Top 10 Restaurants In Ostrava, Czech Republic

Vitkovice at sunset | © Boris Renner/WikimediaCommons
Vitkovice at sunset | © Boris Renner/WikimediaCommons
Photo of Lani Seelinger
9 February 2017

Once the industrial little sister to the Czech Republic’s two bigger cities, Prague and Brno, Ostrava has in recent years been growing as a destination in its own right. If you’re visiting the area, here are the 10 best restaurants to check out.

Moravska Chalupa

Let’s start with the tradition. Moravska Chalupa, which translates to Moravian Cottage, is a great place to come get typical Czech food with a gourmet twist in a calm, welcoming environment. Like many places in the country, they have a daily lunch menu, which allows you to enjoy their best food on a very low budget. Come anytime to try their specialty, which is pork fillets with grilled vegetables – a dish that really shows off their presentation skills. While they do have a good vegetarian menu, Moravska Chalupa offers some truly excellent choices for the meat eaters among you.

Moravska Chalupa, Musorgskeho 9, Ostrava, Czech Republic, +420 596 124 937

Si Restaurant

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Si Restaurant represents a new path forward. They offer international cuisine, always seasonal and, therefore, dictated by the ingredients that the chefs have available to them. They start out in the morning with breakfast, so if you’re dying for a full English breakfast, this is the place to come in Ostrava. Their menu for the rest of the day is a wonderful mishmash of tapas dishes, burgers, barbecue, and Asian noodles – and that’s just mentioning a few things. What’s even better is that the owners and chefs here are always pushing themselves to grow and change along with the latest gastronomical trends.

Café Au Pere Tranquille

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You’ll forget that you’re in the Czech industrial capital and think that you’ve just stepped into a comfortable Parisian cafe when you come to visit Café Au Pere Tranquille. Located on a quiet side street just off the main drag, this charming creperie has an endless list of crepes that will make your decision process long but your results fabulous every time. As Ostrava is also fairly close to the heart of the Moravian wine country, it should come as no surprise that their wine list is also well worth thumbing through.

Bolt Tower Café

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Out of the old industrial area of Vitkovice grew the Bolt Tower, the building of the year in 2015. Now you can go there yourself and have a coffee with a view at the cafe in the Bolt Tower. Not only is this one of Ostrava’s coolest cultural experiences, but the cafe has also become known as an excellent destination for coffee, a cake, and very friendly service. On top of all of that, on a clear day you’ll have an excellent view of the city and the surrounding countryside. With all of that put together, Bolt Café is not just a must-do in terms of food; it’s really one of the top attractions in the entire city.

Guest Restaurant Francais

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Whipped goat cheese appetizer at Guest Restaurant
Whipped goat cheese appetizer at Guest Restaurant | Courtesy of Guest Restaurant Francais
For fine French dining, Guest Restaurant Francais should be your first stop in Ostrava. If you’re looking for something light, their elegant salads are some of the best in the city. They also have an impressive fish menu, something that can be hard to find in a land-locked country such as the Czech Republic. Everything is prepared from fresh ingredients and according to traditional French recipes, whether you choose to go for the coq au vin or the crème brûlée – or both. If you like what you find here, you can also come to their cooking classes, which they’ve been holding quite successfully since 2013.


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Venturing elsewhere in the world of European cuisine, Knossos is Ostrava’s spot for Greek food. If you’re craving those Greek flavors like moussaka, lamb, or calamari, Knosses has you covered for all of that and more. Although they have a beautiful interior and an impressive menu, they manage to keep the prices quite reasonable – so you’re free to splurge on all the appetizers and mains that you want. And while zesty spices and juicy cuts of meat may be what Greek cuisine brings to mind, don’t forget the desserts at Knossos. Chocolate soufflé with ice cream and orange sauce? That’s a definite yes.

Comedor Mexicano

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Mexican cuisine is something that you could only find pale shadows of in the Czech Republic only five years ago. Comedor is proof that that era is over. The restaurant’s owners are travelers themselves, and their menu reflects their experiences and the dishes that they’ve come to love and now want to share with the city of Ostrava. From the beautifully designed interior to the tasteful presentation of the dishes to the food itself, Comedor is a treat for all of your senses. You’ll find both Spanish and Mexican dishes to choose from.

U Fleku

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Restaurace U Fleku, like the Bolt Tower, is an establishment to have opened up after the renovation of the Viktovice area. This restaurant, new as it is, aims to keep things traditional for the most part, so their menu mostly comprises Czech favorites like schnitzel and fried cheese. The cheese, however, is something of a local specialty. They serve a special kind of particularly pungent cheese, made in the nearby city of Olomouc, that can be very difficult – if not impossible – to find outside of the Czech Republic. You can count on finding two desserts there, and both are very typically Czech – hot raspberries with ice cream, and crepes with fruit and whipped cream.

Zamek Zabreh Hotel & Restaurant

Zamek Zabreh has one of the best restaurants in the city, but that’s not all. It’s also a luxury hotel, and they have their own microbrewery (some of the products of which also go to their on-site beer spa, but that’s another story). The setting of an old chateau could not be a more beautiful place to eat, and they even have a big dining hall decorated in a medieval style if you need a place for an event. Their menu changes seasonally, but you can generally expect to find traditional Czech food prepared with a flair for the gourmet.

Zamek Zabreh Hotel & Restaurant, U Zamku 1, Ostrava, Czech Republic, +420 554 819 411


Cukrarstvi Rehova & Culinary

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Originally founded as a cake shop, Cukrarstvi has not strayed far from their roots – their cakes and desserts are still some of the best that you can get in the city. They also have a restaurant now, where you can get all sorts of fun little dishes, like Czech open-faced sandwiches and quiches of various sorts. If you order ahead, they can even make you a savory cake out of cheese, vegetables, and whatever else you could possibly want. In addition to the daily specials, they also have occasional events, like an open-faced sandwich day or a day focused on Macedonian cooking.

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