The Most Beautiful Parks in Prague

Wallenstein Palace Gardens, Prague | © Packare/WikiCommons
Wallenstein Palace Gardens, Prague | © Packare/WikiCommons
The historic beauty of Prague offers not only amazing medieval architecture and some of the coolest modern sculptures in the Czech Republic – it also provides wonderfully relaxing green areas where visitors can enjoy blooming nature, both outside and inside the city. Check out these must-visit parks for the best that Praha has to offer.
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The Vrtba Garden

Botanical Garden, Church
Vrtba Garden
Vrtba Garden | © Bogdan Migulski/Flickr
This beautiful baroque garden is a true gem situated not far from the city center, right opposite the St Nicholas’s church. It has a few different terraces and the top one provides stunning panoramic views of the city. The garden is also a great place for art lovers to visit since there are some works by famous Czech sculptor Matthias Braun and painter Vaclav Vavrinec Reiner. There is a corner where visitors can admire beautiful birds such as peacocks wandering around the greenery. Geometrically-shaped hedges and a little fountain with water lilies will let visitors forget their worries and dive into the relaxing atmosphere of this city oasis.
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Wallenstein Palace Gardens

These gardens, located in the Malá Strana quarter of the city, belong to the baroque Wallenstein Palace which is currently the seat of the Czech Senate. They are an ideal place to go to relax after visiting the palace and other historic sights of the area. They are immaculately well-maintained and include flowers, multiple pools filled with koi fish and a hedge maze. Other attractions include an artificial grotto and roaming peacocks.

Valdštejnské nám. 162/3, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 257 010 401

Kampa Park

This park offers a peaceful place to visit in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It is situated on a false island cut off from the central parts of the city by a mill and the so-called “Devil’s Stream”, just off the Charles Bridge famous for its row of 30 statues of saints. The features of the park include the strange and slightly disturbing sculptures of giant, crawling, faceless babies by Prague’s renowned sculptor David Černý, the Vltava river, a few cafes and lots of relaxing greenery to boot.

Kampa Park, Prague, Czech Republic

Letna Park

Views from Letna Park
Views from Letna Park |  ©Bill Rand / Flickr
This park, located on a hill right across the river from the city’s Old Town, is known for offering one of the best panoramic views of the city from its top terrace. Moreover, it is a clean, well-maintained spot of greenery which is also big on social gatherings – it often hosts beer and food festivals and other kinds of events. There is also a beer garden with picnic tables overlooking the city.
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Vysehrad Park

This park is situated in Vysehrad Citadel, from where it reveals panoramic views from its impressively high walls. It is charmingly maintained but has the atmosphere and looks of a very old, fairytale-like park. It is right next to an old church (the Basilica of St Peter & Paul) and the Czech Republic National Cemetery, where many famous Czech people are buried. The park also offers beautiful views of the Vltava River and has a few cafes to refresh the weary traveler.

V Pevnosti 159/5b, Prague 2, Czech Republic, +420 241 410 348

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