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The Prague Markets You Don't Want To Miss
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The Prague Markets You Don't Want To Miss

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Prague’s markets are a fresh, funky mixture of traditional pieces, everyday items and delicious food. Taking place across the city in beautiful locations such as the historic Vysehrad Fort, it’s not just about shopping in these top Czech retail spots.
Farmer's Market, Prague l © Tomas Kohl/Flickr
Farmer’s Market, Prague l | © Tomas Kohl/Flickr

Kolbenova Flea Market

This place is a jungle of the usual flea market items, mixed in with various artifacts dating back to the communist era; anything from pictures to kitchen appliances, but for western visitors to the city these are always a fascinating look into what life in Prague was like not too long ago. In short, this is the place to go to find a unique collector’s item to take home with you.

Outdoor market in Prague l © Brandon/Flickr
Outdoor market in Prague l | © Brandon/Flickr

Prague market (Prazska trznice)

This market seems to sell everything under the sun, from fruit and veg to portable electronics. It is the largest outdoor market in the city, and is situated a little further afield than a few of the others on this list. If, however, a slice of life as a local is what you’re after, then this may be your cup of tea. On the weekends the market expands to include regional, home-made products such as sausages and cheese. The overall atmosphere is very different to the Prague seen in the center of town, but still worth exploring. After browsing, head to a nearby café for coffee and local delicacies, or try some of those Asian foods sold between the stalls. .

Market, Prague l © Ulf Liljankoski/Flickr
Market, Prague l | © Ulf Liljankoski/Flickr

Prague Flea Market

This market takes place alongside the Vltava River, perfectly positioned for a morning or afternoon stroll. Here, guests can browse through a collection of second-hand clothes, jewelry and (particularly intriguing) old pictures. The target market is mainly Czech locals, though it isn’t uncommon to spot at least one tourist among the crowd.

Havel Market

This market can be just a little bit hit-or-miss, as in the last couple of years it has changed to accommodate the growing number of tourists flocking to the city. However, this historical, produce-exclusive market is still an ideal destination to pick up a tasty souvenir to take home, or just some local food to eat whilst out and about in Prague.

Wine Food Market

A haven for food-lovers, this isn’t strictly speaking a market in the traditional sense, but it does offer buyers an extraordinary choice of Italian food products. Really a market for those looking for very high-quality fare, it is comprised of a well-stocked wine cellar, a bakery, a pasta section, a delicatessen and various other products essential to the Mediterranean kitchen.