The 10 Most Beautiful Churches in Prague

St. George's Basilica in Prague Castle, one of many beautiful churches in the Czech capital
St. George's Basilica in Prague Castle, one of many beautiful churches in the Czech capital | © Andrew Duke / Alamy Stock Photo
Photo of Ivana Krenicka
10 February 2021

Prague has some of the most memorable churches in Europe if not the world, such as the gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn in Old Town Square. But in addition to a number of other well-known and elaborate romanesque and baroque churches, the capital of the Czech Republic boasts some beautiful medieval chapels which are really worth seeking out.

Church of Our Lady Victorious

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The Infant of Prague at the Church of Our Lady Victorious
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The Church of Our Lady Victorious is in the hillside Malá Strana neighbourhood on the western bank the River Vltava. Built in 1613, it was the first baroque church in Prague and is draped in smooth marble and gold. It is well known for the wax effigy of baby Jesus, also known as the Infant of Prague. A section of the church is dedicated to a display of the Infant of Prague, his many ornate gowns and gifts left by famous figures of the past few centuries.

St. George's Basilica at Prague Castle

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St George's Basilica at Prague Castle
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St. George’s Basilica is one of the oldest churches in the Czech Republic. Part of Prague Castle, it was built in a romanesque style, though baroque elements have been added after a fire damaged the church in 1142. A number of tombs are located in the church, including those of ancient rulers of the country. The basilica has an old world charm that should be part of any visit to Prague Castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle

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St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague
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This cathedral is also part of Prague Castle and is a gothic masterpiece which took centuries to finish. It is a symbol of pride for the Czech Republic not only because of its grandiose and stunning architecture, but also because of the amount of time and work it required to become the building it is today. The Great South Tower of the Cathedral is more than 90 metres (295 ft) tall, or 287 steps, and has great views of the city.

St. Nicholas' Church on the Market Place, Malá Strana

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St. Nicholas’ Church on Malá Strana Square is one of the three St. Nicholas churches in Prague. Its architecture is baroque in style and the church is decorated with many paintings, statues and frescoes. The green copper roof is reminiscent of the Sacré Coeur in Paris and enriches the city skyline with colour. Mozart played the organs in this church in the year 1787. The church also has a tower with lovely views of the square and the River Vltava.

Church of Our Lady Before Týn

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The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Old Town Square, Prague
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Church of Our Lady Before Týn is in Old Town Square and is one of the most recognisable churches in Prague. The two spires are not symmetrical and are meant to represent femininity and masculinity, a trope of gothic architecture. It has a stunning interior and one of the most notable Czech painters, Karl Škréta, provided the church with a beautiful painting of the Virgin Mary which is displayed above the main altar.

St. Martin in the Wall Church

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This church gets its name from the fact that its south side is attached to Prague Castle. St. Martin in the Wall Church was used for residential purposes in the 19th century and parts of it also served as shops, until it was renovated and re-opened as a church once again around 1905. It has elements of romanesque, gothic and baroque architecture and, though not as grand as some of the other churches of Prague, it has plenty of charm.

St. Salvator Church at Charles Bridge

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St Salvador Church, Prague
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A landmark that thousands of tourists pass every year on their walk to the Charles Bridge, St. Salvator Church is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has great historical significance, being the former largest residence of the Jesuits. It is considered one of the most valuable early-baroque remnants in Prague. The church has two incredible organs which have recently been restored, so be sure to try and catch a concert if you can.

Bethlehem Chapel

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Simple yet wonderful, the Bethlehem Chapel has a quiet, peaceful charm about it which has a calming effect that stays with you after a visit. The church was founded in 1391 and the current building’s pared-back medieval style is different to the many ornate romanesque and baroque churches of Prague. It is closely associated with Czech reformer Jan Hus, the main protagonist in the Bohemian Reformation.

St. Giles' Church

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St Jiljí Church, Prague
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In a narrow street not far from Old Town Square, this stunning 13th century church is well worth seeking out. The detailed interior shows talented craftsmanship and will leave you in awe and with its amazing acoustics, a classical concert at St. Giles’ Church is an unforgettable experience.

Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius

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Inside St Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, Prague
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Two very important figures in Czech history are Christian missionaries Cyril and Methodius, who took the cyrillic alphabet with them on their travels and introduced it to many countries, among them the country now known as the Czech Republic. The Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius was built between 1854 and 1863 to honour the anniversary of the two saints’ arrival in the country and is a symbol of national pride as well as a religious sanctuary.
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