This Is the Most Incredible Literary Sculpture in the World

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Updated: 24 May 2017
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Off to Prague? Great news. You’re about to feast your eyes on one of the most spectacular literary sculptures in the world, and here’s why.

Crisscross through the streets of Prague and you’ll stumble upon Metalmorphosis, a massive 45-ton statue engineered by controversial Czech artist David Cerny.

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Located just outside a shopping centre near the bustling Wenceslas Square, the twisting, highly reflective and extremely Instagrammable sculpture depicts the head of famous Czech writer Franz Kafka.

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Installed in 2014, the kinetic, mirrored work is composed of 42 independently driven layers of immaculate stainless steel. The artistic point of the piece? To reveal Kafka’s multi-layered and tortured personality.

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A common motif throughout Cerny’s work, this is just one of many rotating heads the artist has created all over the world. Think sharks and more heads.

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