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There's more to Prague than the amazing views | © USA-Reiseblogger/Pixabay
There's more to Prague than the amazing views | © USA-Reiseblogger/Pixabay
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7 Amazing Places in Prague That Only Locals Know About

Picture of Diana Bocco
Updated: 13 July 2017
Yes, Prague may have wonderful museums, architecture and delicious food aplenty, but if you’re ready to explore beyond the obvious tourist sights, you’re in luck. There’s much more to the Czech Republic‘s capital than meets the eye – and a lot of those places are well-guarded secrets. Until now…
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National Marionette Theatre

Want to see Mozart’s Don Giovanni as you’ve never seen it before? Then get tickets for this performance by marionettes wearing period costume. The theater uses only handcrafted puppets and performs well-known operas and plays such as The Magic Flute. There are also make-your-own puppet workshops and special behind-the-scenes tours available.

Žatecká 98/1, Praha-Staré Město, Czech Republic, +420 224 819 322

チェコ伝統のマリオネット人形劇を見てきました。国立劇場があり、街の至る所でお土産としても販売されています。 今回の演目は『ドン・ジョヴァンニ』。女ったらしの貴族の話です。宮殿に忍び込み女性を誘惑しようとして父に見つかり殺してしまったり、結婚式で花嫁を奪ったりとやりたい放題。最後は石像となった騎士長によって地獄に引きずり込まれます。 そんな話なのにユーモアを交えて滑稽に進んでいくのが面白い。各幕の合間に茶番を演じ会場を盛り上げるマリオネットが出てきたり、人形の操り師がステージへ出てきてマリオネットにちょっかいを出したり、敢えて人形を雑に扱う(マリオネット同士のドロップキックや執拗な踏みつけ)など、笑いの絶えないステージでした。セットや音響、照明などの演出も凝っていて最後まで楽しめました! #マリオネット #人形劇 #ドンジョバンニ #オペラ #国立マリオネット劇場 #prague #チェコ #marionette #DonGiovanni #opera #プラハ #NationalMarionetteTheatre #CzechRepublic

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Memorial to the Victims of Communism

Prague is full of magnificent street art and monuments, so certain works get overlooked in favor of others that are located in better areas or are simply more popular. This art installation consists of seven bronze male figures, with each statue looking a little more broken (almost to the point of disappearing) than the one in front of it. The images represent the impact of Communism on men – wearing them down and making them slowly disappear.

Malá Strana, Praha 1 – Malá Strana-Prague 1, Czech Republic

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For a taste of Asia in Prague, it doesn’t get any better than Sapa, the city’s largest Vietnamese market. While locals (and visitors) mostly come here for food, Sapa is also a great place to pick up everything from flower pots to small electronics to cheap clothing and household items. Come ready to bargain.

Libušská 319/126, Praha-Libuš-Písnice, Czech Republic

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Divoká Šárka

A natural reserve located within the borders of Prague, Divoká Šárka offers some of the best urban hiking imagineable. The park has a gorge, lots of hiking and biking trails, a public swimming pool and a reservoir that also allows swimming. Easily accessible by public transportation, Divoká Šárka is a favorite among locals (and their dogs) and is home to wildlife, rare birds and even mini waterfalls.

Divoká Šárka, Prague 6, Czech Republic

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Wallenstein Garden

These well-hidden and very picturesque Baroque gardens look as fabulous today as they did in the 17th century. Home to wild peacocks, marble fountains and an artificial grotto, the garden is part of Wallenstein Palace and in summer becomes a regular spot for classical concerts and art events.

Letenská, Praha 1- Malá Strana-Malá Strana, Czech Republic

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Cross Club

Steampunk meets Jules Verne novels in this out-of-this-world music club and restaurant. The best part of the place is actually the outside of the building, where many festivals and live concerts are held in summer. The outside décor is made using trash metal by local artists and is always growing and changing. Inside, there are three floors of stages, dancing floors and rehearsal studios.

Plynární 1096/23, Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic, +420 736 535 053

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Kočičí Kavárna

Prague’s most popular cat café (though not the only one) follows the trend born in Japan years ago. Stop by to cuddle a kitty or two – there are ten cats in residence – at one of the many indoor corners or the completely fenced outdoor space. The kitty cake, a marzipan delicacy, goes great with coffee.

Kočičí kavárna na Smíchově / Cat´s cafe #cat#cats#catscafe #kocicikavarna #kočičíkavárna @kocici__kavarna 👍

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