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Courtesy of Molly Winik
Courtesy of Molly Winik
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How to Spend 48 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

Picture of Molly Winik
Updated: 25 May 2017
Although two days isn’t enough to visit all the Czech Republic’s beautiful city of Prague has to offer, follow this itinerary and you will definitely see enough to tempt you to come back again.

Day 1

Arrival and airport

Prague has a small airport, so the customs and baggage claim process is quick and easy. Use the AE airport shuttle—for a reasonable price it will take you right into the center of the city. The shuttle comes every 30 minutes, so no matter when you land, you won’t have to wait long. You can buy a ticket from the transportation stand once you arrive at the airport.

Check into a hostel

Staying at the Prague Square Hostel is highly recommended, as it’s clean and the staff are friendly. There is also free breakfast included in the price of the room and it’s only a two-minute walk to the main square.

Prague Square Hostel, Melantrichova 10, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 224 240 859

Lunch at Konvikt

A great place to eat lunch is Konvikt, a small local pub. Order the pork belly and the fried cheese—you won’t be disappointed.

Konvikt, Bartolomějská 11, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 224 247 033

Sandeman’s Prague tour

Sandeman’s New Europe offers free tours around popular cities in Europe, and their free walking tour of Prague is a really good thing to do on your first day, so you can get to know the area. The tour covers sites such as the Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, a view of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

Prague Square Courtesy of Molly Winik
Prague Square | Courtesy of Molly Winik


Try the famous Prague Pub Crawl for which most hostels offer ticket deals. It’s said to be the biggest pub crawl in all of Europe and tickets are a little expensive, but they cover the cost of drinks and the entry fee into many clubs and bars.

Day 2

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is a must-see in Prague. Go to the Old-New Synagogue, the Jewish cemetery, and the Pinkas Synagogue. The Pinkas Synagogue is well known for the exhibition with children’s drawings from the Terezin Ghetto during the Holocaust. This area in Prague is one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe.

Places to see in the Jewish Quarter, Prague, Czech Republic

The ceiling of the Old-New Synagogue in Prague: gothic architecture dating from the 13th century.

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Prague Castle

Walk around the pretty castle grounds, which are full of cobblestone streets—one must-see is Golden Lane, where Franz Kafka lived. You should also take a visit to nearby St. Vitus Cathedral.

Prague Castle and Surrounding Area, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle
Prague Castle | © TTstudio / Shutterstock

Lunch at a beer garden

To really experience what the local culture is like, find a beer garden while visiting the Czech capital. The people in Prague apparently drink more beer per capita than those in any other European city. In fact, in a restaurant, water is more expensive than beer. Beer gardens often have live music, homemade sausages and, of course, great brews.

John Lennon Wall and Kampa Park

Stop by the Lennon Wall on your way to Kampa Park. Since the 1980s, the wall has been decorated with graffiti inspired by an adoration of John Lennon and lyrics from Beatles’ songs. From there, you can walk along the Vltava River through Kampa Park.

John Lennon Wall and Kampa Park, Prague, Czech Republic

John Lennon wall Courtesy of Molly Winik
John Lennon Wall | Courtesy of Molly Winik

Fred and Ginger Dancing Building

If you continue to walk a little through Kampa Park, you won’t be far from the Dancing House. The building is affectionately called Fred and Ginger and has the shape of two people dancing.

Dancing House, Jiráskovo nám. 1981/6, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 605 083 611


Go to Agave, a Mexican restaurant near the square. It features amazing Mexican food and even better cocktails.

Agave, Masna 620/2 Stare Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 607 057 354

Time to hit the bars again

After getting a few mojitos at Agave, it is time to hit the nightlife in Prague again. Definitely go to Vinárna U Sudu, an underground bar that’s filled with different rooms. Indeed, it’s a giant cave underground with various tunnels to explore.

Vinárna U Sudu, Vodičkova 677/10, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 222 232 207