls #copenhagen #københavn #alwaysgeotag #iphoneonly #vscocam #vsco #snapseed #mappthis

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Bobby Anwar

With his stunning colour and black-and-white images, Bobby Anwar has managed to gain a place in the heart of 65,000 Instagram users. According to him, the platform has changed his life’s perspective and awoken a passion for storytelling that he didn’t know he had. When he is not posting his work on Instagram, he works as a social media adviser using photography and video to create visual stories.

Night Lights //

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Marie My, the person behind nemesisbabe, is a 25-year-old fashion stylist who started her blog with an aspiration to enter the fashion industry. Having already been awarded Danish female fashion blogger of the year, in 2014 and 2015, it seems she is on the right path. She loves coloured clothes — unlike most Danes — and her inspiration comes from the everyday things. Her Instagram is a must-see for every fashion lover.

Isabella Thordsen

Another fashion girl that Instagrammers love is Isabella Thordsen. The Danish freelance photographer and blogger is now living in London working as a stylist for ASOS. Her profile is full of food recipes, lots of outfits and stories of her daily life. If you’re into books, vintage cars and small cafés, keep an eye on her profile because some really nice photos and tips keep popping up.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing was born in Denmark but she has lived and worked in several countries all over the globe. Being in the fashion world since 15, when she started modelling, Anine knows about style without doubt. She now lives in Los Angeles, and has created her own brand aiming to design easy-to-wear clothes. On her Instagram she shares style advice, beauty tips, and moments of her personal life and her work as a designer.

Fresh spring styles in bloom… ❥ shop at #aninebing #floraldress

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