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A Guide to Prague’s Best Autumn Events of 2013
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A Guide to Prague’s Best Autumn Events of 2013

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Prague has long been considered one of the major cultural metropolises of Europe due to its remarkably rich history and diverse cultural heritage. The 2013 autumn and winter season lives up to this heritage with a wide array of cultural bonanzas — from art fairs to film festivals, discover the best cultural and artistic events in the Czech capital this fall and winter.

Milan Guštar Exhibition – DOX Center for Contemporary Art:

18 July 2013-14 October 2013

For the first time, the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art will present the work of composer, programmer and designer Milan Guštar to the general public. Since the 1980s, Guštar’s name has been renowned in the context of theatre, independent film and the audio-visual art scene. Guštar’s experimental works combine science, technology and art and the exhibition focuses on his application of mathematical and scientific works to musical creation. It reveals how logic, physical and metaphysical principles can be expressed artistically using sounds and visual forms, providing one of the most interesting exhibitions to hit the Czech Republic in a long time. Guštar’s show runs until the 14th of October at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

Gerald Scarfe Pink Floyd in Prague Exhibition – Museum Kampa:

24 July 2013-October 13 2013

Until October 13th, the people of Prague can enjoy the works of English cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe in his Pink Floyd in Prague exhibition at the Museum Kampa. Gerald Scarfe’s long and enduring career has seen the illustrator work as an editorial cartoonist for both The New Yorker and The Sunday Times. Born in London, Scarfe established himself as a satirical cartoonist with Punch Magazine and Private Eye Magazine during the early 1960s, after a brief stint with the Royal College of Art. His work has seen him address significant moments of history such as the East-West divide in Berlin, the cholera epidemic in India, the Vietnam War and the United States Presidential election campaign in 1964. This stunning retrospective exhibition will feature more than one hundred large-format drawings and watercolours by Scarfe, who is perhaps most famous for his collaborations with Pink Floyd on their eleventh studio album The Wall.

Dvořák Prague International Festival:

8 September 2013-22 September 2013

The Dvořák Prague International Festival is a celebration of the works and musical genius of Antonín Dvořák. The sixth edition of the festival will be held during 8-22 September 2013. An important social event within the Czech Republic, it is a parade of outstanding conductors and performers, along with chamber ensembles that come to Prague to represent Dvořák’s music and other works of world-renowned composers to an international audience. This year’s festival will take place in the Rudolfinum, in St. Vitus Cathedral, at Prague Castle and at the Prague Conservatory. The distinguished artists who have appeared at the festival include Maria Joao Pires, Arabella Steinbacher, Boris Berezovsky, amongst many others. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo String Quartet and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France have all made appearances as well. With special offers for youths, The Dvořák Prague International Festival is an unmissable classical fall event.

The Strings of Autumn Festival

23 September 2013-9 November 2013

The Strings of Autumn Festival is an event of ‘musical crossroads, where genre meets genre and tradition meets experiment’. Presenting a strong selection of classical music, jazz, crossover and world music — some of the most important figures on the contemporary music scene perform at this autumn favourite. From September to November, The Strings of Autumn Festival commits to broadening the horizons of the Czech cultural scene, with a commitment to artistic excellence and unique concert-going experiences. The festival has given their first public debut to many established artists – such as Bobby McFerrin, Michael Nyman, Natalie Dessay and Cassandra Wilson. A Prague institution, the imaginative pairings of artists and venue have given the festival’s vast audiences magical concert experiences. From locations like Prague’s splendid concert halls such as the Rudolfinum, to the more intimate settings such as the Spanish Synagogue, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Four Days in Motion:

11 October 2013-19 October 2013

From 11th of October until the 19th of October, the Four Days in Motion festival will take place in various locations around the city of Prague. This annual festival is a celebration of visual theatre and dance; bringing together practitioners of experimental theatrics and multimedia performance. Housed in an assortment of makeshift theatres within industrial spaces and non-traditional venues — previous locations have included an empty building site and a former casino. Since its beginnings in 1996, the festival’s aim has been to present contemporary innovative theatre projects from performance groups from all over the world. The entire range of contemporary art is covered in the festival – from theatre, to dance, film and music. The eighteenth event promises that all performances are ‘innovative, progressive and provocative. The festival’s aim is to bring you out of your everyday routine all the while exposing you to the latest developments in contemporary performing art from all over the world.’

ITF Golden Prague Festival:

12 October 2013-16 October 2013

Since it started in 1964, The ITF Golden Prague Festival has emerged as a prestigious festival that is unique throughout the world and is one of the oldest television festivals on the European continent. The mission of the ITF Golden Prague is to promote a broader knowledge of worldwide musical television programmes and films through a rich supplementary programme – including a video library, concerts, workshops, presentations of TV stations, screenings, and meetings with renowned directors, choreographers, and producers. The selection of television programmes and films that are to be presented are chosen with an appreciation for their artistic quality. An inspiring annual gathering for filmmakers, television professions, producers and the general public, it is a place of discovery where the world’s best productions can be seen and compared. The festival is open to audiences free of charge and will be held at Žofín Palace on Slovanský Island in Prague. This year’s event will run from the 12th to the 16th of October.


15 October 2013-12 November 2013

For a chance to experience the blossoming talent of Prague’s innovative and ground breaking film scene, don’t miss FAMUfest. Every year around mid-November, students from Prague’s film academy showcase their works for a period of four days at various venues around the city’s Old Town. This year’s FAMUfest presents an annual review of the work that has been produced in The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). The main theme behind this year’s FAMUfest revolves around the surface of water and its associated cinematic symbolism. According to the festival organisers, the reflective qualities of water are linked to the creative potential of cinema, both of which can act as a ‘mirror that’s reflection depends on the relationship between what is shown, and to whom’.

Taras Kuščynskyj Retrospective Exhibition – Old Town Hall:

15 October 2013-12 November 2013

This retrospective exhibition marks the thirty year anniversary since the death of photographer Taras Kuščynskyj. Kuščynskyj’s innovative photographs of nude bodies became symbols of freedom during the tumultuous era of communism. They are still ubiquitous in the Czech Republic and can be seen in many publications as magazine illustrations, record covers and posters. Kuščynskyj was an expert at partnering the female beauty and eroticism of the nudes with a psychological portrayal of his subjects. He defined his personal photographic outlook in the late 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s and his distinctive style has influenced many subsequent photographers. This exhibition, which runs from the 15th of October until the 12th of November, will display his most well-known photographs alongside many which have never been exhibited before.

Alternativa Festival:

November 2013 (exact dates to be confirmed)

First held in 1993, Alternativa, as the name suggests, is a festival dedicated to alternative music. As the year draws to a close, the city of Prague turns into the capital of experimental music and this event offers not only jazz and modern classical music, but also progressive rock. A large chunk of the action is dedicated to experimental electronics, but the festival is gradually also opening itself up to many forms of dance music and ethnic rhythms. The majority of the groups performing at Alternativa festival are carefully selected for their creative approaches to their art form, and the festival attracts the world’s best experimental musicians. Along with a spectrum of international music, there are also screenings of many modern films and a range of other live entertainment.


26 November 2013-2 December 2013

A festival of international contemporary art, TINA B is a series of shows that emphasises the quality, and originality of the exhibited artworks on display. The title carries a dual meaning. Firstly TINA B is a fictional female character who changes her image each year to attract fans of contemporary art to visit Prague. Along with a clever marketing ploy, it is also an acronym TINA B shortened for ‘This Is Not A Biennale’. Within its seven years of existence, the festival has presented a staggering six hundred international artists, many of whom achieved recognition and success within the professional and general public. With its installations in many outdoor spaces, the festival reaches wide audiences and brings attention to otherwise unremarkable places in a new and original fashion. A mecca for international contemporary art in Prague, the festival also plans to go to Cannes and New York in the coming years.

By Helen Brady