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Prague at sunrise  | © Jaromir Chalabala / Shutterstock
Prague at sunrise | © Jaromir Chalabala / Shutterstock
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The Top 10 Brunch Spots in Prague

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Updated: 24 May 2017
Prague, the creative capital of the Czech Republic, is renowned for its dramatic Gothic churches, charming baroque buildings and towering steeples, earning it the affectionate nickname of “the city of a hundred spires”. With a decadence and old-world charm emanating from its colorful streets and medieval architecture, where better to kick back, relax and enjoy a light bite to eat? From hearty traditional fare to international breakfast options, here’s our definitive guide to the 10 best brunch joints in Prague.

Lokál Nad Stomovkou

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Lokál white bowling-curd fruit dumplings
Lokál white bowling-curd fruit dumplings | Courtesy of Lokál Restaurants

Lokál Nad Stomovkou

Lokál is easily the most popular and perhaps the most famous restaurant chain in Prague, with four bustling venues dotted around the city. A top spot for ice-cold beer in the evenings, brunch options abound here too; try the white bowling-curd fruit dumplings for a sweet take on a Czech classic, with popular filling flavors being apricots and strawberries. The decor is smart and stylish, featuring polished wood floors and stainless steel furnishings, and with efficient service and a warm ambiance, this is a top spot to get a fresh plate of Czech fare in Prague.

Lokál Nad Stomovkou, Nad Krákivskou ibiriy 31, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 220 912 319

Lokál White Bowling-Curd Fruit Dumplings I Courtesy of Lokál Restaurants

Lokál white bowling-curd fruit dumplings | Courtesy of Lokál Restaurants

Café Louvre

There is something particularly charming about this nineteenth century Parisian-style cafe in the heart of Prague. Café Louvre boasts a stylish setting as well as a star-studded guest list, with previous customers including the native novelist Franz Kafka. And indeed, this is the place in the city to grab a cappuccino and soak up some intellectual conversation; why not try the large potato soup with ceps and a drop of cream whilst debating current affairs and new literary releases? A top spot for a cup of joe and some scholarly chat.

Café Louvre, Národní 22, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 224 930 949

Café Louvre Pastry | Courtesy of Café Louvre

Café Louvre pastry | Courtesy of Café Louvre

Café Neustadt

Open since September 2013, Café Neustadt exudes an eclectic and trendy vibe which is a magnet for hipsters all around the city. Located in the New Town Hall, come here to try an assortment of light bites including an array of sandwich, quiche and cake options, and for a refreshing beverage don’t miss the mint and ginger teas. Brimming with backpackers on most days, reservations here are highly advised, and customers should watch out for the charming and unique artwork adorning the walls. Bacon and eggs, fluffy pancakes and buckwheat porridge are just a few of the breakfast options that fly off the shelves here.

Café Neustadt, Karlovo námesti 23, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 731 105 764

Granola at Café Neustadt | Courtesy of Café Neustadt

Granola at Café Neustadt | Courtesy of Café Neustadt

Café Montmarte

Café Montmartre is a sleek and chic Czech venue which again attracts creative types from all over the area. Exuding the feel of an old-style coffeehouse of a bygone time, this is a top spot in which to grab a light lunch and soak in a homely and historical atmosphere, and it features charming furnishings including wooden tables, mis-matched chairs and cozy, upholstered booth seating. The coffee here is especially good, as is the ice-cold ale if you fancy a tipple for brunch.

Café Montmartre, Řetězová 7 – Staré Město, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 602 277 210

Grand Café Orient

One of the most stylish and sophisticated joints of Prague’s Old Town, stepping into the Grand Café Orient is like walking into Vienna during the Belle Epoch, with the venue featuring gorgeous lighting fixtures, polished, ornate flooring and shining marble bar tops. Be sure to try their seasonal soups, particularly the aromatic pumpkin variety, also both the cornflakes and croissants here are particularly moreish. Despite being located in the midst of the well-trodden tourist trail, this spot exudes an atmosphere of unique timelessness which is hard to find anywhere else in the city.

Grand Café Orient, Ovocný trh 569/19, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic, +420 224 224 240

Grand Café Orient | Courtesy of Grand Café Orient

Grand Café Orient | Courtesy of Grand Café Orient

Hostinec U Templáre and Amos

Despite being an internationally acclaimed city Prague still manages to maintain a small-time, neighborhood feel, and the old-fashioned pub of Hostinec U Templáre and Amos perfectly exemplifies this. Not only is this the best place to sample local brews, including popular unpasteurized pilsners, but it is also perfect for when you want to enjoy classic dishes, such as authentic pivo or duck with sauerkraut. An unpretentious, laid-back venue in which to eat brunch, this is a must-try for anyone wanting to see a part of Prague that has been left untouched by tourism.

Hostinec U Templáre, Masná 17, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 222 325 296

Café Imperial

Café Imperial is a high-class establishment boasting a decadent history dating back to 1914. Here you’ll find the walls and ceilings covered with delicate porcelain and ornate Art Nouveau decor, as well as smiling waiters and a wealth of traditional Czech food. The beef broth with noodles and vegetables is a flavorful and filling choice for a light meal here, with the fillet of sea bass served with saffron sauce and potatoes providing a more substantial and delicious meal.

Café Imperial, Na Poříčí 15, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic, +420 246 011 440

Café Imperial

Café Imperial | Courtesy of Café Imperial

La Gare Brasserie

La Gare Brasserie redefines what it means to be a great French brasserie. This bustling restaurant serves an extensive breakfast menu, including all styles of eggs, bacon, cereal, croissants and a unique raw fruit cake, with main meals being their particular speciality. Both the coq au vin and the braised rabbit with mustard sauce here are out of this world. For fine dining, sophisticated furnishings and an upmarket atmosphere in Prague, this should be the brunch spot of choice.

La Gare Brasserie, V Celnici 3, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 222 313 712

La Veranda

The Czech Republic is the home to much of Bohemia, a former crown province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and La Veranda claims to serve authentic Southern Bohemian cuisine at its best, with a substantial amount of its produce organically grown in Southern Bohemia itself. Traditional Czech dishes are taken here and given superb twists, such as the classic mohnnudeln, chunky noodles of potato dough served with braised vegetables, and the seared-duck foie gras with fig puree, both of which are fantastically tasty options. Customers are implored not to leave without trying the quail terrine or vanilla crème brûlée; both will end up becoming two of the most memorable dishes from your visit.

La Veranda, Elisky Krásnohorské 2, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 224 814 733

La Veranda | Courtesy of La Veranda

La Veranda | Courtesy of La Veranda

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